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Weight Training Over 50

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I like weight training over 50. I like weight training over 60, and the guys at my YMCA who are in their 80’s call me “young blood”.

I would have thought that by the time I was 61, I would be past the time I would be teased about my relative youth.

Lifting is a wonderful tonic for the confidence, and the addition of women to the weight room is a boon to the weary eyes in my head.

Weight lifting has some real benefits to our physical and mental health, including the fitness of our brain.

More on that later, but resistance training can keep your muscle mass at any age, according to Elizabeth Quinn, at About.com. (link below)

“However, resistance training is the only type of exercise that can substantially slow, and even reverse, the declines in muscle mass, bone density, and strength that were once considered inevitable consequences of aging.”

Believe it or not, I am actually lifting more weight in some exercises than I did when I was a kid trying to make the Illinois State University football team.

That seems really remarkable, and it seems remarkable that I can skip rope the way I do, or walk down the rail road tracks and sustain my balance.

Of all the things I do at the YMCA, walking on the tracks, to practice my balance, important at 61, that is the behavior that folks talk to me about..

I have gotten better, and most folks will report that “they used to be able to do that…”

Lifting Children is Weight Training Over 50

What I like best is being able to keep my almost 11 year old son still contained.

He is aching for the day when he will be stronger than I am, and I am telling him that he is supposed to get bigger and stronger than I and I indicate that his getting bigger and stronger is something I am looking forward to, but in the mean time, you are all mine, child, and I tickle him mercilessly.

I am amazed at my wife’s comments to. She really notices when my muscle mass slips. I actually urge all my counseling clients to workout also.

In fact, she urged me to get an exercise program from Scott and Angie Tousignant, who have put together a program that couples can use together, which involves equipment like an exercise ball and dumbells, but leaves you panting and sweating.

Any program you chose should be very adaptible to your current level of conditioning and to level of intensity you want to use, the point being you can do a very healthy workout in 10 minutes using a HIIT or high intensity interval model, moving at your personal speed.

Another benefit? I mentioned in the first paragraph that lifting over 50 has some mental benefits, and those benefits include enhancing two recently discovered capacities that your brain has, called neurogenesis, and the other is neuroplasticity.

It turns out … Read More

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The Importance Of Weight Training For Women

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The benefits of lifting weights, also known as weight training, strength training or resistance training, include stronger muscles, a stronger heart, a leaner physique, and a body better able to support your everyday needs and activities. However despite its many benefits women, still tend to shy away from this beneficial form of exercise because of a misplaced fear that they will “bulk” up and become like an overly muscular body builder.

It seems to be many a man’s dream to have big, bulky muscles. So why is it that men, whose bodies naturally contain much greater amounts of testosterone and growth hormones, can lift weights, yet never achieve those “Terminator” like muscles? Well, unless they are supplementing with dangerous and unhealthful steroids or similar substances, most men do not naturally bulk up by lifting weights, and neither will most women. The idea that women get big, ugly muscles from weight training is a misconception.

The fact of the matter is that women must lift weights in order to achieve the lean, sculpted bodies they desire. If a woman does happen to have the genetic disposition to bulk up quickly, there are easy ways to alter a workout to prevent too much muscle gain, while still increasing strength and rapidly burning fat.

The idea that weightlifting causes insanely huge muscle buildup is largely a creation of the media. It’s true that some female weightlifters take steroids, and these hormones do make them look very masculine, and women who take performance-enhancing drugs should expect to develop deeper voices and more masculine bodies, because these are the known side-effects, after all anabolic steroids contain elevated amounts of testosterone, the male hormone.

The average woman who weight trains, however, will simply achieve a slim, healthy body without adding unwanted muscle mass. In fact, this is how boxers, wrestlers, and other athletes who need a lot of strength without a lot of extra weight (muscle mass) train to stay in shape.

The process of weight training involves controlled lifting and working out with weights. Two basic terms related to weightlifting are “reps” and “sets”. A rep describes the complete act of raising and lowering a weight during a single act of exercise. A set describes the number of times a particular rep is performed. For example, when a person does five reps of a squat, they squat down and stand up five times, continuously, before stopping and either moving on to another exercise or finishing their workout. Those five squats would equal one set. A balanced weight-training session will include several sets of different exercises.

A more advanced weight-training method would be to perform exercises of only 6 or fewer reps, per exercise. This would make the time under tension very short and primarily train your nervous system, which would allow you to gain strength without building much muscle. This technique should be done using the maximal weight you can lift without losing perfect form for no more than 6 repetitions. Doing more than 6 … Read More

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Weight Training – The 5 Stages of Power Development

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Whether you want to lift more weight or get stronger, Knowing how power is developed in your body is key to getting stronger and more powerful in your sport, activity or weight training itself.

