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gym credit card machine

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Typical corporate gym membership card!

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The 101 on Child Weight Loss Camps

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With the growing concerns on child obesity, many parents are sending their children to child weight loss camp. A child weight loss camp is doesn’t just help children lose weight–it also helps them learn better self-worth, self-esteem, and self-image. Read on to learn more about weight loss camps and what they can do for you.

A change in lifestyle

Technological advancements like videogames, computers, and the Internet have created an unhealthy lifestyle for children. Children are now a lot less active, preferring to spend their time in front of the tube. It doesn’t help that fast food and junk food can be found on almost every corner. The average child spends hours in front of the TV, snacking on high-fat, high-calorie foods and doing nothing to burn it off.

Promoting a change

Parents can help promote changes in their child’s lifestyle by starting with themselves. A parent should discipline the child and show them good eating habits. They should also be able to promote a more active routine, whether by taking them on walks or encouraging them to try sports. However, when all else fails, a child weight loss camp can be a good backup plan.

Encouraging your child

Your child may be reluctant to go to a weight loss camp because of reasons such as self-esteem and teasing from their friends. One way to motivate them is to get rid of the term “fat camp”–simply call it a child weight loss camp. If your child is still apprehensive, chances are, they can get over it once they realize how fun those camps can be. Show them the list of activities and try introducing them to the camp counselor so they can get along.

The basics

A child weight loss camp promotes weight loss by introducing kids to a healthier foods and regular exercise. These programs are strict, but not in the same manner as a military boot camp where children are sent for disciplinary problems. Rather, the child weight loss camp will teach your child proper eating habits, encourage a more active lifestyle, and help build their self-esteem. By the end of camp, your child goes home healthier not just in physically, but also psychologically and emotionally.

The good camp

Remember that a weight loss camp is not meant to help them quickly lose weight, but beginning and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. A good child weight loss camp should be able to teach them the following:

o Good nutrition

o Making healthier good choices

o Finding fun alternatives to idle entertainment, such as sports instead of video games

o Getting support from peers and family

Where to find a weight loss camp

There is a child weight loss camp in almost every state. You can look for them on the yellow pages or using the online directories provided to you by search engines. You can also read through brochures or ask friends, acquaintances, or your child’s school for recommendations. Before signing your child up for anything, make sure the … Read More

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Four Keys to Hiring the Right Personal Trainer

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Selecting a Houston personal trainer to help you get in shape can be a daunting and confusing process. Hiring a trainer is considered by some to be rather expensive, but it can make a tremendous difference in your level of fitness and health. Most Houstonians who have good personal trainers are addicted to the positive results they get and consider it a bargain. This article will describe the four keys to selecting the right fitness professional.

Key #1 — In What Part of Houston Do You Need a Personal Trainer

While this may seem obvious it is important that you select someone who trains in a part of Houston that is convenient for you. You will likely be seeing the trainer two to three times per week, and maybe even using that same gym on other days as well, so you want a location to be reasonably easy to get to. For example, if you work or live in The Woodlands you would not want to hire a Galleria area trainer, causing you to spend an hour plus commuting one way each time you had a session. The Houston area is filled with quality personal trainers so it makes sense to hire one within a reasonable proximity to your home or office.

Key #2 — Personal Referrals Are the Best Way to Locate a Quality Trainer

While glossy marketing brochures and fancy websites are nice, you are a lot better off making your decision with input from friends or acquaintances who have actually been clients of the trainer you’re considering hiring. If your friend tells you how she loves him, has lost 20 pounds and half of her body fat, and really enjoys her workouts, that is a personal trainer who should be high on your list. On the other hand, if another friend tells you that she really likes her trainer but that she hasn’t really made any fitness progress even though she’s used him for over a year, you probably want to avoid this one. In other words, results count. Personal trainers charge by the session so there’s no real point in getting one unless you are going to make progress towards your goals. A recommendation from someone who has gotten great results is absolutely the best evidence of an effective trainer.

Key #3 — Your Personal Trainer Should Be Certified by One of the Major Associations

The personal trainer field has several major trade organizations they can belong to. Most of these organizations have relatively stringent certification requirements which include certain educational and knowledge-based criteria as well as ongoing continuing education course requirements. One of the largest organizations who certify personal trainers is ACE (American Council on Exercise). Any trainer you consider hiring should hold one of these certifications. The reality is that there is no licensing requirement by the government before someone can call themselves a “personal trainer.” Anyone can decide to get business cards printed and go into this business, but that doesn’t mean that … Read More

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Sereggae Core Aerobics™ Created by Sereco Campbell, CPT JAMAICAN Workout

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SEREGGAE Core Aerobics™ is the original reggae workout created and instructed by Master Trainer, Ms. Sereco Campbell. This program promotes functional core conscious exercise movements combined with signature whining positions developed by Sereco.

SEREGGAE Core Aerobics™ burns approximately 350-750 calories per hour in class. Start today and improve your respiratory system, build and improve your stamina, muscle strength & endurance resulting in excessive weight loss and total body conditioning.

SEREGGAE Core Aerobics™ is a perfect fitness program for all ages and persons who desire a healthier lifestyle. Visit A Register for class NOW @ www.Ambitious1Fitness.com

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