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Etiquette in the Fitness Center

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For all of you Apartmentites out there who fear going to the gym, fear no more. If your community has a state of the art fitness center (which most of them do), it’s time for you to take full advantage.

Don’t waste money and time driving to a big expensive gym, when you have everything that you will need to get in shape and stay that way included in the cost of rent and right there in your own community.

I have had several fellow Apartmentites mention that they feel uncomfortable at the BIG GYM with all the greasy people who stare all day and try to impress eachother. Most apartment fitness centers are NOTHING like this. In fact, many times you will be able to find a nice peaceful workout without anyone else around you.

There are a few simple rules of etiquette that you and your neighbors should follow when working out in your apartment’s fitness center.

1. Wipe It Down– Some communities will supply this, but if not, bring a small towel or old cloth with you that you can wipe the machines down when you get done with your work out. Nothing is more gross than getting on a machine, sticking your hands on the handles, and realizing that you just pressed your clean hands on someone else’s nasty sweat. So be kind and wipe your machines down.

2. No Body Thinks You’re Cool if you are slamming weights around with the loud clang. In fact, they may think that it is more of a nuisance when you make that noise. If you can’t control it while you lift it, you should take some weight off. Dropping the weights down do no good for you or anyone else and can even lead to injury.

3. Replace Your Weights– Make sure and put the weights back on the rack when you finish working with them. Don’t just leave them on the floor for someone to trip over.

4. Volume– When you get done with your workout and are headed home, make sure you turn the volume down on the television or radio if you were the only one using it. I’ve walked into the fitness center a few times to a blasting TV and noone in there. Not fun for my ears.

5. Share– Remember that you and those around you in the fitness center are all neighbors, so share the weights and machines if need be. Be kind to your neighbors. Who knows, You might make a good friend!

Know any good fitness center etiquette rules? Let me know by posting a comment.

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Avila Offers Quiet Ca Beach Escape

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If you’re looking or that quiet getaway on the Central California coast, consider Avila Beach, an idyllic little stretch of sand with comfortable accommodations nearby. Not that children would be unwelcome – Avila is a playground for all ages. But the new Avila Village Inn has now brought this destination up a notch or two for those seeking a special romantic beach getaway. The inn has pulled out all the stops to attract couples who want to pamper themselves as much as enjoy the natural beauties of the Central California coastline. About seven miles north of Pismo Beach the sign directs Highway 101 travelers to Avila Beach by way of a winding road that follows San Luis Creek down into a wooded ravine. About a mile before you get to the beach is Avila Village, a new development with condos, a few shops and, adjacent to the creek, the Avila Village Inn. While not actually on the beach, the inn’s wooded setting gives the property a quiet, reclusive feel. The developers of the hotel use the word “refined” to describe the many details and amenities that have been built into the 30 guest rooms. And our impression was that, indeed, this is one of those inns where you enjoy tasting the luxurious accommodations as much as experiencing the beach and other natural surroundings. This property has incorporated many of the design features now seen in newer upscale homes. Wet bars, granite countertops and fireplaces are in each room, while marble is used extensively throughout the shower and bathroom area. The pillow-top king beds both look and feel comfortable with down pillows, blankets and duvets. We especially enjoyed the 103-degree private spa waiting for us on our creekside balcony. If you’re so inclined, each room or suite has its own DVD player and guests are encouraged to check out free DVDs from the front desk. Those who are a little more active will welcome the fitness center that is just across the parking lot from the inn – perfect for working off those snacks, pastries and treats that are provided guests in both a welcoming basket and a breakfast basket the next day. Other details like tasteful art, mission-style furniture and a grand, sweeping staircase in the lobby area all add up to a sense of privilege – which, of course, is what it’s all about when you spend significant money to enjoy quality time with your loved one. A couple of minutes down the road from the inn is Avila Beach, a half-mile long beach area that is growing in popularity because of its more exclusive, almost Mediterranean feel. A few older hotels are situated near the beach, adjacent to some shops that are sprinkled throughout the tiny “downtown” area. There is evidence of new construction that we hear was made necessary from some oil leaks in the area; but the beach itself and the businesses along the beach seem unaffected. Avila Beach has three piers, including two that are … Read More

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Discount Home Gyms – Buying Refurbished Equipment

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Stocking a home gym while saving a few pennies has never been easier. Thanks to the number of machines on the market, refurbished or reconditioned discount home gyms are available from a number of online used fitness equipment dealers. Buyers can save as much as 40% on various machines, which is much cheaper than acquiring brand new machines.

