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Irish Aerobics-Eirerobics

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Irish aerobic exercise, (NOT IRISH STEP DANCING) inspired by traditional Irish ceili, country dances and step dancing. Original aerobics steps created for this exercise program. Workout to traditional Irish dance music. Not an Irish step dancing program. No turnout, no trebles,no hard shoes. Designed for everyone who loves Irish music and wants a wee bit of exercise! Enjoy!

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Weight Loss For Beginners – If You Are at The Beginning This is Where to Start

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There are a few things you need to understand, even before you can begin practical workout. Since what is in your head and mind, is actually what it matters, it is where decisions are made and it is where you decide what you want.

Your goals are what it matters when it comes down to hard work. If you have a goal set and you will do anything to achieve it, working hard and keeping persistence will be as easy as anything. So get your facts straight before you get yourself into this. Once you got that settled you should consider getting yourself a good diet, there are a lot of diets on the Internet, but really few are actually good ones.

Try to get one, that is tested and working. After you got that put it at work and follow it, since that could prove to be the hardest task of all, try to keep your diet up and working for at least a month, because people need around three to four weeks to get used to new habits such as changes in their lifestyle.

Once you got that covered get yourself off the chair and into a gym, one that is close to you or the one that suits you best. Once you got everything ready it is time to start, try to keep your workouts between three to four times per week.

You should focus on aerobic exercises and cardio workout once at the gym since those are proved to be working best with losing weight. Keep your workouts long with a lot of sets and reps but little bit less weight.

So remember get a diet, a gym, your goals set and start working hard, results will follow shortly.… Read More

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Ten Reasons You Can not Lose Weight

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You may be among many who have attempted to lose weight many times yet remain unsuccessful. You might be thinking, "If only I had the secret!" If you are frustrated, take a look at why weight loss comes difficult. Here are ten pitfalls that slow down or halt the process:

1. Fat Overload . We need protein, but often the sources of our protein are also sources of fat. Fat has nine calories per gram. It is wise to choose foods with unsaturated fat and eat cleaner proteins, such as soy products and whey protein powders.

2. Sugar Overload . By eating candy, cookies, and breakfast pastries, and drinking juice, we tend to consume a lot of empty calories, which digest very quickly in our bodies. The excess gets stored as fat. It is better to satisfy our sweet tooth cravings with fruit.

3. Water Deficit . Water is a miracle nutrient. It can help us to lose weight. Many times we feel hunger pangs and think we are hungry, but our bodies are really telling us that we are thirsty. Water satisfies our cravings and makes us feel fuller.

4. Soda Pop Overload . Many people try to quench their thirst with soda pop. This contributions to the many empty calories that we consume each day. And why put all those chemicals in your body anyway? Switch to water.

5. Alcohol Overload . Alcohol has 7 calories per gram. One 12 oz. bottle of beer has 180 calories. A 24 ounce beer has 360 calories. Your body will break down alcohol calories before it breaks down carbs, fat, or protein. Drinking only one serving a day and counting those as calories is very important.

6. Condiment Overload . It is really important to count condiments in your calorie counting. How much mayonnaise or ketchup are you putting on your chicken sandwich? Yes, and pickles have calories, too.

7. Meal Deficit . It is a whole lot more fun to eat six times a day then three times a day. Eating more often raises the metabolism and improvements digestion, because we consume less food at a time and are able to eat more in 24 hours.

8. Skipping breakfast . Never skip breakfast. You may be eating less food, but you are also slowing down your metabolism. Who wants to drag all day?

9. Burning too few calories . It is difficult to lose weight by only dieting. Exercise is essential. So get on those running shoes and go for a thirty-minute walk every day. Weight training can also really accelerate your weight loss efforts.

10. Lack of goal setting . Weight loss takes time. One should lose only 2 pounds per week at most. It is there important to set short-term and long-term goals so that you can celebrate as you reach miles and continue this lifelong journey.

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Dance Aerobic jan 2012

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Dance Aerobic-eine Mischung aus klassischen Aerobic Elementen und dance,latin und house moves-die dich definitiv auspowern wird und für jede Menge Spaß sorgt!
Das Video zeigt eine M-F Stunde.
Zudem bietet das Frauenfitness in Leipzig Kurse an,die den Einstieg erleichtern und durch die du langsam an Choreografien herangeführt wirst!
Also pack deine Sporttasche und ab ins Studio!Spaß und Schweiß sind vorprogrammiert!
Mehr Informationen unter www.frauenfitness-leipzig.de

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Weight Loss Blog – 4 Reasons You Should Be Writing One

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Whether you are looking to lose that "Freshman Fifteen" or are in the 100+ Pounds-to-Go Club you should be writing a weight loss blog as a critical component of your weight loss plan.

A weight loss blog is not a food journal or a food diary. Keeping a food journal can also be important and in fact will most likely be suggested to you by your doctor or dietitian. A food journal is where you log your daily meals and snacks. It is where you account for all the calories you ingest. It can be important, especially at the start of a diet, because most people underestimate the amount of food they actually eat in a day. A well kept food journal will help the dieter properly plan their intake so as to lose weight.

A weight loss blog is much more than a food journal. A good weight loss blog deals much more with the emotional aspects of eating, exercising and getting fit. It is the human interest side of the story.

These are the 4 reasons you should be writing a weight loss blog:

  1. Building a Support Network . There are a lot of great weight loss blogs out there. Some of the authors have been blogging for a long time and have great inspirational stories of success to share. Others are just starting out and are struggling with the same issues you may be struggling with. When you write a weight loss blog you are joining a community of like souls who support each other through comments, emails, and links. A good weight loss blog tells a story that interests people; a story they want to see through to completion. The story of your success. Most dieters have a support network that rarely extends beyond the four walls of their abode. The size of a weight loss blogger's support network is only limited by the effort that they are willing to put in to build it.
  2. Gaining Accountability . Let's be honest, the hardest part about writing a weight loss blog is, well, being honest. It's also the most important part. Force yourself to write about your weight gain, even though nobody would know if you fibbed and wrote that you lost weight this week. Tell the world how you felt when someone snickered at you for your size. Get out there and write about how you climbed up and ate the entire bag of cookies. Take account for your decisions and their impact on your weight loss plans. And then take action to make better decisions. Going through this thought process is very difficult if you are not documenting it. Writing a weight loss blog gives you the vehicle for documenting and improving upon the daily decisions that are the difference between success and failure.
  3. Recording History . As you lose weight and become healthyier you will take certain things for granted such as climbing stairs without being winded, being able to easily say "no" to
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