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The 3 Best Fat Burning Exercises For Men and Women – Burn Major Calories Fast

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The best fat burning exercises for women are not different then those for men. In fact there is no reason why men and women should train different. One common mistakes most women make is that they are afraid to do some top fat burning workouts. However in this article you will discover my personal 3 best fat burning exercises I and thousands of people are using to be in shape day in day out.

Rowing Rowing is our first workout that burns major calories fast. In fact rowing is one of the best exercises to lose body fat and to stay lean and ripped. If you take a look at the body of a professional rower you see that they are mostly lean, ripped and have low amounts of body fat.

A rowing workout targets every major muscle group in your body. Your legs, arms, begs and abs are heavily trained and glutes. Rowing is a cardio exercise but it’s superior to running. Rowing burns more calories and also faster and running is not really a full body workout

One thing you must now if you are using indoor rowing machines is to change the weight from time to time. Keep in mind that your body cannot change if it does not subject on stress. If you are constantly doing the same things over and over again you will hit a fat loss plateau. Within the first weeks of using rowing for fat loss most people see and feel an incredible change. But then it suddenly stops. The reason for that is that they train with the same weights over and over again.

Do interval training Another great fat burning exercise is interval training. If you are serious about your fat loss you need to do interval training for at least twice a week. Interval training means that you work fast (hard) for a period of time follow by a period where you work slow (easy). An example of an interval training workout would be running for one minute and then walking the other minute and so on. Perhaps this may sound to easy for you then you can try sprinting for one minute and jogging the other minute. To become effective an interval training should last at least ten minutes

Weight training for fat loss Do you know the real secret of the most leanest people in the world. They lift weights to lose fat as well. Believe me with cardio and dieting you can get toned but you will never achieve your full potential if you don’t lift weights. Most popular diet programmes make you believe that you can lose fat with dieting alone. This method will backfire on you. Sure your nutrition is very important but there is a great change that dieting causes a loss in lean muscle mass. That is the reason why many people are looking a little bit tired and “sick”. They lose lean muscle mass, lift those weights and you don’t have … Read More

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Busy Moms Weight – Loss

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As I have been trying to lose weight after having children and trying to get back to what I used to look like, it is a struggle. Every one tells you that you need to add some type of exercise to your daily life. Ok, I have four kids, a husband, a house and a dog. When do I fit some type of exercise in? There are many things that get in your way and many things that can help. Here is a list of suggestions that I have come up with to help that busy mom, dad, or grandparent.

1. Involve the kids. I have found that many people can not believe all the energy some kids have. Use it. If your kids want to go out, you go out with them. The laundry and the dishes can wait. Cranky kids will usually settle down once they are outside and there is something else to look at. I have found that if I tell my three year old that we are going to go for a walk today, it usually happens. Do you realize how persistent a three year old can be?

2. Get into a routine. My kids function better and they get used to the fact that mom is doing her exercises at a certain time each day or every other day. How many of our kids today need cut down on TV and video games? Kids can make exercise fun. Ever watch a three year old try to master a jumping jack?

3. Learn from your kids. Playing is the best type of exercise. Play tag, or have your kids invent a new game. So what if it is silly. You are building a child's self esteem and a relationship with that child. It will come in handy when they are teenagers. Ever try to keep up with any child that loves to be outdoors?

4. Clean the house. Yes, the house needs to be cleaned and you can get your heart rate up at the same time. Ever try dancing while you're vacuuming? Turn up the tunes and practice that funky new dance step or make up your own. My ten year old is very creative and we have a good laugh while we are doing it. How about getting rid of that long mop handle and get down on your hands and knees to mop. Put in a few push ups or sit ups while you're down there.

5. Get a dog. Yep one more thing to add to your list. Take that dog for a walk, run, or jog. Let the pet set the pace. Dogs can walk pretty fast and it is good for them too.

6. One last thing that I have learned, it has taken me a long time, is the fact that I can not control everything. The kids get sick, the dog will run off and I will not always get in that h hour or hour of … Read More

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Why to Consider Weight Training with your Running

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Rethink your exercise strategy – why weight lifting benefits runnersIf you’re a runner you are most likely used to planning a week filled with mileage. If this is the only workout you have actually detailed for on your own you might want to consider incorporating weight training exercises right…


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