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Indian School Girl Skills: Martial Arts High Aerobic Workout for Total Body | Healthy Life style

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Indian School Girl Skills: Martial Arts High Aerobic Workout for Total Body | Healthy Life style.

20 Benefits of Martial Arts (science of self defense)
1. Self Defense
2. Focusing and Listening
3. Team Work and Positive Social Interaction
4. Self Control and Good Decision making
5. Balance and Posture
6. Memorization and retention
7. Self Discipline and Responsibility
8. Physical Fitness and Healthy Living
9. Coordination and Motor Skills
10. Self-esteem and Confidence building
11. Stranger Awareness and Personal Safety
12. Self-Confidence
13. Respect
14. Discipline, Behavior and School
15. Great Physical Fitness While Batting Childhood Obesity
16. Anti-Bullying Education
17. Personal Attention
18. Social Skills and Friendship
19. Positive Thinking
20. Smile, Laugh and have a Fun
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Weight Loss Motivation Starts Within You

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Losing weight may be a tedious and often disheartening task for many. Apart from being kept off from all your favorite foods, you also have to spend hours at the gym just to achieve that perfect body you have always wanted. But diet and exercise are the two best solutions to weight problems – no more, no less. Here, people are now finding a weight loss motivation to keep them routed to their path to weight loss.

Going, going, gone

One day, you wake up and look at the mirror and you did not like what you saw. You decided to head to the gym and start a diet so you can shed a few pounds. After enrolling in a gym and throwing away all the junk foods in your shelf, you think, "hey, this is easy!"

But after a few weeks, the excitation wears away and you start to miss all the chocolates and sweets you used to eat. At this rate, weight loss begins to slow down until it comes to a point where exercise and diet are not even making a dent in your weight. The problem: motivation is dwindling. What you need is a weight loss motivation to help you get back on track.

What it is

A weight loss motivation can range from success stories, quotes, and even hypnosis. The aim of a weight loss motivation is to give you that mental and emotional push to keep your weight loss journey smooth-sailing.

Self motivation

The best weight loss motivation, however, starts with you. You do not need a doctor or another person to tell you to lose weight; weight loss starts with your inner desire. For self-motivation, here are a few tips:

Learn to accept yourself and your limitations – understand what you can and can not do. Do not push your body too hard when it comes to exercise. But do not make the mistake of not pushing your body at all.

Focus on positives – keep a goal in mind and focus on that. … Read More