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郑多燕减肥塑身瘦身操第一部01有氧操【中文高清版】 Jung DaYeon Aerobic Fitness Exercise session 정다연 チョン・ダヨン perder peso Maigrir худеть

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内附:郑多燕全套高清完整收藏播放列表 🙂

เต้นแอโรบิค ลดน้ำหนัก ใน thirty นาที จากเกาหลี


Комплекс упражнений от Юнг Да Ен или «Худеем по-корейски!»





郑多燕 - 大腿,臀部,腰部,掰掰袖,一分钟轻松瘦!

DISC1:郑多燕-有氧运动篇part01(中文字幕高清版 )
DISC1:郑多燕-有氧运动篇part02(中文字幕高清版 )

DISC2:郑多燕-肌肉训练哑铃篇part01(中文字幕HD高清版 )
DISC2:郑多燕-肌肉训练哑铃篇part02(中文字幕HD高清版 )

DISC3:郑多燕-舞蹈塑身篇part01(中文字幕HD高清版 )
DISC3:郑多燕-舞蹈塑身篇part02(中文字幕HD高清版 )

DISC4:郑多燕-瑜珈垫操篇part01(中文字幕HD高清版 )
DISC4:郑多燕-瑜珈垫操篇part02(中文字幕HD高清版 )

DISC5:郑多燕-大球腹部核心训练篇part01(中文字幕高清版 )
DISC5:郑多燕-大球腹部核心训练篇part02(中文字幕高清版 )

DISC6:郑多燕-全身训练大球操篇part01(中文字幕高清版 )
DISC6:郑多燕-全身训练大球操篇part02(中文字幕高清版 )

DISC7:郑多燕-腿部,臀部塑形训练篇part01(中文字幕高清版 )
DISC7:郑多燕-腿部,臀部塑形训练篇part02(中文字幕高清版 )





郑多燕-美胸、美腹、美臀dance 塑身操 part01(中文HD高清版)
郑多燕-美胸、美腹、美臀dance 塑身操 part02(中文HD高清版)


郑多燕-韩国最美辣妈,瘦身救世主. Part01(HD)
郑多燕-韩国最美辣妈,瘦身救世主. Part02(HD)


郑多燕-How to 瘦身运动篇

郑多燕-你不知道de另一面 ~ღ

perder peso ওজন হারাবেন 体重を減らす 減量 वजन कम करना فقدان الوزن худеть abnehmen Gewicht verlieren perdre du poids Maigrir 다이어트 dimagrire Perda de peso Giảm cân menurunkan berat badan smršati mršavljenje Gå ner i vikt zheng duo yan cheng dor yin FigureRobics aerobic Gå ned i vekt laihdutus Hubnutí

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Want to Get in Form Fast, You Have to have a Personal Trainer

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There are several benefits of using the services of a personal trainer that is unbiased of any huge physical fitness club.

Conditioning Clubs are a organization and not as interested in acquiring you into form like an unbiased physical fitness coach is.

The pursuing record is some of the important benefits that a personal physical fitness coach will have over the huge chain physical fitness spots.

You obtain a additional “hands-on” practical experience with your coach

You will commonly have to shell out considerably less.

Every single physical fitness routine is dependent on the particular person.

You would not be compelled into having to pay a membership payment.

You will be encouraged to triumph by an unbiased coach.

If you want a hands-on technique to achieving your physical fitness goals, use a personal trainer.

A personal training operating the solo route will be additional prepared to shell out that excess time to information you through the total approach of acquiring into form.

Having to pay Significantly less For Your Own Trainer

Many industrial physical fitness facilities cost you a massive sum of hard cash to achieve entry to their middle. Also, they cost more money in get for you to use selected solutions that they present as optional.

By using the services of one particular of the personal trainers that are not getting used by a branch of a industrial gymnasium franchise, you will shell out considerably less money for a additional high-quality support.

Exceptional Personal Training Conditioning Routines

Ordinary physical fitness facilities often encourage all of their shoppers to do the exact or equivalent physical fitness routine. Anyone is various, not each individual routine will function. A person of the several high-quality unbiased personal trainers will produce a physical fitness routine that is crafted to suit your exceptional way of living.

No Gym Membership Charges For Own Coaching

Industrial personal training franchises often cost high priced membership costs every single thirty day period. No matter of if you use their support, they nonetheless cost you the exact same.

With an unbiased physical fitness coach, you only shell out when you want their solutions, not just for the facility.

Independent Own Trainers Really encourage You To Triumph

Enormous physical fitness facilities make income because a greater part of their customers fail at their physical fitness goals. They carry on to use the fitness center in an attempt to full their goals but they have no probability at performing so owing to the fact that the fitness center has no curiosity in looking at their customer triumph and no more time needing their support.

Choosing one particular of the local personal trainers will avoid this concern as they will only be paid while you are applying their support. Also, several of these local personal trainers give refunds if you are not content with your results.