The problem for those looking for bargains in cheap home gym equipment is to be sure that saving some dollars doesn’t mean buying junk. It’s a simple fact that home exercise machines don’t have to be “cheap.” If you look for solid models and shop around for great prices, durability doesn’t have to be a compromise. As you look for different home gym additions, just pay attention to construction and read the warranties and saving money should still be a safe bet.

You can equip your private fitness center at great discounts by purchasing a machine that combines a lot of different features. Once you’ve chosen what you will look for, it’s pretty smart to get out and test different machines before buying. When looking at any home gym addition, pay attention to how a machine has been made. Is the frame solid? Does the gym have a lot of cheap appearing parts, or are decent materials used in assembly? How does it feel to use? These are good questions to answer before buying discount gyms.

If you can’t afford to buy brand new equipment even at discounted prices, consider the above mentioned alternative of looking at used machines to furnish your gym cheaply. These machines have gone through a complete refurbishing process and are almost as good as new. If looking for cheaper home exercise equipment in this fashion, however, make sure the dealer is reputable. If the machines come from a good location, this is a great method for finding a fantastic, but discount gym.

Whether it’s discount or just plain cheap, new or reconditioned, if a shopper looks around, compares the options and makes sure the gym equipment looks and feels solid and is covered by a good warranty, money savings can be found.… Read More

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Starting your own Fitness Center

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It is known and well said that ‘A man’s health can be judged by which he takes two at a time – pills or stairs’ Joan Welsh. Thus, with growing health concern and need to remain fit, an idea of starting a fitness center itself sounds promising. However, there are deeper aspects to take a look at before one practically gets engaged with the financials.

The following introductory steps will help you engage in the basic thought process that is required to stimulate your mind and decide about your fitness center –

  1. What do you wish to cater This is the first step that needs not just your line of idea but also ample research. Do you wish to start a fitness center that caters only to obese people, or to women’s health, or which provides a combination of activities like, yoga, aerobics and gym? What age group are you looking to target? Do you want your fitness center to be known for something new, like introduction of Bollywood dancing or something more novel? Make up your mind initially to what you wish to offer as fitness solutions.
  2. Marketing There are several ways by which you can market any product. General marketing involves word of mouth, advertisement in the local newspaper, using radio, etc. However, if you are going to accommodate to a specific group like just women, it has to be done entirely in a unique and distinct way. Marketing for women would involve promotional tools that can grab the attention of women, for example, spreading the word around at parlors, residences, malls, etc. with information that again caters specifically to women’s issues such as weight reduction, flexible timings, spa services, etc. Marketing your fitness center is idea-specific and must be strategically planned.
  3. Location This is another vital facet of planning your fitness center. A fitness center that is easily accessible and is in the vicinity of a good locality is primarily essential. The ideal location again depends on the kind of people you wish to attract apart from how much you can really afford. A noisy and an unclean environment can never be suitable for a fitness center. Keep in mind that people residing in and around your decided location are going to be the ones who will pay you a visit.
  4. Equipment and financials Again, depending on your idea of fitness solutions, you may require the requisites for a fitness center. A yoga center will require an investment into nothing more than basic infrastructure of yoga mats, mirrors and a good music system. But when it concerns setting up a gym, a heavy investment is needed for all the requisite gym equipment and other machinery. Get an idea of what all you may need from similar fitness centers, check out for leasing companies that provide equipment on lease, and get a rough estimate from your local bank to check deals on loans and other payment options.
  5. Other additional provisions These could include
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5 Speedy Muscle Building Tricks

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It’s not as difficult as you may think it is to build muscle. However, without the right tools you’ll be the guy that has been in the gym for 5 years without looking any different. I’ve compiled a few tips that will guarantee you’ll gain the muscle you want.

1. Eat Healthy- I used to think that I could get a great body by working out hard in the gym and slacking when it came to eating out of the gym. Sure, I still had a body better than most people. But I didn’t have the elite body I wanted. This all changed once I started to eat healthy.

2. Eat the Right Quantity- You can eat the healthiest food in the world, but if you aren’t eating the right amount it won’t matter. Your body needs a specific amount of calories to build muscle.

