Thinking About What We Can All Do To Reduce Road Fatalities

Statistics have shown that more and more each year, people are dying on the road because of a traffic accident. It was estimated that as far back as 2009, over 30,000 people in the USA died due to a traffic fatality, and 5,000 of those were because of distracted driving. The numbers are significantly higher in today’s times. It is time we think about What We Can ALL Do To Reduce Road Fatalities.

Things that Can Be Done to Reduce Fatalities on the Road

The most important thing a driver on the road can do is the simplest: keep his or her eyes on the road. A driver should not do anything that will cause him or her to be distracted, such as texting on the cell phone, or trying to apply makeup. While it is alright to hold a conversation, the driver of the car should most of all remain alert to what is happening on the road.

Other Things that Can Be Done

Another thing to do if in a traffic accident is to ensure the other driver is okay. Taking the time to see if the other driver is in an emergency could go a long ways in helping to save his or her life. Another thing to do is to ensure that all parts of the vehicle is working, such as the brakes. Brakes that fail will surely cause an accident, even a fatality.

Final Words of Caution

Some final things to keep in mind are, as the driver, do not take unnecessary chances just because time is of the essence. Take the time to plan the route and leave in enough time that the driver does not have to be in a hurry. If the driver or a passenger gets hurt, get checked out by a medical professional, even if it seems unnecessary.

A Law Firm that Can Help if Injured in Traffic Accident

If a traffic accident cannot be avoided, and the driver is hurt, he or she may be able to file a lawsuit. If that is the case, The Law Firm of Keith L. Magness is available to help injured clients get through a lawsuit. For more information, visit the attorney’s website at… Read More

What is a Joint Asset? Making Sense of Splitting Shared Assets in Singapore Divorce

Singapore is notorious for their inexplicably detailed assessments of divorce. The courts want to see coverage, proof, and details for everything. It is often a fair assessment because it deals with matters that can involve multiple people for the rest of their lives. Just as marriage is not a mild concern, divorce is taken equally as serious. In the splitting of assets, money and futures are intertwined.

What is a joint asset? Singapore divorce lawyers rarely come to a universal agreement, which is what makes the matter so complicated. Some assets are joint and some are not, and there are variables to look at when splitting the “inventory,” as it is.

Pre-Marriage Purchases

If something was bought and owned prior to marriage, it is unlikely to be counted as a joint asset. Of course, there are exceptions. Take, for example, a vehicle. It was owned by one spouse in full prior to marriage. At some point, he added his wife to the insurance. He also gave the car for her to get to work, which is proven by asking employees. Furthermore, he even added her to the title. Even without the last addition of the added name on the title, this car is a joint asset between the two. It was used as a primary vehicle for the wife. Her name is insured under it. Though a lawyer can make a contrary argument, it would be a difficult one to press.

50/50 Split

Rarely is a 50/50 split the way it ends up because of the many often contradictory variables. It is entirely possible for a divorce lawyer to push for a 50/50 split considering a single asset. A common one is a home, which is usually equally used by both parties. Any valuation of the home is separated in half. If one party wants to retain the home, that is assessed in the divorce.

Divorce is extensive and prolonged. It will not end up perfect. What it can end up with is a fair assessment of the assets and two individuals that can continue their life in a positive way. It may take time to get there, but it will be worth it. … Read More

Delivery Drivers and Your Business. Some Insurance Insights You Need to Know Before an Accident Occurs

In considering the subject Delivery Drivers and Your Business: Insurance Insights You Need to Know Before an Accident Happens, it is necessary to examine the the situations insurance covers, and how business owners are protected from potentially crippling financial and legal liabilities. The standard by which liability is defined varies from state to state depending upon the specifics of the operative laws. Understanding these issues helps the business owner craft an insurance coverage plan suited to any particular business situation.

What Insurance Covers

Commercial vehicle insurance provides the same sort of coverage individual car owners enjoy. Policies are designed for any number and type of vehicles owned by the business as well as any employee using company vehicles.

These policies cover basic accident liability, property damage, comprehensive coverage for vehicle loss or damage, medical, collision, and coverage for uninsured motorists. Deductibles apply to certain areas of the coverage. There are also coverage options for employees who drive their own vehicles on company business.

