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Can Cardio Make You Fat?


Hopefully, that was the first question that came to your mind when you read the title!

If you are like my clients & me, then you’ve been trained through excellent marketing from health clubs, cardio equipment manufacturers, shoe companies, sports drink companies, “fitness” magazines, and so called “experts” that all you need to do to lose weight is long, slow, steady state cardiovascular exercise. Run five miles, ride a bike ten miles, but the Acme Tread-climber-stepper-rower machine and use it 3x per week for 30 minutes per day and you’ll get in the best shape of your life, right?


Allow me to back up a bit. As a rule, the best workout program is the one that you will consistently stick to. If you love long-distance running, or hanging out on the elliptical for 45 minutes at the gym because it gives you a break from the housework & kids, don’t stop!

However, there are more time-efficient & effective ways to perform cardio in order to lose weight, than long, slow cardio.

Here’s what happens after doing traditional cardio for a long time: initially, any type of cardio you do will increase your heart rate, make you sweat, burn a decent amount of calories during the session, and you will probably lose a few pounds if you do it consistently for a couple of weeks. However, your body adapts to doing that very quickly.

So, after a month of doing the same thing, you don’t sweat as much, your hear rate doesn’t increase as much, and you don’t burn anywhere near as many calories as you did initially. Additionally, if you’re not including resistance training in your workouts, you are losing muscle very quickly, and muscle tissue is what allows you to burn calories throughout the day.

As you can see, this can quickly become counterproductive to your weight loss efforts! Lowering your metabolism, or burning fewer calories daily, by losing muscle tissue, decreasing the amount of calories you burn during exercise by doing long, slow cardio, and maintaining the same amount of calories you get from food will at best leave you at a weight loss plateau, and at worst, can make you start gaining weight!

So yes, doing the wrong kind of cardio or too much cardio can make you fat!

How do you keep this from happening? A method called interval-training cardio is legitimately the only way to consistently keep you burning as many calories as you need to lose weight. Briefly, interval training involves doing cardio at a steady pace with intermittent short bursts of increased intensity. This can be applied to any type of cardio training: running, biking, swimming, kickboxing, even regular resistance training!

In my next article, I will give you a few examples of how to properly perform interval cardio and implement it into your routine, in order to keep your cardio from making you fat!

Stay focused, stay fit

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This was the hardest exercise on the circuit. I had to hold a medicine ball over my head while doing a wall sit for 45 seconds.

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What to Look Out For When Buying Gym Membership

I have sold thousands of memberships for hundreds of different gym operators over the past few years so I know the issues that concern customers. One common problem I come across is people who feel "ripped off" when they want to cancel only to discover that they have committed to a long term contract.

Virtually everyone who complains about contracts says they had no idea that they had committed to 12 or 18 months. Even if you assume that some people are being economic with the truth that does not account for the all the complaints I have encountered over the years. I do not think the clubs are being quite misleading but perhaps you should consider the following facts.

1. Remember the sales people at gyms are paid a really low basic salary and make up their money from commission on sales so they tend to play down any negatives about a contract.

2. There tend to be a high turnover of sales staff at gyms so please the best efforts of the clubs their sales staff are not always the best trained.

3. Sales staff know that any miss-selling is illegally to catch up with them because they are not around for long.

4. Some of the big operators change their deals so often it can be confusing for staff.

You may not think that any of this is a problem for you because you can simply cancel your Direct Debit and your club will always forget if you ignore their calls and emails. This may be true for the smaller chains or independents but the larger operators will definitely chase you for the money.

What you probably do not know is that you have signed a Credit Agreement which means the club are entitled to the full amount of the contract. If you do not pay up you will be taken to court and a County Court Judgment (CCJ) can be made against you. A CCJ is a judgment that is made if you fail to pay a debt. If you try to get a loan or mortgage the bank or company will do a credit check on you and if they find you have a CCJ against you they may refuse the loan or charge a higher interest rate.

There are some legitimate ways of rescing your contract but they are very limited and vary from contract to contract. For example some gyms will let you cancel if you move to a different area where they will not have a club – but you will have to prove it.

1. Do not sign anything you do not understand or are not happy with and make sure you read anything before you sign it. Even if the sales person "assures" you it is okay it's difficult to prove a verbal contract without witnesses.

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Compact Fitness Equipment For Your Home Gym

Fitness is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds, but not everyone wants to go running off to the gym. If you have small children, or a busy work schedule, you may just not have the time. Also, you may prefer working out in private without those weight-tossing hulks surrounding you. For these and other reasons, home gyms have become very popular. However, space can be at a premium in the home, which is why compact fitness equipment makes sense. Some gear can even be folded and tucked under the bed or in a closet when not in use.

Before purchasing any fitness equipment you should determine what your goals are, but just about everyone will want a piece of cardio equipment for exercising the heart and some resistance gear (such as dumbbells) for toning and building muscle. Let’s have a look at some of the compact fitness equipment that’s available.

Compact Exercise Bikes

These stationary exercise bikes offer a great cardio fitness opportunity in a small space. Even if you live in an apartment, you will probably have the room. They take up very little space and come with a wide array of features, so finding the bike that’s right for you isn’t that difficult at all. Compact exercise bikes come in all different price points and are made by many different manufacturers from low end to high end such as with the Schwinn exercise bikes.

Mini Steppers

Steppers have been popular for some time now but some of these machines can be extremely big and take up a lot of space. That’s where the mini steppers come in. These tiny steppers take up no room at all. It’s true that they are very basic, with no bells and whistles, but at the end of the day they do what any stepper does: offer you a solid cardiovascular workout. These units are so portable you can move them from room to room on a whim, and easily tuck them under a chair or bed when not in use.

Folding Treadmills

Treadmills are a great way to keep walking, jogging, or running when the weather is awful or when you are pressed for time. The trouble is many of them take up a great deal of space. In recent years we’ve seen a good selection of folding treadmills come to market offering many of the features larger counterparts have, including preset programs, varying elevation, calorie and lap counters, heart rate monitors, and more. Just fold and store under your bed when not in use. That’s convenient!

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands often get overlooked because their real value isn’t recognized. They are actually an excellent way to build strength and condition one’s cardiovascular system. They are relatively inexpensive when it comes go fitness equipment, and they take no room at all. Store them in a drawer or hang them on a door hook. Pick up a video or an instruction manual when you buy them; you’ll be amazed at all the … Read More

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Asian woman fitness coach teach her student for rubber ball exercise in fitness center

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