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Signs Of Labor Are Imminent

Entering the third trimester of pregnancy is a pretty stressful time for a woman, especially if this is her first experience. There are many things that must be prepared both physically and mentally when entering the month of birth. Maybe this time just waiting for weeks or even just waiting for the birthday. The usual concerns felt by a prospective mother are usually about how the pain will be felt, when the signs of childbirth appear, or how the signs that appear when will give birth.

Actually do not need to be nervous, afraid or worried when going into labor process although it is actually human if still there is a fear in each individual when will face delivery. Many women are afraid of being unaware of the early signs of labor and being unprepared when they are going to get the baby out. But actually, you are the signs that the body gives when labor is near. If the pregnancy usually lasts for 40 weeks, then at weeks 38-39, signs of childbirth begin to appear.

Typically labor takes place between week 37 to week 42 after the last menstrual period, unless premature labor occurs. Although the estimated delivery of labor can be predicted, actually no one knows for sure when the birth was really happening.

To arrive at this time, then there are some signs that can be felt and a benchmark for pregnant women in order to prepare to welcome this delivery process.

Signs and symptoms that can be felt and seen are:

  1. Abdominal shape becomes more oval, down and like hanging, because the baby’s head position has entered into the lower pelvic space.
  2. Tight (contraction) and mules are more common. In order to distinguish between true heartburn and heartburn due to uterine contractions, the mother is currently not advised to strain.
  3. Breast milk is already issued, at this time you should start breast care for the preparation of breastfeeding baby.
  4. Frequent urination and defecation (diarrhea), caused by the encouragement of the baby’s head that presses the bladder and rectum, and because of hormonal influences.
  5. Exit mucus mixed with fresh blood from the mouth of the vagina, initially a little over time become many.
  6. Outflows of water from the vagina, which is a sign that the amniotic fluid has broken.
  7. Contractions are more frequent and tight, accompanied by pain and desire to strain.

We recommend that when feeling diarrhea, contractions and exit mucus mixed blood from the vagina, Mother immediately to Midwife or to the nearest hospital to continue labor as planned during pregnancy.

For labor the first time, the distance between contractions to the complete opening of the birth can take 8 to 10 hours. But this is still not an absolute benchmark because every child always has its own uniqueness to be known.

So our advice, during pregnancy should always do routine control to midwife or Obstetrician and Gynecologist Specialist. Pay attention and record the date of birth interpretation that will surely be delivered by the Midwife and Doctor. So if on that date or close to that date, Mother feels the symptoms – the symptoms above, then the sign of labor will happen soon.