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10 Secrets of Lasting Weight Loss for Any One and Any Plan


So many people gave us the set-up secrets and plans of weight loss, from avoiding carbohydrates to avoiding fats, and from increasing fats to increasing proteins.They might succeeded with some people and failed with others, but nobody told us the core concepts behind what really works for weight loss lasting for life.

This article peels the hype, and presents the scientifically proved core concepts behind the real secrets of the lasting weight loss. They compile with the the literal meaning of the word “Diet”, which comes from the Greek word “diaita” which means” a manner of living”.

These are the 10 secrets to lasting weight loss:

1- Count Calories before you count any thing else:

It is calories that adds fat to your body. The body needs 3500 Calories to make 1 pound of fats, no matter what the calorie source is. In the Lancet, it is how much you restrict your calorie intake and how long you stay on a diet are the only factors that determine weight loss.

“Low carb” diets ensures a rapid onset of weight loss through “ketosis”, yet it is the calorie intake that that determines whether you gain weight back or not. Shave 500 Calories from your daily intake, and you lose a pound a week.

2- Keep away from time schedules:

Do not be enticed by the quick new look – unless you prepare for a beauty contest- and have the mindset of getting involved into a process that will take you into a new way of life. Delve into weight loss gradually, and this will not come unless you drop time schedules.

3- Do not Starve your body:

Starving your body leads it to waste muscles to compensate for the lost energy. Muscles stokes your metabolism, and losing muscles means you burn fewer calories on the long run.

4- Focus on food over exercise:

Before the sport contests, the coaches recommend diets for the “overweight”athletes! This means that even people that have exercise as their major activity can get overweight, if they eat more than they are burning off. Moreover, the amounts of calories lost by our tolerable exercise are tiny amounts compared to the supposedly lost amounts of calories (for every 20 minutes of aerobic exercise you do, you burn 100 Calories, which you can wipe out with a granula bar).The strenuous type of exercise needs optimal health, time, coach, and a “diet plan”. As this is said,do not cancel your gym membership, and do a little exercise every day.

5- Inflate your meal volume:

Fruits and vegetables, rich in water and fibers are bulkier but less caloric. Recent studies revealed that women who ate foods with higher water and fiber content lost 40 percent more weight than women who simply limited protein size and cut back on fats.Fight the hunger feeling. Start your meals with a big bowl of broth-based soup or a large green salad portion with or without toppings.

6- Spend more calories on eating:

Digestion process consumes roughly 10 percent of your calorie intake.Many nutrition experts recommend eating 6 small meals during the day instead of 3 big meals. Yet the predetermined size meals won’t necessarily work for every one, since the hungrier you are, the more opportunity you find for unscheduled feedings.You can increase heat production and feeling more satisfied by eating protein snacks (like a hard boiled egg) through the specific dynamic action of protein. You can also increase fiber intake as discussed in secret # 4.

7- Do not get distracted while eating:

If you think of your body weight, you should give up some privileges of modern time. We eat too much when you are watching TV, listening to a tape, or reading. Just eat and give your body the chance to digest the swallowed foods before you decide to eat more.

9- Meal replacement:

Meal replacements like shakes, bars , and frozen dinners with their preset portions and controlled number of calories, are good tools for long lasting weight loss. It is not that you will take them 7 days a week, rather you should substitute wisely as atop gap or before rushing into a scheduled task.

10- Live a new life style:

The big obstacle that prevent people to maintain their acquired new weight is that they do not have the correct mindset before and after beginning their weight loss plan. They start it as a scheduled task leading them to have their dreams about their bodies.You should keep in mind that your body does not have to work hard to gain weight again.You should have the mindset of starting a new a new style of life that suits more your new body.

Eat less, exercise more, and be a friend to mother nature and its relatives, fruits and vegetables.