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How to Dress for a Youth Internship – 7 Tips

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This article offers tips on how to dress for a youth internship. In addition to gaining experience and exposure, an internship positions you to be the recipient of opportunities for jobs, contacts, scholarships, fellowships, and more. Therefore, it’s imperative that you dress for success.

7 Tips

· Never wear tennis shoes.

Unless the you will be interning at a gym or fitness center, tennis shoes should never be worn, even on dress down days. Instead, opt for a pair of casual dress shoes. This rule of thumb goes for young ladies and young men. Since we’re discussing shoes, never wear sandals that resemble house shoes.

· Keep tattoos covered.

If your arms are covered with tattoos, wear long sleeve blouses and shirts. Unfortunately, tattoos send the wrong message, and you’re trying to send the right message. Or, invest in a casual sport coat or tailored jean jacket.

· Invest in a suit.

A suit signals that you mean business. Equally important, you want to fit in at special events. Both young men and young women need to invest in a good suit. You might consider wearing it the first time you meet with the person who will be supervising or mentoring you.

Be creative. Males can pair a jacket with khakis, a nice shirt, and a tie. Females can pair a jacket with a skirt, khakis, or a dress.

· Wear a skirt or dress.

Young ladies always standout when their wearing a dress or skirt. But watch the hemlines and low cuts. You’re not there to pick up a date. Here’s a good way to determine if the dress or skirt is not appropriate. If you would not wear it to church, you should not wear it to your internship. Finally, buy skirts and dresses that are lined. If they do not have a lining, purchase a slip.

· Avoid jeans.

Wearing jeans is a no-no. Like tennis shoes, jeans are for leisure, and you’re not going to an internship to relax or play. Equally important, no leggings or workout tights. Stocking up on dress pants and khakis is a good alternative for males and females.

· Maintain good hygiene.

Keep nails manicured. If your funds are low and you are unable to get a professional manicure, buy a good finger nail file. Always look neat and clean. Keep your hair maintained.

· Keep jewelry to a minimum.

When it comes to jewelry less is always more. So, don’t wear jewelry that’s large and distracting. For those with multiple holes in the ear, only wear one pair. Moreover, remove earrings from your nose and eyes. It is suggested that young men remove all earrings. When the internship is over, you can do what you like. Keep in mind, you want to make the statement, not your accessories.

In summary, an internship is serious business, and you must come prepared to seize the opportunity. Being properly dressed for the occasion says a mouth full. However, by taking the tips in … Read More

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424 Fitness Center

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Get a quick workout in while have a great view out the windows or of the televisions in the 24-hour, free fitness center.

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Exercise Thigh Routines-Ab Lower Workout Tips

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There are some people especially women who will tend to

carry more weight on their thighs and buttocks than others

and no matter which diet they use losing weight from the

thigh area seems to take forever. In this article we will

look at exercise thigh tips which will hopefully help to

reduce the look of them but first of all we look at the

reason why some of us have larger thighs than others.

The reason why some people have problems with their thighs

compared to others is all down to our genes. Our genetic

make up will determine where the majority of the fat cells

in our body will be placed. For some this means that they

will have more fat cells around their thighs and

unfortunately we can not change the number of fat cells that

are present at various parts of our bodies. However for

these people with fat thighs there is a chance to make them

thinner. In order to do this they must shrink the amount of

fat within the fat cells in their thighs to make the leaner

and thinner.

There are 2 ways in which we can exercise thigh for getting

thinner. The first is to burn the fat from all areas which will

eventually remove the fat from these difficult spots. The

second way is to tone and firm your thighs quickly with a

thigh exercise. By toning the thighs you are helping to burn

some fat indirectly and this will help to raise your

metabolism because of the exercise you are doing which then

burns more calories. If you carry out regular aerobic

exercise and doing it correctly then the results should be

soon apparent and you’ll get a good ab lower workout too.

The best way for a person to tone their thighs is by doing

squats. However some people believe that doing squats will

cause their thighs to become massive but this will not

happen if the trainer does not want them to have big thighs.

You need to perform squats moderately in order to tone the

thighs and bottom quickly. In fact any muscle when toned

will have some slight growth and in order for the muscle to

grow then a person would need to perform increase the number

of squats as well as the intensity of them. So as you can

see it is quite easy to control your thigh size as long as

you keep your squat intensity levels low. However, if your

thigh size increases then it is advisable that you stop

using squats. Generally this is a good ab lower workout

as well.

A good routine I would suggest using for slimming your

thighs is to do squats 3 times per week on alternate days

and start off very light by just using your body weight for

2-3 sets of 10 repetitions and then gradually build up your

resistance over the next 3 to 4 weeks. Hopefully such an

exercise thigh set will … Read More

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Exercises For Losing Weight – Proven Advice For Women

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With all the weight loss programs and fad diets out there, it can be easy to forget one basic fact: that in order to lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you consume.

It’s that simple. Dieting is as easy as that. And for many women, that means learning exercises for losing weight.

The weird thing is that exercises for losing weight are different than exercises for toning your body, or building muscle, or simply getting rid of love handles. If you want to melt those extra pounds off of your frame, you’ve got to get your heart rate up for a significant period of time because that’s the way to burn off the excess calories.

First, visit a doctor and have a complete check-up. You have to make sure you’re healthy enough to start exercising. However, simply getting the go-ahead from your doctor doesn’t mean you should go out tomorrow and run a marathon. Take it slow in the beginning.

You want to work on what are called cardio exercises-those are the perfect exercises for losing weight. And you want to be sure to start off slowly, be consistent, and build up to a full cardio workout. Walking doesn’t cost a dime and it’s the easiest cardio exercise there is. I’m not talking about a stroll through the mall. What you want to do is 15 tough minutes of getting your heart rate up and your breathing accelerated.

In order to do that, it’s going take 25 minutes total to do-five minutes of speeding up, 15 minutes of maintaining a good pace, and then five minutes of slowing down. Try this every day for a week. And on the following week, try 25 minutes at a brisk pace.  After that, you will want increase your peak pace time by 10 minutes each week until you reach a little over an hour.

Some will focus on the simplicity of this exercise and miss the fact that it will burn some serious calories, fast.

If you’re more into group exercise, take an aerobics class. Don’t worry; it’s not the 80s anymore. Today, there is a wide variety of classes-basic aerobics, step classes, spinning classes, treadmill walking classes, running classes, stair climber classes, and even water aerobics!

Chances are, you’ll find something that you’re dying to participate in.

And speaking of water aerobics, swimming is one of the best cardio workouts there are. Grab your bathing suit and head to the pool. Swimming less than a half-hour a day, three days a week burns just as many calories as walking an hour a day, five days a week!  And, the water resistance helps to tone your body, while you burn calories.

It’s a win/win.

Whether you have a stationary bike or a “real” bicycle, riding is another great way to get that heart pumping and those pounds to fall off of your body. Just make sure to set your bike to a lower gear, so that you’re meeting less resistance … Read More