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Exercise is Medicine™-Duration and Frequency-Aerobic Exercise

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The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has launched Exercise is Medicine™, a program designed to encourage America’s patients to incorporate physical activity and exercise into their daily routine. Exercise is Medicine™ calls on doctors to prescribe exercise to their patients.

The Keys to Exercise Video Series provides tips and best practices for a healthier, more effective workout. This section explains duration and frequency.


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The Major Types of Exercises and Their Functions

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Physical exercise is very important if you want to maintain a healthy life. A regular work out schedule along with a balanced diet is crucial for your health and well-being. Inactivity can lead to various diseases and disorders which can be fatal as well! So, it’s always better to exercise and stay fit.

One of the main reasons why more and more people are getting interested in exercising is the threat of obesity. Being over weight will not only make you look fat and old, but will also usher in a lot of ailments like a malfunctioning heart, diabetes, arthritis and so on. You would obviously want to shirk off these dangers, isn’t it? The best way to do it is through leading a disciplined life, good dietary habits and a well-planned exercise routine.

There are several kinds of exercises and each of these performs different functions. The kind of fitness training you go through depends essentially on the problems you are facing and also on your body type. There are people who are fitness buffs and go through strict training schedules simply because they love exercising, while there are others who do it because they are obese and need to lose weight. Still another section exercise to combat a certain physical disorder. Fitness training is extremely specific, i.e. individual needs differ from one person to another.

Three of the major types of exercises and their functions are listed below:

Aerobic Exercise: This segment of exercise is primarily aimed at improving the blood circulation and oxygen intake in the body. It is commonly referred to as cardiovascular exercise. This is often considered to be the best way to lose weight. It involves working on a definite set of muscles for an extended period of time. Cycling, dancing, jogging, sports all fall under the category of aerobic exercise. If you have a personal trainer, he will be able to guide you through this section, i.e. he will be able to tell how much time you need to spend on aerobic training, what are the exercises that you need to do here and so on.

Anaerobic Exercise: This kind of exercise is about making muscles. If you want a toned muscular body, anaerobic exercise is what you need. Weight training, muscle training and sprinting form essential parts of this type of exercise as it is aimed at making your muscles stronger and more powerful. Typical anaerobic exercises include push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, rowing etc. This requires less time than the aerobic exercise and can be a good add-on to the same.

Flexibility Exercise: This is what you do before and after the above mentioned exercises. Flexibility exercise, as the name suggests keeps your muscles and joints nimble and supple. This can also be effective in alleviating joint pain to a considerable extent.

All the three kinds of exercises should feature in a proper training schedule. If you are not keen to join a gym and need a detailed supervision of your work-outs, a … Read More

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Aerobic in Bangkok

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Aerobic wird in Thailand draussen ausgeführt. Auf Strassen und Plätze, wo jeder und jede mitmachen kann. FIT for LIFE-Redaktor Marius Stahlberger und Andrea Freiermuth haben auf ihrer Velotour durch Thailand und Laos an solchen Aerobic-Lektionen unter freiem Himmel teilgenommen – und dabei sichtlich ihren Spass gehabt. Mehr Infos dazu auf www.fitforlife.ch – MyThai

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Bodyweight Training for Crazy Results

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Crazy results is exactly what to expect when you train using your bodyweight
as resistance. Very few people will give bodyweight training a chance
because of what is read or on the news … Big mistake.

You can become incredibly fit at home with nothing more then your
own bodyweight-this is a fact.

The military uses bodyweight training to strip the fat from young recruits
and to get them in fighting shape in a few short weeks. Why? It works
and it always has worked.

The men and woman that protect us and fight for freedom are trained using
their own bodyweight as resistance and do a fine job, they do not stand in
the gym and do curls in front of the mirror or spend an hour bench pressing
they run, jump, leap, crawl, climb, sprint to stay alive, this can not be duplicated
in the gym.

Our law enforcement officers use bodyweight circuits in the police academy to
get them ready to protect us and themselves, bodyweight training always has
and always will work.

The results you get from bodyweight training is strength and muscular endurance,
aerobic and anaerobic will be built as well as flexibility, all in one workout.
A great time saver and fitness builder.

A basic bodyweight circuit of pushups, leg raises, pullups and some short sprints
will make a great intestinal workout. Nothing fancy just hard work and sweat.

In as little as 5 to 10 minutes a day is all you need to get a great workout in
and burn a ton of fat too.

Try a little sample workout: You need about 10 yards to do this workout.

25 pushups – sprint 10 yards – 25 leg raises.

