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How To Choose A Personal Trainer

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A personal trainer can provide motivation, accountability, instruction, and feedback.

Your personal trainer can help you set realistic weight loss and fitness goals and provide you a roadmap on reaching those goals. A quality personal trainer can help you learn proper exercise technique, prevent injury, teach you about target heart rates, and varied exercise routines and can greatly add to the quality of your life.

So you have decided to hire a personal trainer to help you reach your weight loss goals? Here are some suggestions to help you pick the right personal trainer for you.

Set up an appointment for a consultation – Are they on time? Are they giving all the attention to you or are they busy fielding phone calls and doing other tasks?

Ask them what their credentials are and what is involved in gaining those credentials.

Do you have a good rapport with him or her?

Ask to see referrals and results

Does their training involve cardio, weight training and nutritional advice?

What qualifications does your potential personal trainer have for giving nutritional advice? Do they work with a registered dietician or do they give nutritional advice based on personal experience?

What is their policy if you miss a day? What about if you miss a week?

These are just some ideas to get you started shopping for a personal trainer. Use your own jurisdiction – you will be partnering with your personal trainer for some time. They will be the one who has to motivate you when you are down, keep you on track when you are enjoying your weight loss milestones, and be there for you when you need them.

Keep in mind also that if you are the self-motivated type you can consider finding a personal trainer online. The online personal trainer can provide you quality exercise plans and eating suggestions based on your personal needs. The motivation will need to be provided by you.

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Senam Maumere Gemu Famire | Aerobic Dance Workout

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Bakar kalori yang menyenangkan dengan mengikuti gerakan Senam Aerobik dengan lagu khas Maumere, Gemu Famire ciptaan Nyong Franco

Selamat Mencoba 🙂

Instructors :




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Foster Fitness Center construction

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Renovation and remodeling work continued on the Robert and Virginia Foster Fitness Center, July 21, 2015, at Northwest Missouri State. The former aquatic center is being remodeled into a state-of-the-art fitness center set to open in fall 2015. (Photo by Jacob Hubbert/Northwest Missouri State University)

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Respiration: Aerobic vs Anaerobic

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IGCSE Biology video podcast:

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Aerobic respiration takes place in an organelle called a mitochondrion. Remember: “one mitochondrion”, “many mitochondria”. Glucose and oxygen are involved in a series of chemical processes and eventually, carbon dioxide and water are released. In the process, energy is released in the form of ATP: adenosine triphosphate.

Glucose + Oxygen → Carbon Dioxide + Water

When we do exercise, we often can’t get enough oxygen. Even breathing faster and more deeply isn’t enough. In this case glucose alone is converted into lactic acid, and a small amount of energy is release.

Glucose → Lactic Acid.

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Personal Training South Yarra

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Personal Training or “personal fitness training” can be defined as a private one on one exercise session that has been specifically designed to the client’s goals and needs. It provides important insights into the various aspects of training that supply numerous health, fitness, and personal benefits.


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