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Iron Gym Pull Up Bar – Killer Workout

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What is the Iron Gym Pull up Bar?

This exercise pull up bar is an amazing workout tool that can be a great whole body workout. Simple and portable – for a fraction of the cost of a gym membership, you are able to do a number of exercises including sit-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, plus other variants, and so much more! The exercise bar is a multi-function training bar able to give you many different exercises to build a powerful upper body. Its durable structure supports up to 300lbs, and fit in residential doorways 24 to 32 inches wide with a doorway trim or moulding up to 3 ½ wide. Unlike other home workout products, this killer workout bar fits into your doorframe, using leverage- meaning there are no screws so your wooden frames are undamaged. You can also take it down easily, and assemble it in another doorframe in seconds. The iron exercise bar fits in most door frames, giving you a secure structure in which you can perform pull-ups or chin-ups. It is also great for floor exercises.

What kind of exercises can I do with it?

This killer workout bar is versatile and allows you to target your back, laterals, shoulders and arms, and is a true test of strength. There are different grip positions, with wide, narrow and neutral grips giving you variation in difficulty and in your workout routine; you can also choose an underhand grip (chin-ups) to place more emphasis on your bicep. On the floor you can target your triceps and chest, since it gives you a sturdy base for deep push-ups, with greater range of motion and with less strain on your wrists. It also provides a stable base for tricep dips, and even fits on the base of your door for crunches, giving you a dynamic killer workout.

This remarkable workout equipment has three grip areas which allow you to get the most out of your workout; the narrow grip helps you with enhancing your biceps, while the wider grip will work your lateral muscles. Each of the three grip positions offers different advantages and varies in difficulty; for beginners the neutral grip is preferable. Chin ups are also easier compared to pull-ups in terms of difficulty. When you get stronger you can place your hands closer together on the grips for a harder challenge.

Using different workouts everyday optimizes your workout. Working on different muscle groups and being consistent with increasing your reps, the faster you will see the results. The exercise bar is one of the best workouts available at home without having to invest in expensive and bulky home equipment, or having to go to the gym.

Advantages over other exercise equipment

The iron gym pull up bar is an ideal choice for people who want to get physically fit without buying expensive, bulky and space-occupying workout sets. It is a great way to get in shape without the hassle, for a fraction of the cost of a … Read More

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Type 2 Diabetes – Motivational Intervention for Physical Fitness

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For many people, motivation is a big stumbling block in achieving and maintaining physical fitness – let us face it! There are so many things more interesting than adding exercise to our day. Like taking a nap, or perhaps eating a snack. However, enough of this negative thinking. In July of 2018, the European Journal of Public Health reported on a study showing people who have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes taking part in motivational intervention therapy were able to improve their physical status better than those people with diabetes not receiving such assistance.

Researchers at the University of Naples in Italy …

  • assigned 69 people with Type 2 diabetes to 12 motivational group meetings focused on physical activity, along with a 9-month program of aerobic, resistance, agility, and balance exercises program.
  • another 90 people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes received the usual physical activity recommendations.

By the end of the program, the people receiving the motivational intervention therapy showed improvements in …

  • their average body mass index (BMI) from 29.3 to 27.3 kg / meter squared, and
  • their average HbA1c levels from 6.5 to 6.1 percent.
  • the average waist size went from 104.2 centimeters to 95.6 cm.

The participants not receiving any motivational enforcement improved only in upper body strength and agility. The other participants in the motivational intervention group habitually performed more physical activity than the non-interventional group.

From the above results, the investigators concluded motivational intervention and a physical fitness program were more effective than physical activity recommendations alone.

Motivational intervention therapy consists of five main principles …

First, counselors show empathy for clients. By being non-judgeal therapists can develop a trusting relationship and get to know patients' unique barriers to physical activity.

Second, therapists have their clients find their reasons to become more active, rather than lecturing and giving expert advice.

Third, when resistance to positive change occurs, counsels see the opposition as a failure of counseling rather than as a failure of the client. They encourage their client to delve into their reasons for resistance and promote changes in ways of thinking about physical activity.

Fourth , counsel help enable their client to reach their goals by pointing out earlier successes they have achieved. Completing a physical education course or writing to a regular schedule of physical activity in the past may serve as examples.

Fifth and last, counselors encourage the client to take responsibility and credit for their success, listening as they develop their steps to achieve their goals. … Read More

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Fitness Magazine May 2008

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Fitness Magazine recently published an article about women using technology to fight back against the images the media pushed about what we are "supposed" to look like. Women like you are changing the world and the world is noticing!

Thanks to every one of you who has contributed. Congratulations, ladies, we’re on our way to a reality-based view of women thanks to you.

Check out the article here.

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Lose Weight and Build Muscle by Exercising the Entire Body at Once

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Here’s somewhat that may shock you: jogging, bike riding, walking and a greater number of forms of low-intensity exercise are not the proper choices when it comes to fat loss. You are forecasted to burn a large amount of belly fat in less time by focusing on shorter, higher-intensity workout sessions that incorporate both cardio/aerobic training and strength/weight training.

Interval training, hill running, wind sprints, and race swimming are all great exercises for losing belly fat. In terms of strength training, focus on “compound” movements that will work a large amount of muscle groups at the same time: squats, pushups, dips, pull-ups, chin-ups, rows, etc. Also exercise your full body once or twice a week in order to literally force your body to release powerful hormones that will burn fat while putting on muscle at the same time.

Multi-joint exercises are the key to belly fat loss. These full body exercises of the back, legs, and chest will release the fat burning hormones for the duration of your body. An entire body workout raises your metabolic rate to adequate levels to burn fat like no other way.

Whether you got your workout planned in your mind or in a notebook bottom line you must have a plan. Remember you have to incorporate full body exercises. I can’t say it enough you must work the entire body to loss fat at an optimum level. Here is another list of these such as Leg Presses, Lat Pull downs, and Bench Presses. With a tiny bit effort you may be on your way to a bigger, stronger, low fat body. Stay focused and you will accomplish that intention of losing your belly fat fast.… Read More