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Exercise and Weight Loss

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With exercise, if you choose something that you do not like doing, you're not likely to keep it up and lose focus. Think about this for a minute, if you do not like running you're hardly going to keep forcing yourself out of bed at 7am, especially during the winter when it's cold. If you can not find something you like, just go for the thing you hate the least. This is usually walking.

When I first started eating healthy i struggled with fighting my hunger If you start to feel hungry, eat something. Just ensure you eat decent healthy foods and do not eat too much of it. It's important that you eat enough to satisfy your hunger and balance your blood sugar. Remember you are trying to lose weight, so you'll only be setting yourself back if you eat junk food.

It does not seem right when you get up and eat breakfast and find yourself even more hungry later in the morning than usual. But eating more in the morning can help cut down hunger later in the day, and evening time is when people are much more likely to over eat. Eating a healthy healthy breakfast in the morning will set you off on the right foot.

If you can not afford a gym membership go out and get some cheap exercise equipment or just go do outdoor activities. A really effective way to get trim and burn some calories is by using a hoola hoop. This low cost hoop is something people do not often think about. Start out by trying to do it for a short while at a time. Then, gradually build up to at least ten minutes total in any one day. You can space it out into two minute sessions with a thirty second break in between.

A really good low cost piece of equipment for toning up is the mini trampoline. This piece of equipment is easy to store and is great for working your entire body. You can have great fun with it whilst getting rid of those calories. … Read More

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Aerobic Respiration | 9-1 GCSE Biology | OCR, AQA, Edexcel

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to unlock the full GCSE Biology & Combined Science videos series for the new 9-1 OCR, AQA and Edexcel specifications.

They key points covered in this video include:
1. Respiration
2. Why is respiration important?
3. Aerobic Respiration
4. ATP


Respiration is a process that happens continuously in all living cells – cells are constantly supplied with energy. Respiration is exothermic. This means that energy is released to the environment when respiration takes place. There are two types of respiration – aerobic and anaerobic respiration. Both are catalysed by enzymes. In cellular respiration organisms use the breakdown of organic compounds like glucose to fuel metabolic processes. Metabolic processes are the necessary chemical reactions in living organisms. This enables organisms to grow, keep their heart beating and move around.

Why is Respiration Important?

Organisms build up (or synthesise) larger molecules from smaller ones – like starch from glucose. The energy is also used to contract muscles so organisms can move about. We also use energy to keep our body temperature at a constant level – if it’s too high or low it can harm the organism. Organisms increase their rate of respiration in cold environments to maintain a constant temperature as respiration transfers energy by heating.

Aerobic Respiration

Aerobic respiration uses oxygen and glucose. It takes place in the mitochondria. The reaction that takes place is. This can also be written as. Aerobic respiration is the most efficient way of transferring energy from glucose.


Energy actually comes in the form of the chemical molecule ATP. ATP stands for Adenosine Triphosphate. All living organisms use ATP for energy. Energy is just a simplified term for ATP.


1. Energy is transferred to organisms through respiration
2. Respiration happens continuously
3. It’s used for metabolic processes
4. We need energy to keep our body temperature stable, for synthesising large molecule and to contract muscles for movement
5. Aerobic respiration uses oxygen and glucose
6. The word equation for aerobic respiration is:
glucose + oxygen → carbon dioxide + water
7. The chemical equation for aerobic respiration is:
C6H12O6 + 6 O2 → 6 CO2 + 6H20
8. Energy comes in the form of ATP
9. When we talk about energy in out body, we really mean ATP

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Tips for Staying Attractive in Your 50s

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Boomers and Gen X generations are both known for their great love of being physically fit. These are the generations who made jogging, aerobics, and gym membership popular!

Now that you're in your 50s, it's no time to stop being active. Most midlife singles like you want a mature mate who's physically active to feel attraction. However, now in your 50s, you want to be sure to pursue physical exercise activities which will not stress your joints.

What are some of your options? Maybe it's time to do low-impact aerobics or join a yoga class. Check with your doctor about the condition of your joints getting stressed if you still want to keep jogging.

Staying active in your fifties is not just about your looking attractive. For mature singles , it's about your being attractive. They are attracted to mature singles who enjoy and seek to share their active lifestyles with a potential mate. You might be a jogger, but your senior date may bike or enjoy moderate hikes.

In order to find and attract a physically active mature midlife mate , you'll want to look in a number of different places. In addition to online dating, you'll want to go to venues and activities where you're likely to meet mature singles with an active lifestyle. Seek out for local activity groups. Engage in activities which are not exactly the ones which you regularly pursue to stretch yourself and meet active singles with complimentary interests to yours.

In addition to going to the gym when mature singles might be there, it means you want to attend thing like dance classes. Sure, there's ballroom dancing. They're great fun. But many of them can not provide you with a regular dance partner. Plus, it's at least a 6 week commitment which might not yield any potential dates.

Instead aim for dances with mixers like English Folk Dances and Contra Dances . Unlike some other dance types, both of these folk dance styles often start their dance nights with a mini-class. So, if you're new to the dance style, show up early. Now, of course if you're a smart single in your 50s, even if you're already skilled in the dance style, show up early so you can meet the new dancers that night! Also, their getting to partner with someone like you who is more skilled really helps and supports them as a new dancer.

While not every dance done that evening will be a mixer, not all of the dances will be with one partner either. Invariably, you'll have the opportunity to dance briefly with many of the other dancers there and meet them all. Then during the breaks, hang out by the food and water area. Why? Because after dancing, everyone will be drinking lots of water. You can easily chat up the other dancers!

Do keep active to stay attractive in your 50s, and while you're doing so, who knows who'll meet you? Maybe your next midlife mate! … Read More

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Rebecca Small The Aerobic Formula DVD – Aerobics Choreography

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In response to the huge success of The Step Formula DVD — Rebecca is back with a ground breaking workshop and workout that focuses on a modern approach to teaching classic Aerobics.
This workshop covers the basics of movement classification, building Aerobic templates and adding that extra bit of fun at the end to bring it all together. As always with Rebecca, the choreography is balanced, symmetrical and easily adaptable to all class levels.

Featuring 40 minutes of workshop material and a 50 minute master class, this DVD will not only give you four creative and achievable choreography blocks but plenty of new ideas to take back to your classes. Whether you are a novice instructor looking to polish your teaching skills or a seasoned veteran needing some extra inspiration — you will not want to miss out on this release.
Total Duration: 130 minutes
available now at www.traxmusic.com.au

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