3. The Right Exercises- If you’re going to wuss out and do the easy exercises that everyone else does than you’ll leave the gym with smaller arms than when you first come in. The is a reason that skinny guy is sitting on the machine weights all day without gaining any muscle.

4. The Right Frequency- Make sure you do at least 2 upper body workouts and 2 lower body workout each week. Don’t neglect any part of your body or it might hurt your gains in other areas.

5. The Right Environment- Don’t you think it would be a lot easier to build muscle if you were surrounded by like-minded people? This is why you need to find a real gym and get out of the family fitness center. The people at the real gym also know what they’re doing.

To get a body that turns heads at the beach, makes your significant other proud to be with you, go check out the Top 3 Muscle Building Programs that will help you get the body of your dreams.

These are programs that I personally tried and saw results with. If you’re serious about building muscle you’ll want to check out these programs today.… Read More

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Calgary Gyms Looking For An Affordable Gym

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If you’re searching for an inexpensive health club choice in Calgary, then appear no further! There are lots of various facilities that may meet your health and fitness needs. When it comes to saving cash, you will find a great deal of methods to complete it. You are able to save in just about each and every aspect of one’s existence if you’ll just take the time to complete a small research on what it’s you’re within the market for. Health and fitness centers are no various than the rest. You’ll just have to do a small much more searching around to make certain which you get probably the most bang for the buck.

Some individuals can’t justify spending cash on a health and fitness center membership. This really is some thing that I should beg to differ with you on. You will find a great deal of points available that individuals spend cash on each day. A great deal of these points aren’t necessities in existence. 1 from the most required points in existence is your health and wellness. You truly can’t afford to not take care of your self and your body. Should you just take a appear at it from this angle, you’ll see that searching for an inexpensive health club in Calgary Alberta is really a excellent use of one’s time and cash. It’s also a excellent investment to ensure which you are healthy and capable to live a long and prosperous existence.

You will find a great deal of points which you ought to appear for when you’re seeking some thing inexpensive. You ought to never sacrifice high quality to pay a lesser cost. You’ll have to very first make certain that the gyms which you are searching into have all from the qualities which you require in a health and fitness center. Appear for the complete package- some thing that provides both high quality and an inexpensive cost. You’ll also discover that there are lots of gyms available that claim to become the very best and also the cheapest, nevertheless what you might discover is that they’re just inexpensive and not worth your cash.

If you are able to discover a health and fitness center which will provide you nutritional guidelines too as a personal training package, you are able to be nicely on your method to a new and healthier you. Seeking out an inexpensive health club in Calgary Alberta can seem to become a trying thing to complete. You might discover your self stumped between the choices which you are given. Should you take a step back and appear at the bigger picture, it will be simple to select the 1 that’s correct for you and your loved ones. Some of them might even provide you special deals for having your whole loved ones join. This really is truly the very best method to go. Not only are you obtaining the advantages for the whole loved ones, but you’re also capable to … Read More

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Starting a Fitness Center

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With more and more Americans jumping on to the fitness bandwagon, starting a fitness center seems like an attractive business option. Whether you are a professional trainer who has worked in the industry and now wants to branch out on own or an entrepreneur looking to invest in a profitable business proposition, running a fitness center can be both enjoyable as well as monetarily fruitful.

Starting a fitness center requires sharp business acumen and substantial working capital. While business acumen is something that is more in-born than acquired, you can definitely get some pointers from people who have prior experience in business management before you decide to go it alone.

As far as capital is concerned, you need to be able to present a strong case to the bank you are approaching for a commercial loan if you don’t have the reserves to put in your business. A sound business plan will be required to convince the banks that you are eligible and deserve a loan to start up your fitness business.

The first step towards starting a fitness center is choosing a suitable location. This will impact the commercial success of your business. You need to do a careful analysis of competing fitness facilities in the neighborhood and try to offer services that are unique to attract customers. Your fitness center should also be conveniently located, so your clients are able access it easily.

An important part of fitness center planning is choosing your main customer-base. Your facility should offer services that are congruent with your target audience. For example, full time professionals usually workout before or after their work-day. If you want to attract professionals into your facility, then you may want to extend your operating hours so they are able to fit workout session at the gym in their already busy schedule.

