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Pure Life Cleanse is a cleansing product that contains all natural ingredients. It improves digestive process and absorbs the nutrients from the meal. This supplement helps in removal of all toxic waste present in the body and deal with mood swings.You can read more details plz click here ==>> purelifecleanseaustralia.net

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The Trainer

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Aviv is a personal trainer.

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Health Fitness tips : How To Cut Aloe Aloe is absolutely incredible. If you ingest it then it is am…

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Health Fitness tips :



How To Cut Aloe Aloe is absolutely incredible. If you ingest it then it is amazing for your health, for weight loss and for detoxing. If you use it externally it is amazing for skin ailments such as rashes and irritations as well as diaper…


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10 Things Physio's Wish You Would And Would Not Do

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Physio's are kind and caring people who really help patients getting better. Physiotherapy we have put together a list of our top 10 things we would really love you to know that will help you get better much sooner or prevent injuries occurring in the first place.

1. Home Exercise Program or practice

Physiotherapy is not all about the hands on treatment you receive while you are in the clinic with us. 99% of the time we will prescribe you a home exercise program which should be performed at home each day. Most of patient's progress will come from doing homework and taking advice from a physiotherapist. People may spend 1-2 hrs with us in the clinic but it's what they do for the rest of the day that makes the most difference.

2. Do not live with your pain before it gets late

As a general rule the longer you are in pain, the harder it is to get rid of. So, "pain that lasts more than 2-3 days requires to be seen by a physiotherapist as soon as possible". The problem with leaving pain to go for many weeks or months is that you will likely start to move differently and use non-optimal strategies. This can change the motor pattern in the brain making you more set in your dysfunctional ways and may also lead to injuries in other areas.

3. Film or photograph your exercises

A common reason for poor compliance to a home exercise program is "I forgot how to do them". OK, fair call, we all have a lot on our plate and trying to remember new exercises and the correct technique can be a bit difficult. With today's technology all phones have a video or camera, that means no excuses. Ask your physiotherapist to film you doing the exercises so you can re-watch this when you get home and need to do your program.

4. Keep your body active

Participating in exercise and physical activity is important for your overall health and well being. In today's society, where a lot of time is spent sitting, you need to break up this sedentary time to avoid injury associated with prolonged postures and lack of weight bearing. The benefits of exercise are well known, yet many people still neglect to fit 30 minutes of activity into their day. Exercise is a great preventative measure that you can take to protect against disease and should not be ignored no matter your age.

5. Do be very aware of your posture

With the rise in the number of desk workers we tend to see an increasing amount of postural related back and neck pain. This is mostly related to poor desk setup, prolonged sitting (8 hours / day), poor awareness of body position or gradual postural changes over time. Many postural disorders are avoidable through adopting good postural practices, using a standing desk where available, checking your work station setup and breaking up your sedentary time with exercise. … Read More