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FULL REPLAY – 2014 Aerobic Worlds – Cancun, MEX – Finals Day 1 – We are Gymnastics!

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FIG Official – 13th Aerobic Gymnastics World Championships – CANCUN (MEX) – June 27 – 29 2014

Individual Women

GOLD – GAZOV Lubov AUT 22.150
SILVER – CONSTANTIN Oana Corina ROU 22.000
BRONZE – JOLY Aurelie FRA 21.450


GOLD – Romania 1 21.541
SILVER – China 1 21.350
BRONZE – Korea 21.100

Aerobic Dance

GOLD Russia 19.150
SILVER China 19.125
BRONZE Korea 19.100

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Early Morning Run – Advantages and Disadvantages of Running in the Morning

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The early jog session is one of the most preferable types of exercise. But many people wonder if running in the morning is the best thing to do or is it just a cultural phenomenon that everybody seems to be doing unconsciously. Well, the answer depends on you.For me, I love running in the morning.

To help you decide on that, here is a full list of the pros and cons of a morning run session.

Advantages of running in the morning:

– Your schedule is typically clear in the early morning-you don’t have much errands to run or commitments to keep up at 5AM! Therefore, you can keep your running schedule consistent and uninterrupted.

– You can breathe in the clear and soothing ear of the early morning. You can also enjoy the scenery and take in the beauty and the magnificence of the morning glory.

– You can boost your productivity and mental function by training in the morning. Many mental performances recommend doing some aerobic exercise first thing in the morning. Anthony Robbins calls it “the power hour”.

– According to tony Schwartz-the author of the book “the power of full engagement”-the best form of emotional renewal is rising up your heart rate for a sustained amount of time. No wonder many runners enjoy a happy life with less emotional issues.

– You could also boost your metabolism levels by working out in the early morning. This means that you will be burning up calories at higher rates, leading to more weight loss and overall sense of confidence and accomplishment.

Disadvantages of running in the morning:

– Many people find it hard to wake up early in the morning. It takes some self-discipline and will power to able to do it on a consistent basis.

– Running in the winter when in the weather it is too cold or raining can be demotivating. But you can address this by dressing properly or by running on a treadmill in-house or at the gym.

– Your body can be stiff and rigid in the early morning. Therefore you will find it harder to break into your normal running pace. You should get in the habit of warming up properly before your running session.

– Some runner force on themselves to wakeup early, so they sacrifice some good hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation can have some devastating effects on your mental and physical health. Go early to bed and get the much rest and recovery that your body may crave for.

Here you have it. I still prefer running-and you should too. Of course, from time to time; I change my running schedule in order to avoid boredom monotony. Variety is the spice of life.… Read More

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10 Ways on How to Lose Weight Fast

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Losing weight fast needn’t be a drawn out and difficult process, indeed, a good weight loss program is imperative if you are going to succeed at losing weight fast. In this article I am going to go into 10 methods that you can use to burn more fat and lose more weight. Some you will of heard of, but some you won’t have. There are many condiserations when embarking on successful weight loss programs. There are many weight loss plans out there but the 10 steps outlined below are the best ways I know in my capacity as a Personal Trainer for people to lose weight fast

Calorie Control – This is the basics, you have to burn more calories than you are putting in. For an easy way to work this out, here is the equation. Men: BMR = 66 + (13.7 X wt in kg) + (5 X ht in cm) – (6.8 X age in years)

Women: BMR = 655 + (9.6 X wt in kg) + (1.8 X ht in cm) – (4.7 X age in years). Your BMR is how many Kcal you will burn when sitting there doing nothing. What you need to do is burn 500 Kcal a day either through calorie deficit or exercise. Do this for 7 days and you burn 3500kcal which is equal to a pound of fat

Carbohydrate Cycling – Eat Carbohydrates 40%-50% of your daily calories on a Carb day and have 1 – 3 Days where you go low carb (20g=100g)

Calorie Cycling – You can have a few days low calories then on one day, you up them by 1000kcal, or you can adopt a Zig Zag Approach where you low cal, high cal on alternate days

Periodic Over Feeding – Similar to above but every 5th day you overeat (what you want) then drop off your kcal for the next 4 days

Anti Inflammation – Cutting out foods like dairy, sugar, wheat, alcohol and caffeine can have a massive effect on weight loss. Make your diet around vegetables and this happens naturally, go organic for the best results

Anti Cortisol – Stress can stop weight loss believe it or not, it encourages weight gain on the midsection so cut out sugar, sweeteners, caffeine, stressful situations and get more sleep

Fat Burning Foods – Eat fat to burn fat,in moderation, the fats found in nuts, avocados, flaxseed, coconut milk and oil and macademia oil can help with weight loss

Fat Burning Drinks – Green Tea, Tulsi Tea, Roobois Tea and LIQUORICE tea can help weight loss

Metabolic Resistance Training – stop the long boring cardio and change it for intense, circuit style training, you’ll tone muscle as well as lose more weight

The Correct Supplements – Supplements such as probiotics (the pill not the yoghurt) fish oils (especially omega 3), L Glutamine, Diet whey Protein Shake (Upping your protein content is important for losing weight too) when combined with the correct diet can really accelerate … Read More