There are 5 key components to developing mega power:

1. Starting Acceleration
2. Progressive Acceleration
3. Power Output
4. Stability
5. Re-coordination

The First stage to power development is:

1. Starting Acceleration:

This is the initial burst of power in a movement, when you start from a dead stop and explode with power, the first few inches is where the starting Acceleration is developed. It will help your mind and body to learn to contract your muscles and release explosive power instantly.

For Example when doing heavier squats, or if you want to jump higher, you must practice starting acceleration.

Do this by sitting in a chair or on a box, in a position to explode back up, let your muscles relax, then spring up as fast as possible, for at least the first few inches.

After practicing without weight you can add about 35% of your max squat, and do the same thing with the weight.

NOTE: It’s a similar effect as the one-inch punch, start at a dead stop, and explode an inch with your fist, this is an example of what Bruce Lee did to help develop impressive strength, power and speed in his punch.

The Second Stage of Power Development is:

2. Progressive Acceleration:

This is where you train your body to be able to work at full power, speed and strength at various angles in a specific movement.

There are a couple ways to train for progressive acceleration, you can train for speed and strength. You should do both.

The purpose of Progressive Acceleration is to maintain or speed up as you rise in your movement (ex. squat), not decrease in speed. And you want to use full strength throughout the movement as well.

A great way to increase your progressive acceleration speed is by using a pool, for example when you are touching the bottom of the pool with you feet, squat down and spring back up off the bottom, you will notice that you are very light in the water, and you actually speed up as you rise, this teaching you mind and body to speed up the contraction of your muscles, even with little to no-resistance.

Another form of progressive acceleration performed by sprinters is running down a hill, this forces your legs to move faster than normal, and increase your contraction and limb speed.

When developing more progressive acceleration strength you can try pushing against an unmovable object with all your force, as various angles, so for a bench press you can lock out the bar right at chest level and push your hardest for at least 10 seconds, then rest a couple minutes and lock the bar at mid level and do the same, then lock the bar at peak level and finish. (Important Note: If … Read More

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Top Three Fitness Centers in Oneonta – New York

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People today are more health-conscious and more than willing to spend time exercising. Not only do we understand more clearly the dangers of obesity; we’re now more aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. At Oneonta, New York, a lot of enterprising businessmen have taken notice of this growing trend and set up well-equipped fitness centers that are open twenty-four hours a day. Below are the top three.

Number one is Health Links. It is a fitness center that is actually part of the A.O. Fox Memorial Hospital outpatient department; located at Foxcare Drive, Oneonta, NY 13820-2083. This fitness center has a complete array of workout equipment; from three different types of pools to treadmills, rowing machines, stationary bicycles, elliptical machines, and a complete set of selectric strength training equipment. It has a Group Fitness Program that offers a wide range of group fitness classes. Among these classes offered are:

The 3-2-1Circuit – It’s a high intensity workout class that provides a complete body workout with intense cardio, resistance & strength training, and core work exercises that focuses on the abdominal and lower back muscles. It is so named because your spend three minutes with the intense cardio, two minutes with strength and resistance training, and one minute the core exercises.

Aqua Classes, on the other hand, focuses on improving balance, muscle strength, tone, and functional joint movement. Swimming and other exercises involving underwater movements are low impact exercises that are great for those with chronic joint conditions like arthritis and rheumatism. It is also highly recommended for older clients who may find high-impact exercises such as running or jogging a bit too much for their old bones.

As a fitness center, Health Links also offers yoga, Pilate, and kickboxing classes. They even have low impact aerobics and Bare basics which is an exercise designed to give you the look and feel of a dancer’s body.

Number two is Tom’s Private Personal Training. This private gym is found at Number 10 Chester Street, Oneonta, NY 13820. It offers a private one-on-one training with a certified trainer. It’s run by a certified personal trainer with twenty years of experience under his belt who has also worked with professional body-builders like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferigno. That’s not all. Aside from the usual flexibility, strength, and weight training, this fitness center also offers free consultations and nutritional counseling, team sports training, a tanning service, and even nutritional supplements for regular clients. Best yet, they have on-call personnel for personal training sessions.

