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Bé Bống nhảy Aerobic thiếu nhi, Nhạc Aerobic vui nhộn

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Bé Na nhảy Aerobic thiếu nhi, Nhạc Aerobic vui nhộn 2015 trong cuộc thi aerobic thiếu nhi tại liên hoan aerobic thiếu nhi hay nhất việt nam.
✔ Tia nắng hạt mưa
✔ Nhày lò cò
✔ Bé đi câu cá
✔ Cu Tí Dễ Thương
✔ Tập tầm vông nhạc thiếu nhi
✔ Ngày đầu tiên đi học
✔ Cùng nhảy nào các Bạn ơi
✔ Bắc Kim Thang
✔ Cháu Yêu Bà
✔ Chúc Bé ngủ ngon
✔ Bố Là Tất Cả
✔ Hai Con Thằn Lằn Con
✔ Tết Đến Rồi
✔ Hai Con Thằn Lằn Con REMIX
✔ Cháu Lên Ba
✔ Con Cò Bé Bé
✔ Cả Nhà Thương Nhau
✔ Con Heo Đất REMIX
Tổng hợp Ca Nhạc thiếu nhi đặc sắc nhất tại:


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Planning Your Muscle Building Program

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Those of us with the desire to build a more muscular body can sometimes jump the gun; what I mean by that is that our enthusiasm is so great that we start without doing just a little research. In this article I will attempt to put you on the right track for planning your muscle building program in a manner conducive with your long-term goals. Do it right the first time, and be fit for life.

Use common sense when planning your muscle building program:

A lot of magazines and websites widely – though secretly – use pictures of men with physiques made that perfect with steroids. These pictures have spoken about an increase in the number of people who want to build their bodies, hoping to have that kind of physique themselves. These are usually very unrealistic aims, and following the routines can lead to disappointment if you do not heed some very basic rules of thumb.

You should automatically know that the person who is giving you muscle building advice is a quack if he plays down the role of drugs and genetics in building muscle. A lot of the movie stars you see and which wonderful physiques you admire, have used steroids to quickly build their bodies up. It is part of the profession for them, but you should take the healthier, safer way to have a toned physique.

The foolproof training schedules which magazines come up with every week frequently claim that you can get great results from training about five or six times in a week. You will not have the ability to recover adequately training five or six times every week and make any progress unless you are taking drugs or have great genes. A majority of people lose muscles rather than winning any following this regimen. You should allow your body to rest and grow muscle by training about two or three times every week.

Planning your muscle building program for three workouts per week including muscle building resistance exercises and aerobic activity with a day of rest and recovery between will get you what you want.

Be sure to warm up, doing something similar to this: 20 reps with a light weight to help you get into the groove. Next, do a somewhat hard 12 rep second set. Choose a weight that will let you do a hard 6-10 reps, and do that in the third set, the last rep being really difficult. For any more sets, keep the weight the same, but do as many reps as you can. Follow this routine as much as you can. Substitute an exercise for something only on the occasion of an injury.

Well, above you have a couple of tips on planning for muscle building for the average person. Work hard, then rest between workouts. Beware of the hype! Use common sense and consider your own goals. Always warm-up.

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Zumba dance workout for weight loss step by step l Aerobic Dance Workout For Beginners l Zumba Class

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Zumba dance workout for weight loss step by step l Aerobic Dance Workout For Beginners l Zumba Class
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3. Senam Aerobic Gerakan Mengencangkan:
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ucc hamburg aerobic 2018

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hier mal so ca 60 meiner fitness basics. vielleicht geben sie ja einigen von euch ein paar ideen, wie ihr noch stärker werdet- privatschüler, die unseren fitness service buchen , werden mit genau solchen übungen durchgequält und wir erziehlen damit optimale ergebnisse. ucc fitness ist das perfekte herz kreislauf training

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Rainbow Veins

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ya the title doesnt go with the picture but i absolutely LOVE THE SONG RAINBOW VEINS i love owl city.. 🙂 my favorite part is the chorus:

Cheer up and dry your damp eyes,
and tell me when it rains. Ill blend
that rainbow above you, and shoot
it through your veins…. (thats not the whole chorus but i love that part!) hah

well ya sorry i havent been very consistent with my pics i am in club vball and it is a lot of weight training, agility, etc… so here are some pics i took a week ago… u can see the snow in the background haha hope u like it


Posted by leebee ☮ on 2010-01-09 17:31:15

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9 Reasons the Bayou Total Trainer is the Best Home Gym on the Market

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After researching the most appealing alternatives I could find for a home gym purchase, I settled on the Bayou Total Fitness Trainer DLX III. Although I did not have an interest in Pilates at the time, the Total Trainer Pilates model looks like the best equipment for those who want Pilates in addition to strength training. I absolutely came up with nine reasons the Bayou Total Trainer is the highest value home gym equipment on the market.

1) It provides the most capabilities and highest quality in its price range.

2) With its 4-point pulley system plus the ability to add free weights, it offers more resistance levels than any of the other exercise machines in its class.

3) It includes the deluxe capabilities and accessories of the other machines at no additional charge.

  • No assembly needed.
  • It has 11 height adjustments to increase resistance.
  • 400 pound user capacity
  • Maximum User Height 6 '7 "
  • Ball Bearing Rollers
  • Even without adding free weights it offers resistance up to 69% of your body weight
  • You are able to roll it into a closet on its oversized castors
  • Has a 2 "thick, dense foam cushion
  • An Arsenal of Accessories and Attachments
  • >> Bicep Curling Brace
  • >> Abdominal Training Strap
  • >> Press Bar for curls or rows or other exercises
  • >> Power bar with retainers so you'll be able to add free weights
  • >> Chrome Pull-up Push-up Bar
  • >> Foot strap to hold feet for sit-ups
  • >> Extra Big Heavy Duty Squat Board
  • >> Two separate independent hand grips
  • >> Dual Leg Cuffs
  • Standard 3-point and advanced 4-point Pulley Systems
  • Lifetime Roller, Rope and Pulley Warranty
  • Hassle Free Full Year Parts Warranty
  • Four Exercise Program Cards
  • User Manual
  • Folds and Rolls for Easy Storage
  • DVD with Full Body Workout Routine

4) It has a second pulley configuration called a 4 Point Pulley System offering a greatly increased range of resistance levels for advanced strength training that none of the other machines I found at any selling price.

5) It provides the ability to add free weights to increase the resistance dramatically on all exercises at any setting.

6) Changing between most exercises takes only seconds

7) The Total Trainer is easy to setup, fold down and roll into a closet

8) In contrast to nearly all the other machines I looked at I could discover no major complaints about it.

9) The equipment and model from Bayou's major and better known competitor that would have delivered comparable functions and benefits was priced a lot higher.

Now you know why I chose the Total Trainer. I'm very satisfied with the Total Trainer from Bayou. The machine still works, feels and looks like new after five years of regular use. … Read More