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Weight Loss? Who Are You Hanging Out With?

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One of the great influences that we humans imitate is that of our friends, acquaintances, books and articles we read, school mates, fellow workers etc. The people we have to be with and those we choose to befriend usually help make up the person we are. Qualities we have will likely rub off on our friends. Qualities and attitudes that others description will likely rub off on us to some degree.

Good qualities and mannerisms can be destroyed when gathering with individuals with poor and slovenly qualities. Individuals with no goals and no desires or aspirations can influence us to abandon our purpose and goals for achievement. Thus raises the question …

"Who are you hanging out with?

To be successful in weight loss and proper diet venture you must have goals with purpose and the positive mindset to put those goals in to action.

This reminds me of a friend who was overweight and trying to lose weight. He is well mannered worked hard in school and received A & B's in all his classes. He had several goals and ambitions formulated and ready when he completes his schooling. He was dedicated fun loving and a pleasure to be around. His school mates and acquaintances liked him and looked up to him as a good example.

In time he started to hang around some older students and there was a shift in his attitudes as he began taking on the inflences of the new friends. His mother very disappointed noticing a new negative trend in his thinking. She approached him one day on arriving home from school.

OK Sonny, "Who are you hanging out with?"

Good question. Who are you hanging out with? What do we mean? You know the people that say there is no need to correct your overweight condition. That's the way you are. Weight loss can not be done. It's all a weight loss scam. You will never lose weight so there's no need to try. You put in all that time and effort and you have not lost any real weight.

And so it goes the negative comments, attitudes, and outlook will turn you away and discourage you from what you really need to do – Loose Weight.

Do not let that happen to you.

Remember this example about "Henry Ford". You know the guy who built cars. Well Henry (after a few years of car building and manufacturing) came up with the idea that an automobile engine did not have to be straight in formation like 4, 6, 8, etc. Henry put to his engineers that he wanted them to design and develop a V-8 engine for his cars.

What were the engineer's conclusions after three years of designing? They told good old Henry that it was impossible to develop a V-8 engine. What would Henry do? Henry stand firm "go back and design the V-8". It took thirteen years but Henry got his V-8 engine. Henry could have crumbled and abandoned his … Read More

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