Last on this short list but certainly not the least is Curves. It is by far, one of the largest fitness center franchises in the world with over ten thousand locations on more than seventy countries. Its New York Branch can be found at 12 Clinton Plaza, Oneonta, NY 13820. This fitness center is designed to answer a woman’s exercise needs. Curves were founded in 1992 at Harligton, Texas by Gary and Diane Heavin. Curves offers … Read More

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Join 24-hour Fitness Clubs – Best Way To Keep Fit

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If you want to have and keep a healthy well-toned body, a good gym or health club can offer you a variety of equipment and services to help you meet your goals. But remember that not all fitness clubs are equal.

You want a fitness club that’s in it for more than your cash. It should be fully committed to health and quality service so that you see positive results as quickly as possible. It should offer an informed professional staff that can guide you through your workouts and show you how to use new equipment. And it should offer a variety of programs that focus on different aspects of fitness and health. Having a professional nutritionist on staff is another important feature you should look for.

One health and fitness club you can count on is 24 Hour Fitness, with have five types of clubs to meet your unique needs. The Ultra Sport club offers all the amenities and is set up for every type of workout you can imagine, from basketball and volleyball to saunas and spas. You can even sharpen your rock climbing skills. There’s a kids’ club, so you won’t have to hire a baby-sitter and a complete juice bar for dietary health. After your workout, you can get a wonderful massage or visit a tanning booth. 24 Hour Fitness’ Super Sport Clubs include many of the same amenities, without the massage or rock climbing. Similar to the Super Sport, the Sport Club doesn’t offer tanning. The Active club type focuses on the basic – weight training, cardio workouts, sauna, steam room, and a kids’ club. Finally, the Fitlite club offers a complete cardio workout and some group classes.

Operating since 1983, 24 Hour Fitness is the biggest privately owned and operated fitness center chain in the world with over 385 clubs. For years, they’ve maintained a expert staff to help their clients get the most out of their exercise program, and they use qualified nutritionists to complement working out with great advice on the foods you should – and should not – eat.

Signing up to a new club only to find that they have incomplete facilities and gaps in their equipment offering is a real disappointment and a waste of time and money. You won’t be disappointed at 24 Hour Fitness. They maintain state-of-the-art fitness equipment for every workout need. You’ll never have to stop your workout because the equipment broke down, and you won’t have to wait until a machine becomes available to get the exercise you need.

They offer team sports facilities and group classes to help you learn new skills and enjoy your friends at the same time. 24 Hour Fitness classes cover a wide range of exercise interests, such as pilates, strength training, aerobic workouts, yoga, and water workouts. Their worldwide instructor team includes over 7000 professionals, and 24 Hour Fitness keeps them up on the latest techniques by offering in-house training for Group Trainers.

You can choose from a … Read More

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5 Reasons to Get a Gym Membership

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For staying healthy and fit a gym membership is a great option. However, if you want to get the best health benefits join a gym that offers variety of exercises like aerobics yoga, weight training and spinning classes. The more variety in your workout the more likely you are to stick with the workout program. Hence, it is essential to find a gym that offers a wide range of workout activities.

If you prefer a more generalized exercise regime you should opt for a general health and spa center. Even then, do a little research before signing up for a gym membership. Just pay a visit to the gyms in your neighborhood talk with their instructors about the programs offered, the expertise of the staff, the cleanliness and the hours of operation.

If you are satisfied with the results, you can expect the following benefits from your gym:

The Equipment A gym provides you with well-maintained and safe exercising equipment. Instead of buying your own expensive gym equipment, you can get a gym membership that has a variety of equipment that is regularly maintained. A typical gym membership is a much more affordable option when you consider the variety offered and maintained costs.

The Trainers Whether you reach your exercise goals would largely depend on the status of the gym trainers. A good gym provides professional, experienced yet friendly trainers who pay attention to your particular needs. They monitor your progress and guide you on using the equipments correctly.

The Classes Your gym instructors will provide you a variety of yoga, aerobics and spinning classes to ensure wide-ranging progress of your health. It is good to alternate these classes to keep your mind fresh and motivated.

The Community It is good if you get to meet others at your gym that has joined to reach similar exercise goals. Sharing your own goals with them is an important step towards helping you stay focused on not skipping routines. While exercising alone at home most people lose focus and are unable to continue with the exercise regime.

Additional Benefits Your gym would help you enjoy a good time after a tough exercise routine. You can have a dip in a pool or avail facilities like free access to the juice bar within the gym.

Overall, a gym membership can be a great investment for a happier, healthy life.… Read More

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What Is Jail Bodybuilding Coaching?

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You have witnessed inmates and ex-disadvantages depicted in films and television. Men hardened by the cruelties and isolation of stone walls. You have witnessed them in information footages and documentaries. And even though they come from distinct walks of lifetime the vast majority of them have just one typical denominator.

