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Life Fitness 5500HR Elliptical

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Elliptical machine is used but in very good condition. It is built for a variety of low-impact workouts and engineered to be ergonomically correct. This is a well built machineat a fraction of the cost for a new one. It has moveable arms, 20 resistance levels, 19.5 stride length. It displays time, calories, resistance level, distance level, distance, RPM and more. This is a top of the line model. Two are available. $1,099.00

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Dinner Weight Loss Tips | Fitness

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Not sure why this happened every day, but admittedly, it did. I ate healthy most of the day, with my green protein smoothies for breakfast, perfectly packed mason jar salads for lunch, and fresh fruit and nuts for snacks. I felt like my diet up until 5 p.m. belonged on a frickin’…


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I Want Fast Healthy Weight Loss and I Want it Now!

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In this modern world of fast Internet, fast food, fast music, and fast women; people obviously want everything and they want it yesterday. Unfortunately, this mantra is also adopted when it comes to losing weight. People want fast healthy weight loss and they want it NOW!

So there before it is no surprise that with this need for instant gratification, many are tempted to take short cuts when it comes to their weight loss – often at the detriment to their long term health.

So is it possible to lose weight fast without compromising one's health? Well the short answer is absolutely. It is entirely possible to follow an extreme weight loss plan while keeping your diet balanced over a short period of time so that results are almost immediately and completely safe.

But there is a right way and a wrong way when driving for fast healthy weight loss this year. If you find yourself sitting on the couch watching those late night TV commercials thinking to yourself, "I'm gonna buy this thing and get myself back in shape", then you need to think again. These sensationalized ads that stream into our living rooms at all hours of the morning are selling the dream of instant results but no substantive or tangible plan for you to lose weight quickly but safely. The solution to your weight loss goals is not some contraption that looks like some medieval torture device. The key to fast healthy weight loss is a balanced diet of fruit vegetables and fish, with a handful of vitamin pills and other all natural weight loss supplements, and some good old fashioned exercise like walking, and / or jogging. Stick to this for a couple of weeks and you'll see some fantastic results.

That's Great, But I Saw This Diet in a Magazine

It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway, before drastically changing your diet or your activity levels, you need to book a visit with your local doctor to get his or her opinion. Prolonged periods of activity has left your muscles in a state of atrophy so you need to ease into any increase in activity to make sure you are losing weight healthily.

If you are tempted to try one of those latest fad diets that you have seen in a magazine that has promised fast healthy weight loss. Then you need to make sure that whatever diet you are trying still gives you all the nutrients that your body requires in order to function properly. If you are unsure whether it does, then do some research online or take your magazine to your doctor's surgery, or ask a qualified nutritionist on a well known health site like WebMD etc.

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