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How to Lose More Fat With Cardio – Aerobic Secrets to Lose Fat Faster Then Ever Before

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Cardio is a great way to lose fat because when you do aerobic exercises oxygen is being used. And to burn fat your body need oxygen as well. However another statement is also true your body adapts very quickly and it needs constantly new challenges. For example in the beginning of your fat loss program you could get away with running on treadmill for twenty minutes a day three times a week. However after a while this workout is far to easy for your body, your metabolism will not increase anymore and therefore it does not burn the desired amount of calories. To lose more fat with cardio you need to challenge your workouts a little bit.

Increase duration The first thing you need to do is to increase the duration of your aerobics. Do always a minimum of thirty minutes per session if your goal is fat loss. Perhaps this amount does not produce enough results for you. The most logical step is to increase the duration incrementally by five to ten minutes per session. Review the increase of duration systematically on a weekly base. Most people find out that doing cardio for forty to forty-five minutes is the optimal duration. Increase frequency Increasing your duration beyond sixty minutes will work counterproductive. Start with a minimum of three days per week of cardio workouts. To increase the rate of fat loss add one day per week until you reach six or seven days per week. Doing cardio training seven days a week for months is excessive. However if you want to break trough a fat loss plateau doing cardio for six to seven days per week is recommended for a period ranging from one to twelve weeks.

Improve food choices It is almost impossible to out train a bad diet. Think about it you only spend a few hours a week in the gym so food choices do play a very important role. First of all increase your intake of good fats and decrease your intake of bad fats. Try to eat at least one food that contain complex protein with every meal. Eat fruit in moderation but do not drink refined fruit juices. Eat breakfast but do not eat white bread with your breakfast or just in general. With bread contains refined flower and refined flower is a food that truly makes you fat.

Incorporate high intensity interval training Sometimes your nutrition is already in place so there is it recommended to incorporate HIIT training. A good beginners HIIT exercise would be the walk-jog interval training. Walk for one minute, jog for one minute and then repeat as much as possible. With HIIT training the combination are almost endless. For example you can challenge yourself with a 30/30 session. Walk for thirty seconds and thereafter run for thirty seconds and repeat as much as possible. You can challenge yourself with doing the workout on a hill. Within a few weeks or months walking and jogging may be easy … Read More

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Mystic Ed says “Life IS for Living!”

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Carpe deum…ceize the day! However you want to put it or call it: Life IS for Living..we have to make our lives how we wish them to be…wear a frown and the rain comes down..think of the sun and up comes the fun. Its up to you how you wish your life to be,,,but this is my way. Ive known what it is to love and lose, to have not a penny to live on. And now..here I am to say…"I am here!" and I intend to be a success and to have a happy healthy life shared with lovely people unlike those that have used me over the years to make money out of my tv radio and media name.Of course, if you see this then you will know who you are!

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Degrees and Careers in Sports, Recreation and Fitness

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One of the largest emerging fields in which to pursue a career in is the combined field of sports, recreation and fitness. Whereas some other practitioners and markets are shrinking, this career path is continuing to grow and expand to include more things, more opportunities and brighter and better people.

To succeed in potential careers in sports, recreation and fitness there are several different types of degrees that someone can use to their advantage. While degrees in other areas can serve you well in this field, these are some of the best bets when looking to pursue some aspect of a recreation or sports career. While graduate school is usually not a prerequisite to getting a job in these fields, it is an increasingly competitive area and there before the more schooling you get the better prepared you will be get hired and be successful.

Business Degrees (Bachelor's of Business or MBA)

In more sports and recreation businesses, companies and organizations are not solely looking for people with a sports background. So you do not have to be a former athlete or have a longstanding relationship in sports, fitness or recreation to succeed. More and more, sports and recreation businesses are looking for the smartest minds that they can find; the people with a very strong business background and sense. Therefore, a business degree can be very beneficial in this field. Careers within the field these degrees can lead you to: sports agent, general manager of a team, stadium or department, etc.

Sports Management Degrees

A sports management degree will give you some business knowledge while having it applied directly to the sports business world. You will learn about subjects such as sports marketing and apply business principles to expected real-world, sports or recreation settings. These include sports teams, recreational departments and of course much more. Careers that a sports management degree can help you obtain: anything in the world of sports business, from sports marketing and public relations, to running recreational groups or leagues, etc.

Exercise and Physiology Degrees

If you love sports and also love science, or purely have a passion for staying in shape this might be the right path for you to take. A degree in line with exercise and physiology will give you a heads up in many aspects of the fitness community; and may be required for certain positions. Careers you could expect to pursue with this background: personal trainer, team trainer or doctor, sports nutritionist, etc.

Here is a broad sampling of careers in sports, recreation and fitness that you may consider pursuing with any of the above degrees (or additional backgrounds, educations or interest bases):

1. Sports agent: When many people think of a career in sports the first thing they think about is being a sports agent. This is an extremely tough field, which is highly competitive and crowded. However, if you are successful as a sports agent you will find it to be extremely lucrative as you make a percentage … Read More