How Liability Is Defined

In many states, liability is counted as a straight issue of which party is assigned the clear fault for the cause of accident. In other words, Driver A ends up bearing 100% of responsibility while Driver B is considered the victim.

Some states, such as Louisiana, operate under the principle of comparative negligence. Under this concept, fault is assigned to each party by degrees depending upon their contributory behavior to causing the accident. Both end up with a share of the blame for the accident in that circumstance.

Importance Of Covering Both Vehicles And Drivers

The reason for covering vehicles is obvious, given the potential for property damage and injury. Covering employees using their own vehicles for company business closes a hole in the insurance protection.

Acting on behalf of the company makes that company responsible for accident situations and the resulting injury and damage even if no company vehicle was used. Failure to provide said coverage opens the door to lawsuits, legal penalties, and personal liability beyond that faced by the business. Therefore it is essential to include all employees in the coverage plan regardless of whether they do not function as drivers or drive company-owned vehicles.… Read More

Insurance Tips for Delivering Goods for Groupon as a Motorcycle Driver

How many motorcycle drivers have dealt with the problem of getting into an accident of some kind and not receiving compensation from their insurance? It is certainly more than it should be. Motorcycles are considered dangerous road vehicles to cover. They aren’t exactly dangerous to other drivers, but to the driver directly. That is a problem. Insurance companies just aren’t always willing to cover the liability.

Motorcycle drivers should be willing to get their policy vetted by another professional, such as a lawyer. Will the policy hold up? Companies have a tendency to add a lot of loopholes in their policy, and this is even worse for motorcycle drivers. Have another driver in the back? Not accepted. Going over the speed limit? Not accepted. A lawyer vetting can be particularly helpful for dealing with problems associated with Groupon.

What does motorcycle insurance have to do with Groupon? Groupon is an expansive company that offers discount services for small and large businesses. A business may advertise a product or service at a discount rate for those exclusively through Groupon. They receive additional deals that they would not have had available in another format, and they do it in exclusive limited quantities. There are individuals who drive for Groupon. They may seek tips for delivering goods for Groupon, and they use their vehicle to do the delivery. Obviously, a motorcycle is a great delivery tool. Drivers have their motorcycle for delivering Groupon items. But, they need the proper coverage and protection. This is a new niche in protection, so it can get a little complicated and muddy. Companies are still trying to figure out how they can incorporate delivery into their repertoire. Many providers still do not have rideshare services under their umbrella because they do not know how to deal with it. Even the biggest companies just refuse it entirely. This includes Uber and Lyft.

The insurance policy must make sense compared to how the motorcycle is being used. A lawyer can assist a driver in finding the right match and confirming that they will receive compensation as needed. Delivery drivers are vulnerable to policy specifics.… Read More

What Should You Know About Civil Litigation?

A civil litigation matter is a legal dispute between two parties that is filed instead of criminal charges. Civil matters can sometimes be difficult to pursue because the plaintiff must have ample evidence to prove liability in court. When a legal dispute arises, it behooves individuals to hire a litigation lawyer in Singapore from IRB Law.

How Does a Lawyer Help With Civil Litigation?

When a civil matter is taken to court, the plaintiff must present their case and prove the reasons they are owed compensation. The full burden of proving liability rests on the side of the plaintiff, which is why many civil matters end up being dismissed due to a lack of evidence.

When a victim works with a lawyer, the lawyer takes on a thorough investigation into the matter. The lawyer has access to information the average person may find difficult to discover. The more evidence gathered, the better the chances of a person being able to prove their side in court.

Lawyers stay abreast of the ever-changing laws that govern civil matters. When a person attempts to pursue a civil matter in court, it can be detrimental for them to be without legal counsel. Having a lawyer present helps to ensure a person’s rights are protected as they pursue compensation.

Types of Civil Litigation Matters

A civil litigation matter occurs when someone has been wronged by another person or company, yet there are no criminal charges to pursue. Common types of civil claims include:

  • Car accidents
  • Property disputes
  • Landlord/tenant issues
  • Intellectual property issues
  • Product liability
  • Judicial management
  • Employment disputes
  • Contracts

It All Starts With a Consultation

Before a person pursues a civil claim, it behooves them to meet with a lawyer for a consultation. This meeting allows the individual to discuss the details of their claim and receive information from the lawyer so they will know what to expect from the process of going to court.

