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3 Top Weight Loss Tips


There are oodles of diets and fitness programs out there and many of them actually do work if they are qualified to your situation and if you have the determination to stick with them.

The only diets that do not work are those expensive ones that promise you rapid weight loss with no effort or sacrifice on your part. The only fitness programs that do not work are the ones that you do not have to sweat for.

To make these bitter little home truths easier to swallow, here are 3 simple weight loss tips that will set you up for a slim and well toned body for life, no matter what shape you are currently in.

1. Expect results, but not straight away. You will feel better on a good diet and exercise program well before you start to look better. Expect to spend 4 to 6 weeks eating well and exercising 6 days out of 7 before people will start to comment on your weight loss.

People will comment and weight loss will happen for you but only if you give your diet and exercise the time and attention to detail it requires and you deserve.

2. Realize that to change your body shape, you have to change what you are currently doing. Acknowledge that the fit and healthy lifestyle you crave will be the result of your conscious decision to build a better you, whatever it takes.

What it takes is cutting down saturated fats down to just 10% of your nutritional intake and eating the right food at the right time. Eating a decent and well balanced breakfast and lunch with healthy snacks before and after is going to set you up for permanent weight loss and good eating habits.

Cut back the size of your evening meal as you increase the food you eat throughout the day. Put less carbs on your dinner plate for better weight loss results. Break the desert habit. Desert is an option, not an obligation. Desert is holding you back from what you want for your body.

Adding a daily walk of 45 minutes to 1 hour into your daily routine will change you forever – your outlook, your moods, your resistance to physical and emotional stresses and of course your body shape. With all these fantastic advantages poised to come your way, what's not to love about a brisk daily walk?

3. Be firm but fair to yourself. Have high expectations and a do-able game plan that you write down, undertake and review at regular intervals. If your plan does not work, you must not throw out the baby with the bathwater. You either have to resolve to stick more closely to your plan or you have to make a better plan.

Whatever you do, do not blame and guilt and hate yourself or your poor overweight body just because at first you do not succeed. Be hard but fair to yourself, as you would be to anyone you love and want to see do well.

Expect to lose your excess weight. Change your daily eating and exercise practices in order to get what you want. Be resolute yet flexible in your approach.

Only then will you achieve the results you desire.