Continue as fast as you can non-stop for 5 to 10 minutes or until you have
had enough. … Read More

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Quick Guide to Taming Workplace Anxiety

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For working professionals sedimentary jobs create a lot of challenges. These challenges are not just limited to the sitting postures but affects mind as well as physical health. While joining a new job or while managing targets feeling of fear, reluctance and awkwardness in office is often experienced by many. Handling clients and talking to a large audience creates also creates state of panic and palm starts to sweats. However, at times these situation causes emotional outrage and mental stress which is not normal. We began to overthink and worry obsessively about things to come. If these symptoms are recurring then it might be the trigger of anxiety. Understanding these symptoms and what provokes them needs to be recognised in order overcome the disorder.

What Triggers Anxiety at Work

Reaching on Time: The clock is ticking and you are stuck in traffic. Though, this may seem normal to normal people, reaching office within time is one of the biggest triggers that cause enormous palm sweating and face flushing. Anxiety attacks are mostly trigger with people getting anxious over time.

Peer Pressure: The urgency to meet deadlines and complete targets take a toll on life. To complete the tasks on time and to gain recognition at work, we often choose compete with pour peers and choose to work overtime. However, working 10-12 hours in the same posture cripples the normal life. Besides, the constant pressure of outperforming peers creates mental stress triggering anxiety.

Performance Appraisal: Though performance appraisal is the most awaited time of the year, fear of hearing any negative feedback is always dreaded. This is the time anxiety provokes negative thoughts about whether you have performed well, is the boss happy? was there anything that you did that calls for a bad feedback and did you make enough sales to be worthy of your job. These negative thoughts not only triggers panic attacks but also reduces the productivity.

Public Speaking and Client Presentations: Even after working for long, many professionals still have the fear of speaking in public also called Glossophobia. The fear of speaking in public and giving presentation in room full of colleagues and clients is another common cause that triggers anxiety. It makes the palms sweat as thoughts about how the presentation should be presented, whether you will be able to make your point, are uncontrollable. But, professionals are constantly dealing with presentations, conferences, video calls and clients which make them even more susceptible to workplace anxiety.

Obsession with Perfectionism: Perfectionism which is often called an attribute is actually masked with high functioning disorder or anxiety. Most of us are hell bent over providing work of utmost quality that too within deadline. However, perfectionism comes at a cost.  It leads to developing symptoms of high function anxiety which is characterised by overthinking, over analysing and over preparing. However, too much attention and focus on the computer often make us exhausted and weaken the eyesight. The behavioural trait of worrying obsessively about not having submitted the … Read More

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Is Hypnosis for Weight Loss What's Missing?

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Is hypnotherapy for weight loss what's missing?

Everywhere you look, are literally hundreds of diets and weight loss programs are being advertised and around every corner is a person looking for weight loss help. According to the government obesity is fast becoming an epidemic.

Something is not working!

It does not take much to realize that effective weight loss is rare, it's because of one of two things.

1. The Program .. With all the promises the weight loss industry make, diets on the whole do not work. In fact only around 5% of people dieting are successful long term. Not very high when you consider the claims.
2. The Person .. The other possible reason is that people having tried and failed too many times do not bother with diets any longer, or have an eating addiction and can not even consider dieting.

I think it's probably a bit of both most people do not agree well with diets and most diet plans do not take this into account.

The few people that lose weight easily are those hardy souls that have the ability to just tough it out. Just like smoking, some people can quit without any aids. If you fall into this category there's no problem. But most of us do not have this ability we try, and very often manage to complete the diet only to put it all back thereafter. So we try again and we fail again and so on and ever we give up.

Let me tell you that this does not mean you have a weak will. Compulsive eating (food addiction) is considered by some experts to be more addictive that smoking and not many smokers can give up without assistance.

From personal experience I have discovered that you can never achieve anything significant in life without first achieving the right frame of mind. Once you get this right you can do just about anything, it is then just a process.

The way I stopped smoking was to set a date a few weeks since then and tell myself every day leading up to that date that I was going to stop smoking and imagined myself as a non smoker. That was 5 years ago, and yes I still do not smoke.

Subsequently I have discovered that I was unknowingly using a form of self hypnosis, which is quite common.

I have always had an interest in hypnosis and read extensively, born from the belief that we should be able to control our minds. I could not believe that we could have given this incredibly powerful tool without the means to have more control over its workings.

Now I know that we have … but like so many things in life you have to seek it out, and it is well hidden by its simplicity. Hypnosis is not the only way to directly access the sub-conscious mind but it is very definitely the most effective.

So combine hypnosis with weight loss and … Read More