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Winnie Talan, Aerobic Exercise Introduction: WE-Can Program

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Winnie Talan an instructor from the University of Guelph-Humber gives an introduction to the WE-Can Program aerobic workout. She also provides some tips to consider before the workout, such as:

– Make sure you have some space to move around (forward, backward and side-to-side)
– Wear comfortable exercise clothing (running shoes, shorts and a t-shirt)
– Keep some water close by in case you get thirsty
– Take breaks when you feel necessary to
– Try your best to keep moving throughout the workout and enjoy!


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You Are Never Too Old to Get Fit / Lose Weight or Start a Fitness Routine

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These days, more and more people who have struggled with weight loss are turning their lives around and becoming healthier and and more physically fit. There are also a lot more people wanting to start fitness in some way but do not know how.

There are many people that will feel that they are too old to start looking into fitness and health or going to the gym and lifting weights or simply feel that there is no hope for them as they have had a weight problem for their whole life.

This is a mental barrier. In past articles I have mentioned the importance of routine and the effect of a routine or habit becoming more solid and embedded the longer that it is followed or allowed to continue. These habits or routines can be good or bad.

If you are in the situation, maybe over 50s or even over 60 and you would like to lose a bit (or a lot) of weight or start a fitness program and you feel too old to do so, the first thing you need to do is realize that you are wrong!

If this applies to you, you need to understand that to have results with a weight loss or fitness program, you need a couple of things with regards to mind-set.

First off you should realize that it is never too late. If you get things right for 15 to 20 weeks, you will lose a substantial amount of weight and become a whole lot fitter. I'm sure that you would agree that in the grand scheme of things 15 – 20 weeks is not a long time at all.

Getting it right?

Once you understand that you can be the weight and fitness level that you would like, you can then look at educating yourself. It's all well and good observing the countless diet plans and fitness methods out there today today claiming that they are your best choice.

This is very confusing to people that are new to this game and because of the volume of these products, many people will flit from one idea to the next as these ideas pop up and never see a single diet or training program through through the end as there is always something that looks better or promises to yield better results

This leads to little or no results and further backs up your belief that it is too late for you.

The best thing that you can do here is to stick with one theory. If you know someone personally that has had great results, the kind of results that you want, you should educate yourself to this theory and follow it until you get your results. For example:

You know someone who has lost a lot of weight from a low fat, low sugar, calorie controlled diet and three weeks into this hear of someone who has had similar results from a fast diet. Do not switch to … Read More

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The Kendall Hotel at the Engine 7 Firehouse (1895) – interior: antique weathervane

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350 Main St, Cambridge, Massachusetts USA • The elegant Kendall Hotel, located where Cambridge meets Boston; steps from the Kendall/MIT Redline T stop, offers everything the weekend and business traveler could need, including a touch of history.

The Kendall Hotel offers a wide variety of guest rooms including 4 one-bedroom suites. A breakfast buffet, use of a nearby fitness center, and wireless internet are included with your stay. Additionally, meeting rooms are available for your business or social events and The Black Sheep Restaurant offers fine dining for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Housed in what was originally a Victorian Firehouse, The Kendall Hotel began its transformation to an elegant Boston area hotel in 2000.

Originally built in 1895, the Queen Anne-style building was designed to accommodate stables, coal bunkers, and dormitories for the firemen. With restoration and a seven-story addition it became the charming boutique hotel it is today. The balance of old and new is evident through out the hotel. From antique and reproduction furnishings to high-speed wireless internet, Kendall Hotel’s Victorian past and its high-tech present provide a unique city hotel experience. – From their website.

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The Benefits of Maintaining Weight Loss

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Permanent weight loss is a goal we all strive to reach. Reaching one's ideal weight makes most people function at their best. It's probably one reason why it's also known as your happy weight. When you are in your ideal weight, your body functions better. You feel lighter, and of course, you look better. Keeping your happy weight prevents obesity related health problems. Diseases which affect a huge part of the population.

Losing weight may be hard for some people. For others, it's more difficult to maintain the weight loss. According to studies, 85% of those who lost weight regained it. Experts theorize that as a person's weight drops, metabolic activity decreases. As the person continues to lose weight, metabolic activity continues to drop. This makes it increasingly harder to lose more weight. Some people may refer to this as a "plateau" in their weight loss efforts. A lower metabolic rate makes it difficult to maintain weight loss. When the person returns to a normal diet, the pounds previously lost are restored. Maintain a healthy weight has lots of benefits. It improves heart health, lowers blood pressure and regulates blood sugar levels.

Maintain weight loss requires commitment. People who want to lose weight must adhere to a diet plan. There are only two ways to lose weight. One is consuming a lesser amount of calories than your daily requirement. Another is to expend more than what you eat. If you want to lose weight faster, a diet and exercise plan is advisable. Going on a crash diet is not the answer. It slows down metabolism and deprives you of essential nutrients. Once you get back to a normal diet, it will just be a matter of time before you regain the pounds you lost.

Weight cycling or yo-yo dieting is losing and regaining weight multiple times. Diet experts discourage weight cycling. Some studies suggest that it promotes high blood pressure, gallstones and high cholesterol levels. However, there has been no definite evidence to support these claims. Studies also deny that people who go on a yo-yo diet will have a harder time losing weight again. Weight cycling affects the mental and emotional aspects, however. Getting frustrated constantly makes you less desirous to pursue your weight loss goals.

People know the importance of maintaining their ideal weight. They've seen how it improves the life of those who successfully lost the extra poundage. What usually stands between success and failure is determination. When you want something badly, you work towards it. You never stop until you achieve it. Be determined to maintain weight loss. The reward is good health and a better quality of life. … Read More

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Aerobic exercise 【10 mins 】to lose weight fast at home

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Welcome to my channel.
This channel presents a cardio dance workout.You can do it at home.

I would be happy if I could even be just a little bit of a help to your health or diet.

Dance workouts are a great way to tone your body whilst getting your cardio and muscles too.
Have fun while you burn fat🔥

Make sure to subscribe to the channel to receive dance workout videos to get in shape!

I hope you enjoy the workout.
Thank you for watching, Good luck💪


This video may not be suited for you.
Not all dances are suitable for everyone.
Before attempting the dance exercise, consider issues including your strength and overall health.
If at any point during the program you begin to feel physical discomfort, please stop do it and take a break for healing your dody.
I am not responsible for any injuries you sustain from participating in this video.



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On-Site Personal Training Akron

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On-site personal training Akron has never been as exciting and efficient as it is now with Full Scale Fitness’s on-site personal training Akron program as we have the most skilled and professional experts to help you stay fit and look amazing without worrying about size effects at all.

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