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Legend of the Seas

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Royal Caribeans Legend of the Seas in Patong Bay, Phuket, Thailand.
MS Legend of the Seas was the first of the Vision Class cruise ships owned by the Royal Caribbean line. With a gross tonnage of 69,130 GT, the ship can carry 2,074 passengers. Its maiden voyage was May 16, 1995. Its facilities include a golf course, a theater and cinema, a solarium, two pools, a spa, a fitness center, a 2 story dining room called the Romeo & Juliet, the Windjammer Cafe, 4 themed bars, a dance center, a shopping center, a teen disco, a piano bar, an observation center, a rock-climbing wall and the Viking Crown Lounge.
Legend is the most-traveled ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet, having been based in Asia, Australia and New Zealand, the South Pacific, Alaska, Central America, Caribbean, the Baltic, Mediterranean and the Middle East during her 14 year career at sea.[citation needed] Starting in the winter of 2009 she is to be based in Asia on a year-round basis.[citation needed] Its sister ship is the Splendour of the Seas.[citation needed]

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Personal Training – Laser Sharp Guidance

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Mindset control

· Focus on staying fit, not slim.
· Set realistic goals; The body builder on that poster should serve as an inspiration and not a model for you to emulate.
· Accept plateaus as normal and work towards inventing variations
· Never panic or sulk if you do not get that "footballer" physique in a couple of months. Go easy and do not always dream of flaunting your 6-pack on a crowded beach.

Eating Right for Weight Loss

· Banish those "mega" meals and eat only to your stomach's needs, not your mind's.
· Do not punish yourself with super-small diet. Eating less than what your body needs for energy does more harm than good. Switch to balanced diet instead. Low-carb diets alone will not get you closer to your goal.
· Eat more natural foods: fruits, vegetables, plenty of liquids like water, coconut water, fresh juices etc.
· Eating slowly has two benefits: you enjoy the taste of the food that you eat and the urge to eat more gets reduced.

Eating Right for Weight gain

· Split your 2 large meals into 4 parts, meaning, eat medium-sized portions 4 times a day.
· Consume a good amount of protein preferably from plan sources but it is always important to eat a balanced diet instead of only Proteins or only Carbs.
· Make it a point to eat nuts and dried fruits. However, as a general thumb rule, eat no more than a total of 4 nuts per day be it single type (say almonds) or assorted (almonds, walnuts etc).
· Drink lots of water.
· Try fruit salads or whole wheat vegetable sandwiches instead between meals.
· Eat logs of high fiber veggies like plantains, green leafy vegetables, carrots, legumes etc. Your primary goal is to stay fit and healthy; You do not want to bloat, do you?

Exercising Right for Weight Loss

· Real time jogging early in the morning has no substitute. If you want to shed the extra flab, keep running until you wear out your sports shoes every six months!
· If you want variety, try tread mills or elliptical trainers. They are also very effective.
· Do strength training with moderate weights but consult your physician before you start preparing your routine.
· Staying fit is not always expensive. Try playing Shuttle badminton with your neighbors, or get a small membership at a swimming pool near your house, or even play hide-and-seek with your kid. Say No to lifts and use stairs instead.
· Enrolling to a martial arts class like Kung-Fu or Krav Maga may also be helpful for some people. The advantages of this are that it lends variety, makes you fit and teaches you some self defense tricks as a bonus.
· You will be completely blown out if you see the benefits of floor exercises such as sit ups, squats, push ups and some simple techniques like boxing in the air!

Exercising Right for Weight Gain

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Functional Training: Aerobic Conditioning Workout of the Week

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Aerobic conditioning is a process where the heart and lungs are trained to pump blood more efficiently, allowing more oxygen to be delivered to muscles and organs.
This is achieved through the use of continuous movement of large muscle groups to strengthen the cardiovascular system.
Give this Workout of the Week a go and let us know your thoughts…

5 Exercises. 60 Seconds on Each. NO REST.
Exercise 1: Sled Push. High Position.
Exercise 2: Sled Pull.
Exercise 3: Sled Push. Low Position.
Exercise 4: Seated Rope Pull.
Exercise 5: Standing Rope Pull.

Let us know how you get on…
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When to Use a Personal Trainer

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So many people get tired of the way that they look or want to be fitter than they are. They decide to join a gym or buy gym equipment for their home. Sometimes the work outs will have amazing results and they continue on but sometimes people just get bored or have a lack of motivation to continue on. A personal trainer is someone that they might want to hire to motivate them to keep going. You may want to check with your doctor to make sure you are fit to handle working out prior to hiring the trainer.

There are a couple of ways that having a trainer might work into one's schedule. This type of professional could come to your home and help or it may be more convenient for you to meet them at the gym or their office. Most trainers can be found working for gyms or working for themselves.

They will help you to improve upon your exercise performance and establish work outs that may help to improve your overall health and fitness. The instructor will monitor your change from the beginning to the end and use it to come up with more ways to help you improve your lifestyle.

They will also provide advice on one of lifestyle choices outside of the training sessions. The trainer will give you suggestion on what and how much to eat, how to allow your body to get sufficient rest.

Most personal trainers are certified. Some companies require that they are high school graduated and that they have a certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automated external defibrillator. However, that is not always the case. Sometimes the trainers have a grasp on fitness and exercise and choose to turn it into a career. Whatever the case may be, doing a background check on a trainer before hiring him or her, may be helpful in deciding on what to choose to be your personal trainer. … Read More