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2 minute tutorial – water aerobics workout – aqua aerobics for weight loss – warm up exercises

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Featured in this video:
– Frog jumps: excellent workout for inner thighs, outer thighs, core and back.
– Jump jacks: increase heart rate, warm up chest muscles and inner thigh muscles.

How much lighter is your body in water? Check out the Aqua Fun Fact at the end of the video to find out.

Would you believe us if we told you 2 minutes could make a difference to your fitness? This 2 minute video, second in shapeupwithpooja’s series of diy water workout routines, will teach you fun and easy-to-do warm up exercises that double up as workouts for your core muscles.

Welcome to Aqua Class with Shape Up With Pooja! Here you’ll learn some more warm up drills in the water without equipment. Use water’s gentle resistance and your body weight as fitness tools; increase agility and workout a range of muscles while warming up for the real workout ahead.

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Weight Gain Through Exercise, Nutrition, and Healthy Diet

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Usually people go to gym in order to lose weight. But some go to the gym to add weight. Although this is a highly recommended solution to help increase weight loss by increasing the mass of muscle and keeping the body fits fit, but it is not enough. You have to balance the routine practice by keeping the healthy diet pattern and taking weight gain supplements.

Many bodybuilders and fitness practitioners advise to exercise regularly to gain weight, so you also have to ensure the intake of protein, carbohydrates and fats are ideal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You must also ensure all thenutrients that your body needs can be fulfilled through the food you consume daily. And another effective way to supplement your regular workout pattern is by natural weight gainer supplement. This is not a drug. This supplement will continue to work on your body by helping to meet all the needs of the nutrients you need to reach your ideal weight.

The secret behind weight gain supplements is contained in the materials. Weight is a good supplement should contain nutrients that can help you gain weight by adding muscle mass and preventing the buildup of excess fat. You can select natural gainer is in addition to high protein and calories to build muscle mass and increase your weight, also contain carbohydrates complex and comes with a fat good, enzymes and glutamine.

Remember, if you want to gain weight, the correct way to achieve it is with a balanced diet, eating regularly and not excessive. Eating more is not the best way to raise the weight. Consume more food will only give you heaps of fat and calories that you do not want. The best way to add weight is to eat properly and regularly. Gainer consumption in addition to increasing body weight can also help avoid the accumulation of fat in your body.

Weight gainer supplement is used to stimulate muscle growth. Remember, weight gaining is not the same with the consuming junk foods, but with a diet that is balanced and assisted weight gainer supplement. And of course, it will be even better if coupled with regular exercise to optimize your program as well as keeping your body fit and healthy.Good luck! The better the body you have, the more self-confident you has in your society. Exercising regularly and good diet are the key to achieve body. … Read More

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What to Do When Your Warranty Expires on Your Fitness Equipment and How to Get Repairs

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Ever wonder what happens to your expensive $ 2,000 + treadmill or bike machine once the warranty expires and you need to replace that broken roller in the machine or the worn out belt? You would like to bring it in to the place where you purchased the fitness equipment but the warranty just recently expired so they are instead asking you to purchase a brand new machine.

The store where you first purchased the treadmill or bike tells you to try calling the manufacturer and you're given the run around because there is nothing they can do since your item is no longer under warranty. Your only option seems to be to either trash the equipment, repair it yourself or purchase a brand new machine.

Most individuals would probably give up, either by selling their "broken" item online, stating that it needs work so that the problem is out of their hair. Others might just go out to purchase a new machine. Some might even try to replace or repair the part themselves but a few questions will arise.

Where can they first find the part that they are looking for? Who do they go too? How much does the part cost? Do I even know what exact part or problem I am looking for? These are several questions that you will need to ask yourself and often times may be too overwhelming to answer.

Instead of throwing out your old fitness treadmill or any other equipment, there is a way that you can be able to repair your equipment without costing yourself an arm and a leg. In fact, there's absolutely no reason why you should ever have to throw out a fitness machine because it can more than likely be repaired. … Read More

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20 Ways to Stay Fit With Minimal Effort

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Getting fit is not an easy task. It can take weeks or even months of hard training and paying attention to what you eat. Staying fit can be even harder. It is very common to see people meet their fitness goals and then quickly fall off their new healthy lifestyle leading to them reversing all of that progress that they worked so hard for. While staying fit can be hard, there are little things we can do to make the process easier. Try some of these tips for maintaining your fitness level with little effort!

1. Fasting

Fasting is the restriction of food for a set period of time. Fasting can be a great way to increase your fat burn and stay lean! Try intermittent fasting by skipping breakfast and eating lunch as your first meal.

2. Go for a Walk

Taking a break or two during the day to go for a short walk can be a great way to burn some extra calories. This is especially important if you have a desk job!

3. Cutting Carbs

Low carb diets are extremely popular for weight loss and for good reason. Studies have shown that low carb dieting can be a great way to lose weight. It can also be a great strategy if you are worried about gaining weight back.

4. Play a Sport You Love

If you stop being active it will be hard to stay fit. You may not want to spend a couple of hours running on a treadmill, but picking a sport you love like basketball or ice skating can be a great way to stay active while doing an activity you love.

5. Get a Standup Desk

If you are stuck at a desk all day it can be hard to stay in good shape. If your office allows it, try a standup desk. You may be surprised at how much this can benefit your overall health just by standing and using your leg and core muscles to stay fit.

6. Try HIIT Cardio

HIIT or high intensity interval training can be a great way to burn a ton of calories without having to put a ton of time in the gym. Studies have even found that HIIT cardio can allow you to burn more calories over the course of the rest of the day.

7. Split up Your Exercises

If you are burned out on exercising, try splitting up your exercises in the morning and evening. This will allow you to spend less time in the gym per session!

8. Try Lower Calorie Desserts

Everyone wants to enjoy dessert, but if you are trying to stay fit some of these high calorie creations can be a problem. Look online for low calorie desserts so you can indulge guilt-free.

9. Switch to a Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet has been shown to improve metabolism by allowing for more fat burning. This diet allows you to eat bacon and stay fit!

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