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Hungary win Group Aerobic Gold | Gymnastics Aerobic | Baku 2015 European Games

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Hungary win Group Aerobic Gold in the gymnastics at Baku 2015

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Aerobic Gymnastics is a high performance competitive activity based on body movements, skills and difficulties, choreographed to music and governed by a Code of Points.

Aerobic Gymnastics, another competition in a series of newly introduced non-Olympic disciplines on the Baku 2015 programme, will take place on 17-21 June and feature 67 athletes competing in two medal events – The Mixed Pairs and the Groups.


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Personal Training Fitness Certification Programs

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In recent years, people are giving stress on staying healthy and fit and they are realizing its significance. They are adopting various measures to achieve a healthy mind, body and soul. They are willing to go to any extent for keeping themselves in shape. Some people also want to pursue this as a profession and want to become professional and skillful trainers, but they often get confused as to where they should approach for fitness certification. You can find various online schools specializing in these certification programs and can get started. These trainers get the opportunity to work in health clubs, fitness and wellness clinics.

There are number of career training schools offering various types of certification. These certifications are based on the level of fitness and training you want to practice and mainly there are four types of certification. They are:

• Basic personal training fitness certification
• Advanced personal trainer certification
• Master level certification
• And other Undergraduate Studies

Personal training fitness certification program make students learn skills like startup, maintenance and expansion of a personal training business. Common health condition management with regard to exercise regimens is given importance.

Advanced personal training fitness certification programs involve more in-depth studies and practical training of fitness. Various movement patterns in balancing the body are taught and are provided excellent training in assessing musculoskeletal imbalances through kinesiology to make the students professional and experts. Then these well trained people help clients improve these imbalances through various exercises.

Master level personal training fitness certification programs incorporate basic as well as advanced programs. It also provides additional training in cardio respiratory and other pathological conditions.
Several schools and colleges also offer undergraduate studies in this field for an associates or bachelor’s degree in Fitness. Students who successfully complete any of the coursework’s mentioned here gain personal training fitness certification. These certifications are easy, affordable and bread and butter for many. The fitness certification makes you feel relaxed and refreshed as it gives you the opportunity of interacting with various people and you feel rewarded and respected. It makes you enthusiastic, optimistic and gives the motivation of leading a healthy life.

You can opt for various online courses and programs as well and can become certified to coach and well trained. These online courses are recognized. You should join a qualified and accredited school to get your online fitness trainer certification. The various online courses are:

• Injury prevention
• Fitness regimen development
• Equipment identification and usage
• Weight lifting techniques


Personal training fitness certification programs like massage therapy, cosmetology, acupuncture, Reiki, and others can be explored at career school programs near your locality, certifying organizations or through various websites.… Read More

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VILIMAITE Auguste (LTU) – 2018 Aerobic Worlds, Guimaraes (POR) – Individual Women Qualifications

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FIG Official – 15th Aerobic Gymnastics World Championships – Guimaraes (POR), June 1-3, 2018
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The Ins and Outs of Abdominal Training

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Abdominal training is very misunderstood. There is a common misconception that doing rep after rep and set after set of abdominal crunches every day will give you the six-pack you always wanted. It is a fact that no matter how many ab crunches you do, you will never be able to see your abs unless you have a low enough body fat percentage – and since there is no such thing as spot reduction, its pretty pointless doing all those crunches to get a six pack, unless you plan on doing so many that it will invoke a fat burning response. I can assure you there are many more effective ways to burn fat than doing ab crunches!

In order to see abs, most men have to reach a body fat level of about 10%, while women must reach about 14%. So quit wasting your time on crunches and get busy doing some high intensity interval training and resistance based circuit training and work on increasing your lean muscle mass. You will see the subsequent reduction in your body-fat level much faster, trust me!

Of course, your lifestyle and diet will also play a huge part in determining your body fat percentage. If you want that six pack for the summer holiday, then the next time you reach for the cookie jar I suggest you consider the statement – “abs are made in the kitchen”. With a supportive eating plan and a healthy lifestyle you will see your abdominals flatten and become far more aesthetically pleasing than they ever were through exercise alone.


Try these top tips for getting those flat abs you always wanted!

o Never diet

o Eat regularly to satisfy hunger

o Consume slightly smaller main meals

o Eat high quality food such as organic produce

o Drink plenty of water. Drink your bodyweight in Kg X 0.033 of water in litres per day

o Decrease the amounts of grains you eat

o Decrease the amount of dairy and wheat you consume

o Eat a source of protein at every meal

o Reduce your intake of processed food

o Make sure you get to bed on time


o Move your body

Abdominal function:

For you to train your abdominals properly it is important you know the role of them in the body and how they are separated.

