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10 Top Reasons You Need Personal Training As Part of Your Weight Loss Solution or Exercise Routine

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Personal Training, Exercise Routine & Weight Loss Solutions

#1 Motivation

People are mostly creatures of habit – it is simply the way the mind works. We leave so much to the autopilot inside, the one we’ve actually conditioned to make all our responses automatically, that personal training from a motivator can actually untrain your old worn out and inappropriate responses so that you make personal training changes in your lifestyle to make real progress, no matter what weight loss solution you follow. Motivation is probably the number #1 reason you need to make personal training a part of your weight loss solution or exercise routine program.

#2 Exercise Routine

There are so many different pieces of exercise equipment and variety of exercise routines, how do you know which is the right weight loss plan or exercise routine for you? Personal training can guide you because personal trainers know what results each exercise routine and piece of exercise equipment can give, and many can advise on nutrition as part of any weight loss solution. Personal training can really shorten the time it takes to achieve your goal on any weight loss solution or fitness plan.

#3 Using Exercise Equipment Correctly

If you have been doing the same exercise routine regularly and not achieving the weight loss solution goal you had planned for, the chances are you may not be doing the exerise routine correctly. It could be that when you started, without personal training, that you were never taught the correct way of using a certain piece of exercise equipment or performing the exercise routine correctly. You will get results faster on any weight loss solution program or exercise routine regime, if you get personal training to help you burn fat fast.

#4 Diet Solution

Ok, so now you have your personal training sorted out and you are doing the exercise routine under supervision and following your weight loss solution to burn fat fast with advice from a professional. It is still important to know your own metabolism and the correct diet solution to accelerate your metabolism so that you can burn fat fast. The correct diet solution is important because you want to perform your exercise routine with optimal energy levels and also, to allow your muscles to burn fat when there are no “free carbs” (food from meals) around. When there is no carbohydrate fuel, anaerobic exercise routines force the muscles to burn fat into fuel for exercise and to repair muscle tissue long after you have finished your exercise routine. Personal training will help you train at the right time and just as importantly, eat at the right time.

#5 A Tailored Exercise Routine

If you enjoy a sport but want to be “the best of the best”, not just looking for a routine as part of a weight loss solution to burn fat, but you are serious about raising your fitness, agility or strength levels to get better performance in whatever sport you play and enjoy so … Read More

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Health Club New Year’s Marketing

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One of the biggest reasons why business soars for health clubs in the months of December and January has to do with the concept of a New Year’s resolution. Almost everybody sets a New Year’s resolution for themselves and the most common resolutions tend to relate to fitness and weight loss. For health clubs this presents an ideal opportunity to run a promotion in hopes of selling a great deal of new memberships to families and individuals who are ready to start living a healthier lifestyle in the new year. However while most health clubs are focusing on the opportunity to land new clients many are neglecting the opportunity to retain current members.

New Year’s Resolution Board

One of the best strategies for keeping member retention levels high is to keep members motivated to achieve some type of new personal fitness goal. The best way to keep motivation levels high is to encourage all members to share their personal fitness goals with their friends and family. Statistics show that you are several times more likely to keep a goal and achieve that goal if you have shared your goal with several people. As a matter of fact the more people you share a goal with the more likely you are to achieve that goal. Why is this? Well it begins with accountability. If you are telling people that you plan to lose ten pounds in 6 months then you are going to want to do so in order to avoid the disappointment of failing in front of your peers. As a result you will do what is necessary to meet your goal and prove to your peers that you can be held accountable for your words.

This is where a New Year’s resolution board comes into focus. It begins by encouraging current members to participate in a friendly New Year’s resolution contest. Each member should be given a half sheet of paper to record in pen exactly what their fitness goal is for the new year. They should write their name on this piece of paper in big letters and then they should post it to a massive bulletin board that hangs in the front lobby area of the gym. This board should be full of member’s individual fitness goals and it should generate a lot of buzz around the club.

What will happen is that members will glance at this board as they are entering or leaving the gym and will compare goals on the board with their own. They will discuss their goals with their peers and will encourage each other to continue training. As a rule on its own, member’s will feel the obligation to meet their personal goal since they have publicly addressed the community of their intentions to lose weight. As a direct consequence members who would have perhaps quit on themselves and their fitness routine if they hadn’t committed to the New Year’s resolution board will in fact stick with their routine. A six … Read More

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High Strength Period Training Verses Endurance Training

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Which one is really better? Before we answer that concern, let's specify each kind of training. High Strength Period Training (HIIT) is any exercise that rotates in between periods of intense exercise and durations of less extreme activity or even rest.

