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Aerobic Gardening, Power Gardening, Get Fit Through Gardening -Tools that Suck: the Garden Weasel

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While some may find this surprising, the Garden Weasel is a horrible exercise/gardening tool. The motion is all wrong and the handle too short. It will only serve to hurt your lower back and ruin your love of gardening.

This is a revolutionary update/change to a centuries-old hobby: gardening. Power Gardening is unlike anything you’ve experienced. It’s not just “digging in the dirt.” It’s a dramatic change in your attitude, approach, and stance while gardening. It takes an hour to learn and a a lifetime to master.


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16 mins Aerobic fitness dance workout full video l Aerobic dance workout for weight loss lZumbaClass

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16 mins Aerobic fitness dance workout full video l Aerobic dance workout for weight loss l Zumba Class
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5 Fitness Myths That Are Responsible for Thousands of Fitness Failures

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Unfortunately, many people are misinformed and are also misled by the many promises of the weight loss industry. Everywhere you look, you see or hear of people promising "Dramatic Weight Loss" with products such as "The Fat Trapper", or "Exercise in a Bottle".

Then you also have the hundreds of diets out there such as "The Zone", "Sugar Busters" or "The Atkins Diet". I'm sure you have heard of many of these yourself. You might have even tried some of them. Unfortunately, these products and diets are not the quick fix, or the miracles they are described as. They are also usually very dangerous.

Below are some common misconceptions among people with regard to exercise and nutrition.

1. You need to exercise to burn fat.

The truth is you do not gain body fat because of a lack of exercise. You gain it because your blood sugar levels exceeded what you are using. Basically, you are eating too many calories at one time.

2. Your metabolism slows down once you hit 30.

WRONG! Actually, hundreds of research studies have shown that the slow down in metabolism is due to a loss of muscle tissue. And the loss of muscle tissue is directly related to a lack of hard physical activity!

3. Pasta and bread are fattening.

Anything is fattening! Lettuce can be stored as fat! Any food or drink, which contains calories, can be stored as body fat if it causes your blood sugar levels to exceed what the body needs at that time. Bread and pasta are actually great sources of complex carbohydrates! The key is how much you eat and when you eat it.

4. Eating after 7pm will make you fat.

Absolutely false! It all depends on whether or not the body needs that amount of calories at that time. Keep in mind your body is constantly burning calories, 24 hours per day, just the amount varies.

5. Strength training will make you bulk up.

Another NO! It sees as if mostly women are concerned with this one. Muscle size is primarily affected by genetics and hormone production; therefore, most women do not have the potential to build very large muscles.

Muscle burns calories, so the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn which makes easier to burn fat and harder to gain it!

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