What You Should really Do Now…

If you are smart, you will rely on your physical fitness requires with one particular of the local personal trainers … Read More

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Aerobic workout to shed fat speedy at household ★ Jung Da-yeon Determine Robics ★

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Aerobic workout to shed fat speedy at household ★ Jung Da-yeon Determine Robics ★

Welcome to Jung Da-yeon Determine Robics!
Jung Da-yeon is a South Korean diet program author and fitness guru widely recognized as a Korean well-known tradition figure underneath the moniker “Auntie with a striking overall body”. Jung’s attractiveness has given that spread to other Asian regions. Wikipedia
Born: November 27, 1966
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Aerobic-Tập với Cao Kỳ Duyên để săn chắc eo mông-Toàn tập-Full

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Aerobic-Tập với Cao Kỳ Duyên để săn chắc eo mông-Toàn tập-Full.
— Chuyên cung cấp tinh nghệ nguyên chất, chất lượng cao, a hundred% từ thiên nhiên, không chứa bất kỳ chất bảo quản hay chất phụ gia nào. LH: 0904073838/ 043 7841340.
Để có một thân hình thon gọn, săn chắc, hấp dẫn (slender sexy system), ngoài chế độ ăn uống hợp lý, bạn cần phải lựa chọn cho mình một bài tập thể dục phù hợp với sức mình, Có như vậy bạn mới có sức khỏe dồi dào và một thân hình cân đối, đẹp quyến rũ. Xin giới thiệu bài tập thể dục giảm cân, bí quyết giảm cân nhanh và bền vững, giam can, phuong phap giam can, giam can nhanh nhat, cach giam can nhanh nhat, giam can nhanh, giam can hieu qua, cach giam can,giam mo bung, thuc don giam can, tap the duc giam can, the duc giam can, bi quyet giam can,lam sao de giam can, giam can sau sinh, cach giam mo bung, bai tap giam can, cach giam can hieu qua, bi quyet giam can nhanh, cach giam can nhanh.
— Thuốc chữa đột quỵ, tai biến mạch máu não — Chính hãng Đồng Nhân Đường Bắc Kinh sản xuất, Cty Đông Á nhập khẩu. LH: 0904073838/ 043 7841340.
Nguồn VTV.VN

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Trio Brazil – Aerobic Globe Age Team 2012

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FIG Formal — Globe Age Team Level of competition. Trio Ultimate (12-14 years). Staff Brazil completed 8th with Maria De Almeida Oliveira, Tamires Santos Silva and Caroline Santiago Dos Santos : 17.913 (Inventive : 8.400, Execution : 8.250, Problems : 1.263)

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Human Electrical power Programs In Activity & Physical exercise

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Human Electrical power Programs In Activity & Physical exercise

This report outlines the a few standard electrical power pathways, their interactions with a single yet another and their relevance to different sporting pursuits. It finishes with a brief search at some of the a lot more the latest investigation and subsequent new styles of human electrical power dynamics that have been proposed as a consequence.

ATP – the body’s ‘energy forex.

Electrical power is needed for all varieties of bodily procedures together with development and development, repair service, the transportation of different substances involving cells and of program, muscle mass contraction. It is this previous space that Physical exercise Experts are most fascinated in when they converse about electrical power programs.

Whether or not it really is during a 26-mile marathon run or a single explosive motion like an Olympic weightlifting lifts or tennis provide, skeletal muscle mass is powered by a single and only a single compound – adenosine triphosphate (ATP). However, the body outlets only a small quantity of this ‘energy currency’ in the cells and it really is enough to electric power just a several seconds of all-out exercise. So the body must swap or resynthesize ATP on an ongoing basis. Knowledge how it does this is the crucial to knowledge electrical power programs.

An ATP molecule consists of adenosine and a few (tri) inorganic phosphate groups. When a molecule of ATP is blended with drinking water (a approach identified as hydrolysis), the previous phosphate team splits absent and releases electrical power. The molecule of adenosine triphosphate now turns into adenosine diphosphate or ADP.

To replenish the minimal outlets of ATP, chemical reactions include a phosphate team again to ADP to create ATP. This approach is identified as phosphorylation. If this occurs in the existence of oxygen it is labeled aerobic metabolic rate or oxidative phosphorylation. If it occurs with no oxygen it is labeled anaerobic metabolic rate.

Electrical power resources to replenish ATP

Quite a few electrical power resources or substrates are obtainable which can be used to electric power the creation of ATP. A single of these substrates, like existing ATP, is stored inside the mobile and is identified as creatine phosphate.

Creatine Phosphate
Creatine phosphate is conveniently obtainable to the cells and rapidly creates ATP. It also exists in minimal concentrations and it is estimated that there is only about 100g of ATP and about 120g of creatine phosphate stored in the body, primarily in the muscle tissues. Alongside one another ATP and creatine phosphate are identified as the ‘high-energy’ phosphogens.

The other substrates that can the body can use to create ATP incorporate fats, carbohydrate and protein. Fats is stored predominantly as adipose tissue in the course of the body and is a sizeable electrical power reservoir. Fats is much less accessible for cellular metabolic rate as it must 1st be diminished from its advanced sort, triglyceride, to the less complicated parts of glycerol and cost-free fatty acids. So even though fats … Read More