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Keeping your New Years Health & Fitness Resolutions in 2007

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Yes, it is that time again when most of us decide to make some changes in life. These are usually related to our health. Stop smoking, start training, lose some body fat, start eating healthy and so forth. According to a study conducted by GNC, 55% promised to eat healthier, 50% resolved to exercise more, and 38% wanted to lose weight.

This is the probably the worst time to make changes in your life. For one, it is highly ineffective and from previous experience, there are very few of us who actually stick to them! Only 20% of us actually stick to our new promises we make to ourselves. Most new years resolutions are the same every year, and, tend to fade away come February.

Do not let the statistics determine your success. Here we will offer you some inside tips to help you become that 20% and ensure you resolutions remain in tact and become achievements. Never again will you need to make these New Year resolutions.

Develop a Support System

Tell your friends and family about your gaols and how you will achieve them. Better still, set some mutual goals with your friends and work together. Ask them to follow up with you on your progress from time to time to ensure you are on top of things.

Make your Resolutions Attainable

Do not try to conquer Rome in a day. All goals must be realistic and achievable. Give yourself the best chance possible at achieving them. Do not plan to run a Marathon by March. Aim to participate in a 10km walk or a fun run for charity. There are plenty of small events in Bangkok that you can choose from.

Make a Plan

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Just as a business is only as successful as its business plan, your lifestyle works on the same principles. Write down specific dates to achieve your goals.

Break it Down

If your goal is to lose say 5kgs, the write out step by step, just how you will achieve this. If you have tried to achieve this before, also write down the obstacles you experienced that preceded you from achieving them. Then set out to minimize them. If work is one reason why you can get to the gym, then go for a walk at lunch time or speak with your superiors or HR department to introduce workplace health and fitness initiatives.


We all know diets do not work. Changing your eating habits does not determine dieting. Eat sensibly. Eat 4-5 smaller meals pre day. Include plenty of vegetables, protein and minimise carbohydrates. Do not eliminate them,

Reward Yourself

Reward yourself with gifts, holidays and weekends away, a spa package, massage or go shopping. Refrain from using food as a reward. You can also set yourself financial rewards. Set aside a certain amount of money each day or week for getting to the gym x times or eating your five … Read More

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Weight loss powder

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Buy weight loss powder that is a powerful combination of whey peptides and whey protein isolate makes this great tasting, low-cal protein powder the perfect choice when you’re ready to build some serious muscle and lose some serious weight at spouthealth.com/diet-and-weight-loss/

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"Body 2 Body" Aerobic Workout

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A high-intensity aerobic dancercise routine set to the rhythm of “Body To Body” by Front 242.

Performing this routine each day will result in the following:

– Increased storage of energy molecules such as fats and carbohydrates within the muscles, allowing for increased endurance

– Neovascularization of the muscle sarcomeres to increase blood flow through the muscles

– Increased speed at which aerobic metabolism is activated within muscles, allowing a greater portion of energy for intense exercise to be generated aerobically

– Improved ability of muscles to use fats during exercise, preserving intramuscular glycogen

– Enhanced speed at which muscles recover from high intensity exercise

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Powerful Tips To Use For Everyday Fitness Equipment

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IDEA! Constantly mix in some range into your exercise and workout regimen. As odd as it sounds, this will certainly assist you prevent beginning a regular in your regimen; therefore keeping on things vibrant and fresh, constantly returning for more.
Individuals in some cases feel that enhancing health and wellness devices is

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