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4 Mild Routine For Eyes Stay Healthy

Unconsciously regular daily routine can affect eye health. This is a great time to break free from the 4 mild routines, which can adversely affect the eyes. Let’s see the full review below.

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1. Take advantage of sunglasses

If all this time you consider the use of sunglasses just as a trend, think again! Ultraviolet light that affects the eye can literally burn the eyes, in the same way UV rays burn the skin. Long-term exposure to sunlight can cause cataracts and permanent damage to the eyes. The American Optometric Association recommends sunglasses that can block UV A and UV B radiation, by as much as 75-90%.

2. Set the computer screen

Whether it’s a job or a hobby, you spend hours staring at a computer screen. Though this is at risk of computer vision syndrome (CVS) is characterized by tired eyes, blurred vision, and dry eyes. If you can not shy away from long-term computer use, provide advice to set the computer screen 4-5 inches below eye level, using an air bulb-watt low, try to blink more often and take breaks 15
Minutes after two hours of using the computer.

3. Avoid excessive eye makeup

Anything placed near the eye poses a potential risk to the eye, including mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, even eye creams, advises not to wear eye makeup throughout the day and every day, to avoid the buildup of remnants of infectious eye makeup. In addition, remove makeup that has expired or used after three months, in order to avoid the risk of eye irritation due to bacterial proliferation.

4. Get enough rest

Reading, watching movies late into the night, and being too preoccupied with chatting can lead to less hours of sleep at night. Though this can cause some problems, such as susceptible to stress, decreased immunity, and interfere with eye health. Ranging from eye twitching, dry, blurred vision, until the pain, therefore, be sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep at night and keep the smartphone before bed.

To ensure the eyes are not disrupted due to dryness and irritation, always provide Eye Drops. Both contain active ingredients that can restore the condition of eye health as before. In addition, there are active ingredients that can kill bacteria, thus free from the risk of irritation. Small packaging can be carried anywhere and used whenever needed.

Let’s free yourself from this daily routine which impacts less good for eye health.