Your abdominals are gross and dynamic stabilisers of the spine and provide crucial support in all three planes of motion. The lower abdominal muscles are the deepest of the abdominal wall and play a vital role in the stability of the low back. The internal and external obliques are the next deepest abdominal muscles and provide the torso with most of its rotational strength and stability. Finally the upper abdominal muscles act to further stabilise during more strenuous and dynamic movements.

Functional abdominal training

Now you know which parts of the abdominals do what – here are some top tips to get a really good … Read More

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Parque Mãe Bonifácia / Mother Bonifácia Park, Cuiabá, Mato Grosso

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O parque Mãe Bonifácia é um parque urbano localizado no município brasileiro de Cuiabá, capital do estado de Mato Grosso. O parque foi inaugurado em dezembro de 2000 e está localizado na Avenida Miguel Sutil, em uma área de 77 hectares.
Seu nome deu-se em homenagem a uma curandeira, escrava refugiada, conhecida por Mãe Bonifácia. Além do curandeirismo, Mãe Bonifácia controlava o acesso ao quilombo (a área era habitaba por quilombolas). O parque possui cinco trilhas e cinco postos com equipamentos de ginástica, mirante, centro de educação ambiental e praça cívica.
No local, pode-se ver a vegetação típica do cerrado, especialmente na época de florada, que ocorre por volta de agosto. Os visitantes também podem ver alguns habitantes do cerrado, como o sagüi e outros pequenos primatas que vivem cruzando as trilhas do parque.
Além das atrações naturais, o parque também é o centro de várias atividades sociais e lazer, promovidas por empresas, ONGs e entidades estatais.

The park Bonifácia Mother is an urban park in the Brazilian city of Cuiaba, capital of Mato Grosso. The park was inaugurated in December 2000 and is located at Avenida Miguel Sutil, in an area of 77 hectares.
His name was given in honor of a healer, a refugee slave, known as Mother Bonifácia. Besides healing, Mother Bonifácia controlled access to the Quilombo (the area was habitaba by maroons). The park has five tracks and five stations with fitness equipment, gazebo, environmental education center and civic square.
At the site, one can see the typical vegetation of the Cerrado, especially at the time of flowering, which occurs around August. Visitors can also view some inhabitants of the cerrado, such as marmosets and other small primates that live across the trails of the park.
Besides the natural attractions, the park is also the home of several social and leisure activities, promoted by businesses, NGOs and government entities.


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How to build aerobic capacity and improve your rate of recovery with Chris Hinshaw – Ep.100

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This week on the Brute Strength Podcast, I interview the head endurance coach for Brute, CrossFit Speciality Course Expert, and the coach to about a dozen CrossFit Games Athletes, Chris Hinshaw (@hinshaw363). Back for the second time on our podcast we further our discussions on topics ranging from aerobic capacity, what it actually is, how to improve it, coaching champions, and what great coaches are doing. Chris is hands down one of the most passionate and best coaches in the fitness community. He offers many pearls of wisdom on this show, whether you are just a CrossFit enthusiast or a competitor, there are many take aways for how to improve your overall fitness. Enjoy the show!
Brute Hotline: (801) 449-0503
Want a chance to get featured in a future episode? Call in and leave us a voicemail with some questions regarding training, nutrition, mindset, etc.
Topics of discussion:
[1:41] What working with thousands of athletes has taught Chris
[5:38] Building a foundation of knowledge and confidence
[9:10] Ownership as a coach
[13:05] Creating a space for the non-specialist
[18:08] Redefining what is difficult to increase adaptation
[20:14] Why aerobic capacity is not just about running
[26:00] Programming and what it says about coaches
[27:10] What you didn’t realize about the 2016 shuttle sprint
[33:28] Maximizing adaptation the most efficient way possible
[37:05] Why volume is not the solution
[39:24] Thoughts on the 2017 Regionals and the Games
[46:33] Developing in the off-season
[49:27] Improving your rate of recovery
[52:32] Rapid Fire Questions

Aerobic Capacity-

Chris Hinshaw at Brute –

CrossFit Specialty Course: Aerobic Capacity –

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Weight Loss Success

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“Even though my last bootcamp session was last year, i just wanted to show you the impact you had on my life. I remain active and healthy and when my shift at work will allow me too again, i will be back for more bootcamp action! Here is a before/after pic of me. The before pic was taken a month or so before i started bootcamping with you and the after pic was taken two months ago. Thank you for the postive effect you’ve had on me, and my health!”

– Ashley Maillet

Posted by Serious Trainer on 2010-06-03 15:13:56

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