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Juicing For Health And Weight Loss

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“Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not something to be waited for, but rather something to be achieved.”

William Jennings Bryan

Juice Fast

Did you try a one day fast?

To really feel the benefits of a fast, you must actually do it yourself.

Why not try a one day fast this week?

Find out which “one day fast” is best for you.

Which Fast will help you best clean your body?

  • The water fast;
  • The one raw fruit/one raw vegetable fast;
  • A juice fast;
  • An herbal tea fast.

Fresh pressed juice Fast

  • Fresh raw fruit juice
  • Fresh raw vegetable juice
  • Fresh raw herbal juice


Juicing freshly, organically grown, fruits and vegetables as well as herbs could be compared to a rich and concentrated nutrients blood transfusion.

In no time the nutrients enter the blood stream.

It is especially beneficial to people who have difficulties eating fresh vegetables.

It is very important to juice organically grown products which are richer in nutrients and contain no toxins, no chemical fertilizers, no pesticides or other poisons.

We want to benefit from the fast, not add more toxins to our body.

You will reap the most benefits from freshly squeezed juice.

There will be no nutrients loss if you drink the juice as soon as it is squeezed. (Nutrients loss occur when juice is stored, as well as when it is exposed to oxygen.)

Plants and vegetables are our best healing friends. Since the down of times they have been use for health, vitality and longevity.

Never add sugar or any sweetener to fresh juice.

This would undermine the goodness of the juice.

Drink the juice slowly.

Drink at least 4 glasses of juice and 4 glasses of water during a day fast.

Fresh Raw Fruit Juice

Freshly squeezed raw fruit are delicious and refreshing.

They may also have a high content of sugar. Better refrain from those rich in sugar if you want to lose weight.

Better use fruits that are high in beta-carotene such as: cantaloupe, mango and apricots.

Juice can be diluted: half water + half juice.

Some people find citrus fruits juice too acidic.

Juice for better bowel movement:

2 pitted dried prunes soaked in a glass of water.

You can blend the prunes and the water together.

Juice 2 apples and one pear together.

Add the juice to the prune juice, stir well and enjoy the drink.

Fresh Raw Vegetable Juice

My favorite health cocktail to help the body detoxification:

juice 4 carrots, 1 apple, 2 celery ribs, ½ a cup wheatgrass or parsley together.

The carrots and the apple will sweeten this juice naturally.

My favorite summer drink:

refreshing cucumber juice

Fresh Raw Herbal Juice

Wheatgrass is very rich in nutrients, especially chlorophyll and antioxidants.

It is nature’s gift to help detoxify the body.

If wheatgrass is not available, try parsley.

The juice of Wheatgrass and parsley are very healthy but not very palatable.

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Aerobic Fat burning zone myth and true fat burning exercise

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Science of weight loss exercise and fat burning. It is not what you think and easy than what you are told. Weight loss is a science of what’s happening at the cell and with your hormones during exercise. Dr.Dan Pompa reveals the truth of how to promote fat loss, muscle gain and weight loss. It’s not the treadmill or aerobics exercise the science is clear. Learn why sprinters are lean and muscular. Learn why the right 10 minutes of exercise will remove the fat, gain the muscle and lose the weight more effectively than any aerobic training exercise.

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10 Years As a Personal Trainer

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It has been ten years since I graduated from the University of Victoria with my Kinesiology degree, and started my career as a health and fitness coach. Needless to say, a lot has changed in ten years. Trends have come and gone, new research has challenged my beliefs, and perhaps I've learned the most from my clients' experience. In the past ten years, I have changed some of my own habits, as well as the ways I help clients.

I will share six lessons that I have learned since starting my career as a personal trainer, and how you can apply these lessons I learned, to improve your own health. I will share the first three lessons in this article, and the next three in my next article.

1. Starting a diet or exercise program only to lose weight is a sure-fire way to lose motivation. People either want to move away from something negative, or toward something positive. Many, I'd even say, most, people start an exercise program because they want to move away from their current state of health. They are unhappy with their appearance. Many have focused on family or career and are disappointed that they let their body go. The dissatisfaction with oneself is a good reason to start, but will not be enough to keep going and to make a lasting change. The first reason is that as soon as some of the negative feeling passes, (sometimes you lose a few pounds), the pressure to stick with the program lessens. You may relax a little and can easily slip into old habits. The second reason is the scale may not move, or move as quickly as you want it to. Imagine sticking perfectly to a program, and two weeks later on your weight in you are exactly the same weight? Chances are you, you would feel defeated, and think 'what's the point?'.

Take Action: First, make a list of all the positive advantages of sticking to a healthy eating and exercise program. Perhaps you want to have more energy, or want to have a good role model for your kids. Read the list daily to remind yourself why you are on this journey. Second, redefine success. Create action-orientated measures of success instead of a number on the scale. For example, success could be walking three days per week, or planning your meals each week.

2. What you eat is not as important as why you eat. Ten years ago I understood that nutrition was an important part of how one looks and feels. I did believe, however, that the path to success was as simple as drawing up a plan of how many calories to eat, what type of foods, and what foods to avoid. I quickly learned that most people's problem with food was not due to lack of knowledge, but because their eating decisions were dictated by emotions. We eat when we're tired, bored, stressed, happy, when we need love and connection, because … Read More