The fitness products you choose will also depend on the demographic profile of your fitness center’s clientele. Women and baby boomers generally like cardio workouts, so you may want to equip your gym with more cardio equipment like treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes etc. if most of your customers are females and aging adults.

In fact, if you are planning on starting a fitness center, targeting baby boomers may not be a bad idea considering the growing awareness about the benefits of fitness and exercise in controlling health conditions like cholesterol and hypertension as well as maintaining a sense of well-being amongst this segment of population.

The next big step is to work on your fitness center design. The design of your fitness center should encompass safety issues, space limitations, equipment layout, architectural features, as well as aesthetic elements that make your fitness studio a class apart from the rest.

Once the facility is ready for operation, you should announce your opening in style. Flyers, radio spots, newspaper classifieds, etc. should be part of your advertising campaign. However, to draw customers to your fitness studio you need to go one step ahead and offer attractive … Read More

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Top Three Fitness Centers in Oneonta – New York

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People today are more health-conscious and more than willing to spend time exercising. Not only do we understand more clearly the dangers of obesity; we’re now more aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. At Oneonta, New York, a lot of enterprising businessmen have taken notice of this growing trend and set up well-equipped fitness centers that are open twenty-four hours a day. Below are the top three.

Number one is Health Links. It is a fitness center that is actually part of the A.O. Fox Memorial Hospital outpatient department; located at Foxcare Drive, Oneonta, NY 13820-2083. This fitness center has a complete array of workout equipment; from three different types of pools to treadmills, rowing machines, stationary bicycles, elliptical machines, and a complete set of selectric strength training equipment. It has a Group Fitness Program that offers a wide range of group fitness classes. Among these classes offered are:

The 3-2-1Circuit – It’s a high intensity workout class that provides a complete body workout with intense cardio, resistance & strength training, and core work exercises that focuses on the abdominal and lower back muscles. It is so named because your spend three minutes with the intense cardio, two minutes with strength and resistance training, and one minute the core exercises.

Aqua Classes, on the other hand, focuses on improving balance, muscle strength, tone, and functional joint movement. Swimming and other exercises involving underwater movements are low impact exercises that are great for those with chronic joint conditions like arthritis and rheumatism. It is also highly recommended for older clients who may find high-impact exercises such as running or jogging a bit too much for their old bones.

As a fitness center, Health Links also offers yoga, Pilate, and kickboxing classes. They even have low impact aerobics and Bare basics which is an exercise designed to give you the look and feel of a dancer’s body.

Number two is Tom’s Private Personal Training. This private gym is found at Number 10 Chester Street, Oneonta, NY 13820. It offers a private one-on-one training with a certified trainer. It’s run by a certified personal trainer with twenty years of experience under his belt who has also worked with professional body-builders like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferigno. That’s not all. Aside from the usual flexibility, strength, and weight training, this fitness center also offers free consultations and nutritional counseling, team sports training, a tanning service, and even nutritional supplements for regular clients. Best yet, they have on-call personnel for personal training sessions.

Last on this short list but certainly not the least is Curves. It is by far, one of the largest fitness center franchises in the world with over ten thousand locations on more than seventy countries. Its New York Branch can be found at 12 Clinton Plaza, Oneonta, NY 13820. This fitness center is designed to answer a woman’s exercise needs. Curves were founded in 1992 at Harligton, Texas by Gary and Diane Heavin. Curves offers … Read More

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Join 24-hour Fitness Clubs – Best Way To Keep Fit

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If you want to have and keep a healthy well-toned body, a good gym or health club can offer you a variety of equipment and services to help you meet your goals. But remember that not all fitness clubs are equal.

You want a fitness club that’s in it for more than your cash. It should be fully committed to health and quality service so that you see positive results as quickly as possible. It should offer an informed professional staff that can guide you through your workouts and show you how to use new equipment. And it should offer a variety of programs that focus on different aspects of fitness and health. Having a professional nutritionist on staff is another important feature you should look for.

One health and fitness club you can count on is 24 Hour Fitness, with have five types of clubs to meet your unique needs. The Ultra Sport club offers all the amenities and is set up for every type of workout you can imagine, from basketball and volleyball to saunas and spas. You can even sharpen your rock climbing skills. There’s a kids’ club, so you won’t have to hire a baby-sitter and a complete juice bar for dietary health. After your workout, you can get a wonderful massage or visit a tanning booth. 24 Hour Fitness’ Super Sport Clubs include many of the same amenities, without the massage or rock climbing. Similar to the Super Sport, the Sport Club doesn’t offer tanning. The Active club type focuses on the basic – weight training, cardio workouts, sauna, steam room, and a kids’ club. Finally, the Fitlite club offers a complete cardio workout and some group classes.

