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Weight Training Guidelines – 4 Steps to a Better Body

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Before you even think about starting your workout routine, you'll want to remember these 4 critical weight training guidelines:

1. Create realistic and reasonable short and long term goals.

2. Give the program you choose at least 12 weeks before deciding if it works or not.

3. Learn correct weight training technique.

4. Focus on gradual progress over quick results.

Weight Training Guideline # 1 – Create Realistic Goals

Do not expect to be a Men's Health model within months of starting your workout plan. It takes patience and realistic goals such deciding where you want to be in terms of looks and strength over the course of the next next three months. Then the next six months, and then at the end of the year. Work backwards from what you absolutely want to look like.

Weight Training Guideline # 2 – Give Your Program a Chance

The main reason why a person fails with their workout plan is because they just do not give their program a chance to work. Even if you picked a bad workout program, you can not know that within the first week or two. Practice patience and give your workout routine at least 12 weeks to see how you progress.

Weight Training Guideline # 3 – Train Correctly

In order to train correctly you have to know how your body works in terms of recovery to your muscles, nutrition and how much stress it can take. Find a DVD, book or a trusted site in order to learn all you can about correct technique. Without it, you will not get the results you want and could end up injuring yourself.

Weight Training Guideline # 5 – Gradual Progress

There's no need to rush progress. Even adding as little as 2.5 lbs. each week to you bench press for example, can give you some serious muscle over the course of the year. The secret is just doing a little more every workout session or each week so that you slowly and consistently increase your strength and muscle size at a healthy pace. … Read More

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Personal Trainers – Find Your Target Market

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Success in any business requires that you pick a target market. Personal trainers are entrepreneurs, and as entrepreneurs you need to focus on the people you want to attract. Do not cast a wide net to catch as many potential clients as possible. You want quality over quantity to effectively grow your business. Deliver a message that will help you find clients who want your personal training.

A personal trainer – whether you have your own place or work for someone – should target people who are looking to work exclusively with a personal trainer. This may sound like a "Duh" moment, but it is not. I'll explain why.

When you are as specific as possible with your target market you,

o Will clarify your message

o Will increase the chance of attracting people that want what you offer

o Will not waste time trying to sell people something they do not want

o Will not make the mistake of targeting people regardless of their interests

o Will not be engaged in the futile attempt to please everyone

You will find clients that you can build a business with by clearly articulating what benefits the clients will reap by working with you. When you can communicate who you are and what you do, you weed out the people who are not qualified to work with you.

I started my business when the fitness craze was in full swing and every month there was a new, hot training method or gadget people were clamoring for. A lot of trainers and facilities focused on responding to the fleeting demands of the general public, or casting that wide net. As a result personal training and exercising became about entertaining people. Aerobics classes, step classes, spinning, Tai Bo, cardio-kickboxing, and on it went.

My passion was – and is – to work with people on a one-to-one basis. I did not – and do not – want to waste time on people looking to be entertained. As the guy who only works with people who want a personal trainer and can commit to 2-3 days per week, every week, those are the people I attract. I've never had to deal with people who would train occasionally, were aerobics class junkies or looked at training as if it were just the latest fitness novelty.

Because I have clearly communicated my message I've avoided wasted time and energy chasing the wrong people, weeded out "tire kickers" and attracted clients that I still work with almost 20 years later. I own and operate a successful facility dedicated exclusively to personal training thanks to my target market.

As a personal trainer you need to communicate with your target market. Be passionate about what you do and know the kind of people who you want to work with and you will attract clients that will allow you to be successful.

© Sal Marinello 2009 … Read More

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The Importance of Having Personal Trainers

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In our society today, obesity is one of the leading causes of health problems. Obesity will lead you to have heart problems. The cholesterol buildup in your blood vessels will clog up major points in your circulatory system. This will lead to the weakening of the heart or even cause stroke from the blocked treaties.

Obesity can also cause back problems. This is another problem caused by obesity because the body grows out of its normal proportion. The bones stay the same as that of a normal person but this time with a greater load to support. What happens is that the skeletal system is not capable to handle a much heavier weight.

With all the problems that may arise from obesity, proper diet and exercise are definitely the key. In case you are the type who is not fond of joining a group of people working out each day in a local gym or at the park, there is still hope for you. You can always hire a personal fitness trainer.

Having a fitness trainer around may feel awkward at first, but once you get the hang of things, you will soon enjoy the company of your personal fitness trainer. What a fitness trainer does is study your current lifestyle. Only after he has observed what you do and eat everyday and your daily habits can a fitness trainer make plans on how you can lose a lot of weight.

Be prepared since there are some things that a personal fitness trainer will change or improve on your lifestyle, such as your diet or your unhealthy eating habits. A new diet will be slowly introduced into your system. You will change the food you eat gradually until you get used to it. Then your personal fitness trainer will begin to adapt the food to your needs so that you will lose weight but not feel deprived of energy.

The next thing is exercise. What is a diet without proper exercise? Your personal trainer will help you improve your muscle tone. This is done by doing different routines carefully planned each month by your personal trainer.

You should remember that a personal trainer is someone you hire, so look for someone who charges a reasonable amount and can give you the needed quality of service at the same time. … Read More

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Evost Incline Press A-3013 & Bench Press Fitness Equipment

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The Incline Press A-3013 is a compound abdominal area work out, implying that numerous joints and muscles add to the development. As a variety of the conventional level Press A-3013, it’s viewed as outstanding amongst best exercises to fabricate a more grounded and bigger upper body.See more:-http://bit.ly/2woNX6Y

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Try the Life Fitness X5 Elliptical For a Complete Road to Fitness

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If you want to stay in the best shape of your life, then you need to try out the Life Fitness x5 Elliptical. It's not a light weight in the exercise world, but weighs 204 pounds and can hold an individual up to 350 pounds. Another reason anyone can use it, is how it has stride adjustment lengths of 18, 20, 22, and 24 inches. The blue LCD 4 x 6 display screen shows the user distance information, speed and calories burned in a session.

While the basic version of the Life Fitness x5 Elliptical machine can be bought for approximately $ 3,300, this still has most qualities anyone wants. A person will find the dimensions to be 83L x 20W x 63H inches, and they'll be pleased with the comfortable ergonomic grip handlebar. The warm up and cool down modes are necessary to a workout, as well as the hand pulse sensor so anyone can keep track of their heart rate.

Extra essentials are the two holders for your water bottles, as hydration is important to working out and staying healthy. If you need a distraction, then use the reading rack for a book or a magazine. Certain programs in the advanced console range from manual, Fat Burn, Hill, Cardio Workout to Random, Sports Training Mode, EZ Include Resistance Mode and Three Heart Rate Workout Modes. These options provide variety and the ability to have continued weight loss.

You'll find you will not be able to discover a better quality top of the line elliptical trainer than the Life Fitness x5 Elliptical. It's well made and should last for years of use. This helps cut out gym memberships, since you have a high quality machine in your home. It will make staying in shape during the winter a piece of cake. I do not use this cross trainer anymore because I've moved on to more advanced machinery. This might be useful to you, though, so I suggest you check it out. … Read More