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Young female athlete doing exercise in gym

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Young woman exercising in fitness center

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Strangers 395 – Jade and Mollie

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Two friends were chatting at the top of Glastonbury Tor. I thought that either or both would make fine strangers but didn’t want to break in on their conversation. I overheard that they planned to go half way down and then come up again before going down to meet someone else, perhaps for a coffee. Not wanting to miss my opportunity, I approached and made my pitch: "Excuse me, would it be OK to take your photo? ….".

They agreed. One suggested that the other go first. They both hesitated, then one asked if it would be OK to be photographed together. I might have preferred to photograph each individually, then the two together afterwards. Remembering that they were meeting someone, so they had limited time. Also recognising that they were chatting a great deal, so they wanted to spend time together. It made sense to follow their suggestion. I agreed after but a moment’s thought.

Both agreed that they could spare a few minutes and we sat down on the grass, near St Michael’s tower. They asked if I would like to hear the story of how they met. They had been to the same schools in their early years, Mollie had gone to live in Australia when she was 12 but it was only when she returned 10 years later that they really became friends. Their families were close but Jade and Mollie did not get to know each other until they found themselves working in the same retail outlet. After this they travelled together and lived in Australia for a year.

Both enjoy keeping fit and Jade told me a little about herself, while Mollie listened. Jade’s mum played rounders for England and her dad is a keen cyclist. Jade used to do powerlifting but hurt her back. She mentioned a few other sports, including netball. She told me that she is competitive and trained for netball because she enjoyed winning matches.

Jade wants to go to New Zealand and will travel via Australia. She doesn’t go to the gym but keeps fit by cycling. This is good because this helps with her saving, she does not have to pay for gym membership. She also gets to enjoy the countryside and fresh air.

"Oh, I didn’t tell you that I have been doing time trials" Jade said. I had imagined that Jade was telling me, then I realised that she was telling her friend. She is doing this with her dad. He started cycling for fitness, 4 years ago and managed to lose 4 stone in weight. Jade’s mum has been cycling even longer but Jade told me she streaks past her mum as they go up hill. Though Jade has not been cycling long she has great lower body strength. Mollie said that Jade has strong thighs and Jade agreed.

Jade told me that her bike is broken. She did not admit straight away that it got broken when she fell off. One day recently the … Read More