If you are in need of legal help for a civil matter, call today and schedule a consultation meeting so you can get started. With the help of a lawyer, pursuing a civil matter is much easier and less stressful.… Read More

Avoiding Common Mistakes Made by New Entrepreneurs

A lot of work goes into starting and making a business successful. For some people, becoming an entrepreneur is something they are passionate about. In order to be successful in this line of work, a person will need to invest a lot of time and effort. Having various businesses can cause a person to become overwhelmed if they are not careful. Taking the time to find out what the common mistakes made by new entrepreneurs is a great way for a person to avoid them. Below are some of the things a new entrepreneur will need to when trying to stay successful.

Having a Budget in Place is Vital

When trying to start a new business, the first thing an entrepreneur will have to do is create a budget. Without this budget in place, an entrepreneur may overextend their finances. This will usually lead to a business closing soon after the doors are opened. If unsure how to set a budget for a business, a person will need to seek out some help from professionals in the industry. By getting this type of professional help, an entrepreneur will have no problem staying on track when it comes to the money they have and what they can spend.

Failing to Research the Market

Before starting a new business, an entrepreneur will need to research the market. Without market research, a person may start a business that really isn’t needed. Looking to see what type of completion is on the existing market is also important. This will allow a business owner to decide if it is worth their time to branch out. By researching the competition, an entrepreneur will be able to figure out what they are doing that is working. Learning about the competition can give a new business information needed to surpass them in a short amount of time.

When trying to start a successful business, a person will have to take the time to absorb as much advice as they can from seasoned professionals. At Entreprenuer Podcast Network, a person will be able to get a variety of information on how to start a successful business.… Read More

Work Ailments Might Cause Severe Economic Difficulty

Job related illnesses are usually hard to receive payment for since the staff have got to confirm they got the disorder at the job. A number of illnesses, such as pneumonia, are usually widespread among the normal society. However, chemical substance pneumonia is far less frequent amongst average individuals. This condition develops following breathing specific chemical compounds. Whenever these chemical compounds get into the air passages, it can cause irritation to the respiratory system. Anyone who could have come across substances at their workplace should notify the doctors so they can figure out the ideal way to diagnose and deal with the condition. Ill workers or perhaps their loved ones can easily view this page to be able to find out a lot more with regards to chemical pneumonia. Sharing this data together with the doctors will not only allow them to have an enhanced likelihood to treat the illness, additionally, it can make it possible to demonstrate the truth in terms of workers comp. These sorts of claims have already been significantly a hardship on staff members to obtain reimbursement for as proven from the news here but with the help of a skilled lawyer or attorney plus a proper identification, a worker who has been exposed to dangerous chemicals within their career may get a chance to get better without having to be concerned about finances when they can’t work. … Read More

An Outstanding Lawyer May Help You if You Are Charged with a DWI

Unfortunate things come about to the people – maybe even good individuals. You by no means planned to get behind the controls of your auto after the first evening of legalized alcohol consumption. You believed your pals would have been there on your behalf. Nevertheless, there had been simply no one there when it was the perfect time to go home and also you believed that you were ok. In the end, thought you could still think clearly – or at best you assumed you might possibly. That would be, before you leaped a curb thus hitting a parked vehicle. Luckily there appeared to be virtually no one in the automobile, you were not injured, and you also decided not to leave the scene of the crash.

When you are usually arrested for impaired driving, you will need a dwi lawyer to obtain a reduced sentence. Your personal traffic ticket lawyer is going to do all they are able to for you – most definitely because this was your initial offense. It’ll be a hard lesson to discover since you will almost certainly lose your driving license for a while. However, a good attorney can ensure you get restricted driving rights. You’ll be able drive an automobile to the office and back each day. That is wonderful because you be able to keep the income. You’ll more than likely ought to attend driving school. All this is nice in hopes you understand the concept not to ever drink and drive.… Read More