They are major. Not just major, but large! Sleeve-ripping, button-popping mass that appears to be like like muscle mass piled on muscle mass. Their shirts seem far too tiny to include their melon-sized shoulders and biceps seem all set to rip via stretched sleeves.

All guys are produced equal but they positive do not go to jail that way. Some are over weight or skinny or weak. Their physiques are shaped by several years of neglect, abuse, and disuse. I know. I have witnessed it initially hand. For seven several years I ate at the exact same desk with them. I dealt playing cards, pitched washers and, of course, lifted weights with them. And the just one factor I noticed, the just one continuous all through the several years was that guys get major in jail and major guys get even bigger.

So how does it come to be that two pretty much equivalent gyms–the just one in your hometown and the just one surrounded by barbed wire–provides two distinctly distinct achievement ratios? And don’t get me improper, I have witnessed some major, major guys in gyms all across this place. And I have witnessed some exceptional final results proper in my personal back property. But just enjoy the membership of your nearby fitness center how lots of of these that join actually get the final results they are seeking for? Maybe 10 per cent of the membership places on the sizing, or normally takes off the fat, that they need. That is just one in 10.

The final results I saw in jail were nearer to ninety per cent! That is nine out of each individual 10 guys ending up achieving their targets–and normally in very short purchase. It was not unusual to see a person obtain 20, 30, sometimes even forty lbs of rock-strong muscle mass in considerably less than a yr. In actuality, the final results were so astonishing that the Missouri Department of Corrections replaced all absolutely free weights with devices since inmates were getting to be far too major and far too robust in far too short of a time. Effectively, we soon observed out that devices worked just as nicely. We obtained just as major and just as robust, just as fast. All we essential was progressive resistance and need.

The Brain Set

The initially spot visited by a new arrival is the fat space. They come since of curiosity or pent-up annoyance and energy. On lots of instances it is thanks to the drastic alter of way of life that way of life becoming dictated by circumstance instead than selection. But the selection just one purpose, so it looks to me, is since … Read More

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How To Get Pleasant Muscle mass Tone And Develop An Beautiful Muscular Physique

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Most individuals know that they have to have to elevate weight build muscular tissues. On the other hand quite a few just want to have wonderful muscle mass tone and an beautiful but not too muscular entire body as they do not want significant muscular tissues. So they just elevate mild weights with high repetitions. Very well, it is not likely to function. To have wonderful muscle mass tone, you will have to build some muscular tissues appropriate? So you will have to elevate large to force your muscular tissues to develop. The moment you are satisfied with the size of your muscular tissues, you will then have to have to cut your entire body fat for your muscular tissues to demonstrate up nicely and that means wonderful muscle mass tone.

You have to have to have a good motivation and awareness to get wonderful muscle mass tone and build an beautiful muscular entire body. In this article are some muscle mass making strategies. Just before you commence weight training, bear in mind to warm up and as nicely as undertaking some stretching workout routines.

•Train Muscle mass With Free Weights

Machines will have its utilizes, but for a start off, focus on cost-free weights. That means function almost completely with barbells and dumb bells. Free weights recruit quite a few stabilizing muscular tissues for equilibrium and management. That means you will function a good deal much more muscle mass parts other than the intended types. That will give rise to minimal bumps, striations and definitions all in excess of your entire body alternatively of a single large lump of muscle mass on your intended muscle mass. Because of the additional stimulant designed, your muscular tissues develop quicker too. Why else do you think all specialist entire body builders almost completely use cost-free weights?

•Train With Compound Exercise routines

Integrate as quite a few compound workout routines as feasible to your routines. Compound workout routines are workout routines that entail 2 or much more joint actions. Because they make use of much more joints, which means higher muscle mass mass are associated. Better muscle mass mass means heavier weights. Heavier weights mean encouragement of higher muscle mass growth. More muscle mass growth means much more tone to your muscular tissues.

Some fantastic compound workout routines are the Squat, Deadlift, Chin ups, Dips, Bench push, Barbell Press, Lunges, Bent-Over Barbell Row…and many others.

•Train Intensively But Do Not Over teach

You must teach intensively for your muscle mass to develop. Try out to do much more reps or increase much more weight than the preceding session or else your muscular tissues will think (really muscular tissues will not think, they adapt), “Ah… we have performed that. Nothing at all new, so no have to have to develop bigger and more powerful.” That becoming the scenario, you will wreck your probabilities of attaining an beautiful muscular entire body.

Because of this, it is critical that just about every time you teach difficult, … Read More

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What Is Prison Bodybuilding Teaching?

