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Three Steps to Losing Weight and Building Muscle

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In today's age of instant gratification people are looking
for the next best diet or workout plan that will give them
the body, and strength, they want in the same time they can
get their favorite Starbuck's coffee. However, when it
comes to losing weight and building strength there are not
any short cuts.

It takes desire, commitment, and hard work in order to
maintain a consistent weight loss and gain muscle at the
same time. Sure, you can do one or the other, but to do
both takes complete commitment.

But do not let that mean you have to have the expensive gym
membership, cost supplements and diet meals, and hours of
your week consisting of workouts. Of course, we all know by
now that that system is omitted and actually leads to an
unhealthy body. Long workouts and overdieting cause
tremendously depths of stress on the body where it can
actually have a reverse effect.

Today's scientific studies have revealed that in order to
lose weight you must actually gain strength. Here's how you
can do both with three easy steps.

Work on Strength to Burn Fat

With traditional type exercise and diet programs from the
last two decades you are assured of only one thing. You're
going to lose muscle. You actually get weaker in the
process. But, to have a completely healthy body that loses
weight and builds muscle you must focus on high intensity
strength training in order to give you metabolism a boost.

Be Creative In Your Workouts

A common misconception in workingout is that you need to do
the same exercises to hit the same problem areas. It's just
not true. Actually, the truth of the matter is that more
than a few weeks with a particular "routine" will cause a
stagnation to muscle and strength growht. Why? Because your
muscles have "memory". They remember the stress they've had
was put through and can adapt to handle it.

Change your routine from high intensity to low intensity.
Use different exercises and machines. Mix it up with cardio
work, dumbbells, rubber strength bands, yoga, martial arts,
whatever … you get the point. Just be creative.

Three Times A Week Is Enough

The more is better mantra is definitely not something you
want to live by when you want to work out for both weight
loss and muscle gain. Three, one hour workouts are
sufficient for you to see incredible improvements in your
weight, strength, and definition.

Losing weight and building strength can be done at the same
time without having to lose losing muscle or putting on too
many pounds. You do not have to settle for one or the other.
You can do both and have a much healthier body.


Tim Bossie is a personal trainer in Maine and loves to show
people how to get in and out of the gym quickly while
improving on their fitness goals each week. He also
recommends a fantastic approach to doing this called,
"Turbulence … Read More

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Health and Fitness: Lifestyle? Or Life Interruption?

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This is a powerful question, indeed. This caption is the crux of why some people are successful at permanent weight loss and others are not. It centers around how you view the actions that lead to that healthy, fit body.

Obesity is a serious problem in the US today. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one-third of adults and one sixth of children in America are obese. In the past twenty years, obesity rates doubled for adults and tripled for children. If these trends continue, by the time today's children reach adulthood, obesity will be the norm and healthy weight the exception. In fact, for the first time in our country's history, the current generation of children in America may have shorter life expectancy than their parents.


Is health & fitness a way of living for you? Something you do on an on-going basis? Do you plan your meals, at least loosely, for the entire week? Do you choose healthy meals to prepare and go to the grocery store with a list? Do you strive to make constant improvements in your decisions about what to eat and how active to be? If so, good for you! Your mind favors a healthy lifestyle and will serve you well.

Or do you consider losing weight and becoming more fit a two week endeavor to fit into a new pair of jeans or a new outfit for a special occasion? When starting a new "diet" do you say to yourself "How long do I have to do this?" "When can I have a treat?" Does it ever get in the way of all the other things you want to do? Does it get hard enough that you give up and retreat back to your comfort zone? If so, you view health & fitness as a temporary fix. Unfortunately, it will yield temporary results AND make it harder for you to lose weight the next time.


To transition means to have a transformation or metamorphosis; to cease being one thing to become another. For example, a caterpillar morphs into a butterfly. You must be willing to let go of unhealthy habits you know are not good for you. It helps to examine why you are clinging to them in the first place. Then you have to be willing to give yourself the things you need to have the new you. You must believe deep down you deserve it.

To have a healthy lifestyle, you must decide why it is important to you to be healthier and more fit. The answer to that question is a very personal one. There are as many answers as there are people. Dig deep to determine your goals, values, beliefs and intentions. Identify roadblocks, real or imagined. Do you have any under beliefs that no longer serve you?

Finally, you must make it a priority. If you assign it … Read More

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Achieve Phenomenal Strength With Body Weight Exercise Routines

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Think body weight exercise routines are just for warm up, or just a weak substitute for when you can not get to the gym? Think again! In terms of overall fitness, and that that I mean that lean, mean muscular look, body weight exercise routines will smoke virtually anything else like cheap crack!

Think about it like this. Your body is a unit. It is meant to work in harmony. Looks at like this, it makes virtually no sense to separate your biceps from your thighs. But that's exactly what most "bodybuilders" do. They isolate biceps and work them, then isolate their quads and work them. They never really teach their biceps and quads to work together.

But body exercise routines work so well because they do not isolate. What good does it do to have big biceps if the rest of your body has not been trained to support them. This is what old timers call "show muscle". Give me an athlete who worked his or her body in harmony using body weight exercise routines anyday.

Now granted, if you're training for a certain sport, like Olympic weight lifting, you're not doing that just using body weight exercise routines. But that's for really elite performance. As far as everyday conditioning, body weight routines can do virtually everything, if not everything you need done.

Actually, you could get into phenomenal shape using only three strength exercises and one aerobic exercise. Push-ups, sit-ups, and especially the pull up are the kings and queens of body weight exercise routines. Done right, you can get as strong as you desire just using these three exercises.

As far as cardio, you can mix in some running with this and have a better work out program than basically everyone who pays through the nose to belong to a gym.

Believe me, if you want phenomenal strength that works, body weight exercise routines are the way to go! … Read More