Operating since 1983, 24 Hour Fitness is the biggest privately owned and operated fitness center chain in the world with over 385 clubs. For years, they’ve maintained a expert staff to help their clients get the most out of their exercise program, and they use qualified nutritionists to complement working out with great advice on the foods you should – and should not – eat.

Signing up to a new club only to find that they have incomplete facilities and gaps in their equipment offering is a real disappointment and a waste of time and money. You won’t be disappointed at 24 Hour Fitness. They maintain state-of-the-art fitness equipment for every workout need. You’ll never have to stop your workout because the equipment broke down, and you won’t have to wait until a machine becomes available to get the exercise you need.

They offer team sports facilities and group classes to help you learn new skills and enjoy your friends at the same time. 24 Hour Fitness classes cover a wide range of exercise interests, such as pilates, strength training, aerobic workouts, yoga, and water workouts. Their worldwide instructor team includes over 7000 professionals, and 24 Hour Fitness keeps them up on the latest techniques by offering in-house training for Group Trainers.

You can choose from a … Read More

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Oxnard Boxing – The Home Of Top Professional

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Oxnard Boxing is well known in the boxing world. Oxnard is the home of many famous boxers who have made a name for themselves in this pugilistic sport. In a boxing gym of the city of Oxnard (California, USA) continue to prepare for upcoming fights three famous boxer: Russian heavyweight Magomed Abdusalamov, one of the best boxers in the world regardless of weight class Argentinian Sergio Martinez and former world light heavyweight champion Spaniard Gabriel Campillo .

Magomed Abdusalamov will meet Feb. 3 in Las Vegas with no lesions in the professional ring Cuban Pedro Rodriguez . This fight will be shown the American television channel ESPN2. When preparing for a fight with Rodriguez, one of the sparring partners of the Russian light heavyweight boxer was Gabriel Campillo.

Gabriel Campillo very well in the near future to be difficult to match: 18 February, he will fight for a world title at light heavyweight in the IBF with the American Tavorisom Cloud .

More time to prepare for the upcoming fight a middleweight Sergio Martinez. His battle with the Irish Matthew McLean will be held on March 17.

IN SUMMER TIME OF 08, Sergio Martinez relocated to Oxnard, Calif. Exactly why is that substantial? Because Oxnard, the blood and lima bean capital from the state, has additionally emerged since the mecca associated with Hispanic boxing within the U. Utes. Two-thirds from the population is actually Latino, the great majority Mexican-American. When the establishment with this SoCal city endorses the fighter, it’s the same as being knighted through boxing vips.

So whenever Martinez, a good Argentine, created the proceed, he wanted something greater than a change associated with scenery. He’d fought against only 5 times within the U. Utes., never upon American TELEVISION, and experienced spent yesteryear year battling no-names such as Archak TerMeliksetian (16-6 at that time) as well as Pavel Florin Madalin (3-34-2). Martinez, thirty six, had talent along with a record (43-1-1 prior to the move), however he did not have trustworthiness. Oxnard, home in order to previous champs Fernando Vargas as well as Robert Garcia in addition to current superstars Victor Ortiz as well as Brandon Rios, offered him exactly what he required. “I understood Oxnard was one’s heart of Asian boxing within the U. Utes., ” states Martinez. “And We liked they take the activity very critically. “

Oxnard boxing From legendary Los Angeles Colonia fitness center, non-Mexican fighters are thought outsiders. Sparring companions are battered, and actually accomplished fighters such as Martinez receive difficulty. “As quickly as anybody heard me personally speak The Spanish language, they might tell We wasn’t through Mexico, inch he states.

To make new friends, Martinez joked regarding not having the ability to handle the neighborhood cooking (“Too hot, ” he or she says). He or she tried speaking soccer, however an Argentine wisecracking regarding Mexico’s Globe Cup probabilities doesn’t travel here. He or she stuck along with food speak. In the actual ring, the actual southpaw amazed the local people. With … Read More