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You have observed inmates and ex-disadvantages depicted in movies and tv. Males hardened by the cruelties and isolation of stone walls. You have observed them in information footages and documentaries. And nevertheless they appear from unique walks of existence the bulk of them have one particular widespread denominator.

They are massive. Not just massive, but big! Sleeve-ripping, button-popping mass that looks like muscle piled upon muscle. Their shirts glimpse as well small to include their melon-sized shoulders and biceps seem all set to rip via stretched sleeves.

All males are established equivalent but they certain do not go to prison that way. Some are overweight or skinny or weak. Their physiques are formed by many years of neglect, abuse, and disuse. I know. I have observed it initial hand. For seven many years I ate at the exact desk with them. I dealt cards, pitched washers and, of course, lifted weights with them. And the one particular point I seen, the one particular frequent in the course of the many years was that males get massive in prison and massive males get bigger.

So how does it appear to be that two practically similar fitness centers–the one particular in your hometown and the one particular surrounded by barbed wire–makes two distinctly unique achievements ratios? And will not get me incorrect, I have observed some massive, massive males in fitness centers all across this place. And I have observed some extraordinary results ideal in my individual back property. But just watch the membership of your nearby gymnasium how quite a few of these that be a part of essentially get the results they are wanting for? It’s possible ten percent of the membership places on the measurement, or takes off the excess weight, that they drive. That is one particular in ten.

The results I noticed in prison have been closer to ninety percent! That is 9 out of each and every ten males ending up achieving their targets–and generally in very brief purchase. It was not unusual to see somebody obtain 20, thirty, from time to time even forty kilos of rock-solid muscle in much less than a yr. In truth, the results have been so astonishing that the Missouri Section of Corrections replaced all free of charge weights with devices due to the fact inmates have been starting to be as well massive and as well powerful in as well brief of a time. Perfectly, we soon observed out that devices worked just as well. We obtained just as massive and just as powerful, just as rapid. All we required was progressive resistance and drive.

The Mind Established

The initial area visited by a new arrival is the excess weight place. They appear due to the fact of curiosity or pent-up irritation and vitality. On quite a few situations it is because of to the drastic modify of way of living that way of living staying dictated by circumstance rather than alternative. But the amount one particular purpose, so … Read More

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Jack LaLanne – Bodily Genius

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When we assume of genius, for the most element we assume in phrases of mental or intellectual power. We assume of fantastic human beings.

We assume of mathematicians or inventors or writers. Painters and sculptors may possibly be in a marginally different category — a tiny much more physical and intuitive — but even here, we still do not assume of inventive items as a physical talent. It’s the high-quality of the brain and coronary heart that manifests as paint on canvas.

In mild of this, let’s seem at the basis of our matter for this session, which is physical genius– the genius that expresses alone via physical action, whether or not it’s operating or swimming or hitting a ball or, potentially, even hitting one more man or woman. By the time we’re performed,

I assume you’ll have an appreciation of what physical genius truly is — how you can connect with it in your possess existence — and how the man or woman I have chosen as our model in this session can help you do that.

He at the time did 1,033 pushups in 23 minutes — an ordinary of 44 drive-ups just about every 60 seconds.

He towed 70 boats at at the time, carrying 70 people today just about every from the Queen’s Way Bridge in Extended Beach Harbor to the Queen Mary ocean liner, which was anchored a mile and a fifty percent absent — and he was handcuffed and shackled although he did it. This was to rejoice his seventieth birthday.

He also has designed the supposedly not possible swim from Alcatraz Island to Fisherman’s Wharf, in San Francisco. He not only designed it, but at the time once more he was handcuffed and shackled when he did it.

Just to make it much more interesting, he was towing a 1,000 pound boat.

Jack LaLanne is in excess of 87 decades old, and there’s 1 much more feat he intends to achieve. It’s a swim from Catalina Island to Los Angeles — a length of 26 miles – and he would like to do it underwater.

Jack LaLanne did not start out out as a genius of physical physical fitness. Into his teenage decades, he was a sugar addict and junk meals junkie. In an interview, he stated what this intended. “It designed me weak and it designed me necessarily mean,” he stated. “It also designed me sick. I was nearsighted, and I experienced awful skin problems.

He was 15 decades old when he attended a discuss by a nutritionist in his hometown of Oakland, California. This was a turning level in his existence — and at that minute, he resolved to totally recreate himself.

He began lifting weights at the area YMCA, and he designed changes in what he ate and drank. He also examine every little thing he could discover on anatomy, diet, and wellbeing. Really

speedily, Jack designed the lean, muscular entire body of an athlete – and a complete understanding … Read More