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Farm Boy Strength – What is it and How to Get it!


It seems like people are always in the never-ending quest for the perfect workout. Would you like to be able to gain pure farm boy strength and size by performing simple but effective lifts with inexpensive equipment? Many seek out the fancy, shiny, clean, and bright gym atmosphere with rows upon rows of stationary bikes, elliptical machines, stair steppers, and so on. You see these people in the gym aimlessly wandering around but never really seeming to accomplish anything.

You probably know the routine. Get a matching outfit, go on the cardio equipment, hit a few of the nautilus machines and maybe do a curl or two with some free-weights. Whew! What a workout! People are spending good money per month or per year but never really have any directions or guidance to follow. This is pretty much the routine in gyms and fitness centers across the country and the world for that matter.

Have you ever thought about getting back to basics? Getting back to a time when everything was done with basic compound movements and no fancy equipment. Squats, bench or floor presses, dead lifts, rows and so on. There were no stationary bikes or treadmills used. Some people did not even have access to any weights. They would just lift anything they could get their hands on. These were and still are some of the strongest people of our time. If you want to tap into your true strength and size potential, it’s time to get back to the basics and back to routines that incorporate basic compound movements. Exercises that work more than one body part at a time. There is no need for isolation exercises like concentration curls for example because these muscles will grow naturally with the stress that is placed upon them when you are doing these routines.

Have you ever thought of picking up a sandbag, flipping a tractor tire, or doing a farmers walk by carrying dumbbells or carrying a heavy stone? You probably haven’t because these types of things seem to be unheard of in the gym today.

The amount of strength and size that one can gain by getting back to basics and even fun ways of the underground are astronomical compared to current day weight training cycles. It takes more than a couple of curls, some flyes, and leg extensions to get there. You must be willing to think outside the box and dedicate 15 to 45 minutes at least three days a week. There is no need to spend four or more days in the gym at hours on end. By adhering to a simple but very effective routine, you can tap into your true farm boy strength.