On the other hand, stamina training is much more of a sustained effort expanded over a longer period of time. Both can provide an improvement in physical fitness.

High Strength Period Training

For example, a great HIIT workout could have been running as fast as you can for 1 minute then strolling along for a further 2 minutes. Keep up this three-minute routine for 15 minutes. In 15 minutes, this regular workout burns more calories than running on a treadmill for an hour! And that's a fact.

And it gets better; a 2011 study carried out by the American College of Sports Medicine discovered that only 2 weeks of HITT improves your aerobic capacity by as much as 6 to 8 weeks of stamina training.

In addition to enhancing your aerobic capacity, HITT also:
• burns more calories during your exercise than with stamina training
• keeps burning more calories approximately 1 Day after training
• Establishes a resting better heart rate
• does not need any devices
• maintains muscle and burns fat instead

Given that the principle of HIIT is maximum effort for a short period of time, followed by a recuperation period and that this cycle is then repeated over a set duration, you can do it anywhere.

The drawback of HIIT is that you should refrain from doing it over 2 to 3 times each week as most people need a day or two in between to completely recuperate.

Endurance Training

When it pertains to burning calories, you can get the very same benefit from stamina training as you do from HIIT – it just takes even more time to burn the same number of calories. For instance, a stamina version of the run / walk HIIT routine above would have to perform at a continuous speed for an hour or more; long and steady verses brief and extreme.

Because with endurance training you are regularly in the aerobic zone so your cumulative energy expenditure is higher through long cardio sessions than it is during 10 to 20 minute interval high intensity training sessions. Consequently, if burning fat and reducing weight are your immediate main fitness objectives, then stamina training is better than high intensity interval training. However, HIIT will certainly help you keep the weight off better than endurance training.

Along the fitness benefits over, due to an enhanced metabolism, stamina training likewise supply the following benefits:
• improves cardio wellness
• boosts joints
• boosts respiratory system efficiency
• boosts mental acuity
• advances endurance

If time is a scarce product in your lifestyle, stamina training might not be for you as it does require a big and frequent dedication of time, whereas HIIT requires a shorter and less frequent time dedication. Regardless, … Read More

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Healthy Life Style :-)

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Losing Weight – Why It’s Important to Know Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) – Part1

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Knowing your BMR can make a world of a difference if you are trying to lose weight. If you have no idea what a BMR is then keep reading, the answer may surprise you.

Your Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR is the basic or bear minimum amount of energy or calories your body really needs to carry out its basic bodily function, this is when you are at a complete rest. The bodily functions that I am talking about is the non-consensus functions such as digestion, elimination, heart beat brain function, cell repair and respiration/breathing just to name a few.

About 60-70% of the calories we consume each day will go towards fueling these basic body functions.

This % will obviously differ based on age, gender, height, and weight. As well as the amount of calories used over all for these functions will also vary based on gender, age, weight and height.

Calculating your BMR is important because you want to know how much calories your body really needs in order to operated efficiently and effectively. Once the BMR can be established, then you can go on to figure out what your over all daily recommended caloric intake should be. And once we know that then we can start to give our bodies just what it needs without over feeding it on calories which it will convert t fat and store in the body.

The bottom line is, (no pun intended) that if you desire to lose weight, you need to know how much calories your body requires each day, and cut back just enough to have to body convert some of the stored fat to burn as calories, there by losing weight.

Calorie restricting is the basic and most easiest way to start losing weight. But restricting too mush calories from the body can cause more harm than good, so we need to first establish the basal metabolic rate, then find the additional amount required by the body, and this will depend on whether you are an active person, sedentary, or average. Once you have both these figures we can add them together and find the amount of calories you need per day.

This will give us a good idea as to how much calories we can safely restrict each day and lose weight. Most Weight loss programs use this method to help you lose weight, but it is important to note that this should only be a part of a comprehensive program to lose weight, and would not be used by itself as this can cause over eating once the caloric restriction is over. Also if your body senses that it is being starved of its regular supply of calories your body will hold on tight to the fat reserves making it hard to lose weight.

If you are planing to lose weight you should also add weight training and aerobics to your routine.… Read More