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Exercise You Can Do at Home in the First 6 Weeks of Pregnancy

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No woman can escape the sudden emotional swings and health discomforts that happen when pregnant! However, with an aim to stay fit and healthy women can do away with these sudden discomforts. Exercising is a vital part of pregnancy and it helps women feel better. Though you must rest as prescribed by the doctor, but skipping exercises just because of the mild morning sickness, which is a pregnancy spin-off is not suggested. So, if you’re on the first 6 weeks of your pregnancy, here are the best exercises you can do at home, under expert supervision, preferably.

1. Keep walking, keep moving

According to gynaecologists and health experts, pregnant women need to keep walking or moving! Take a brisk walk in the corridor of the living room or the balcony or garden space. This will result in more energy, vitality, reduced back pain, a healthy body image and also returning to form quicker and better after delivery. You can start by taking morning walks and evening walks once you’ve checked with your doctor.

2. Opt in for Pilates

Pregnancy brings in two bodily challenges for women: first lower back pain and second balance issues. When you practice Pilates, you can gently build on the core muscles via a series of floor exercises. In the initial sessions you will completely concentrate on generating strength. The lessons that will follow will be challenging for your balance and strength.

However, it’s best to avert Pilates poses where you need to lie down on the back or have the twist your mid-section. It’s best never to overdo your exercises or any belly-focused posture. Else it might lead to diastasis recti, where the parallel sections of the abdominal muscles get separated.

3. Swimming can be good for the body

This is an apt pregnancy exercise to follow as the entire body is in motion here, with mild stress on the joints. Furthermore, the water in the pool supports the weight and offers you a momentary relief feeling all bloated and heavy as your belly grows with every passing day.

4. Try pelvic floor strengthening

Starting the pelvic floor exercises is beneficial! So, when you switch to this exercise form you need to imagine that you are pausing the urine flow in washroom. Draw your breath and contract the pelvic muscles inwards and then upwards. Perform this at home under supervision so that you don’t stress your pelvic muscles too much.

5. Yoga helps you stay fit and happy

This is one of the best exercise forms to practice during the first 6 weeks of your pregnancy! Yoga balances your muscles, helps in generating core strength, minimizes blood pressure, ensures that your muscles are agile and nimble and teaches you breath-work that comes to help during your baby delivery. For women, yoga is also beneficial for menopause and prevents ailments such as osteoporosis, by developing bone mineral density.

However, during pregnancy you ought to avoid yoga postures that involve the following:

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Aerobic Hip Hop Dance Moves : Aerobic Hip Hop Dance Moves: The Hop Step

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The hop is an old school dance step. Learn the hop step hip hop dance move in this free aerobic dancing video from a choreographer.

Expert: Keith Fitzpatrick
Contact: keithfitzpatrick.com
Bio: Keith Fitzpatrick has choreographed for the Dove Awards, and the CMT awards and is currently teaching Hip-Hop for dance studios in the Nashville, TN area.
Filmmaker: Tim Brown

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Bonwit Teller Specialty Department Store in Palm Desert CA 1984

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After the store closed it became Bullocks Wilshire then I. Magnin, followed by Macy’s Mens/home store then a fitness center. The store used clean lines, very modern and New York City style cold feeling upscale store, with beautiful marble floors. BW brought more warmth to the elegance when they opened here, as did I. Magnin & Co.. Nordstrom was going to open a Palm Desert location in this spot but when the economy flopped in 2008 they bowed out, choosing to open a Nordstrom Rack across from the Mall.

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The 5 Sneaky Fat Loss Tips That The Gyms and So Called Fitness Experts Do not Want You to Know About!

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The 5 sneaky fat loss tips that the gyms and so called fitness experts do not want you to know about!

Here are 5 awesome fat loss tips you can use today that will have a huge positive impact on your weight loss results.

Ok, so you're doing everything right, your training hard, doing interval training, lifting weights, cutting out the cr * p as in bread, sugar, refined carbohydrates, processed foods etc.

But why can not you shift those last few pounds? Or the excess body fat around your stomach? And if you could only shift this then it would reveal that sexy flat stomach you want.

So what can you do to really get you over that last hurdle? You do not want to quit and why should you? You've worked so hard to get to this point, just a little bit refinement and you will have the body you deserve.

Well these 5 sneaky fat loss tips might just the key to the body you want and keeping it.
So what are these magical tips that the gyms and so called fitness experts do not want you to know about?

1) Sleep, Yes it's that simple sleep. Get to bed early enough so you can have at least 8 hours sleep per night. This is extremely beneficial for weight loss as it is just as important as training and diet. When you are sleeping your body releases growth hormone and testosterone, these are vital for your bodies repair and rejuvenation. Testosterone is beneficial in both men and women for muscle tone and fat reducing. Increasing testosterone levels will have a massive impact on reduction of body fat. Therefore the way to do this is to sleep up to 8 hours per night and adopt a regular sleeping pattern.

2) Take sodium Bicarbonate on a morning. Yes sodium bicarbonate the white power used in baking and what your gran used to clean the cooker with. This just might be one of the most important natural supplements you could take. This helps alkaline blood pH levels, which is massively important. If the human body is too acidic you will experience fatigue and struggle to lose body fat, natural energy will also decrease, and the bodies insulin will not work efficiently meaning you will be storing more fat than you are using as fuel. Alkalising your body first thing on a morning by drinking half a teaspoon of sodium Bicarbonate in water, wait 15minutes then have a healthy breakfast. This will go a long way to decreasing the body's acidity, help with body fat reduction and give back the body's natural energy. Just make sure that your diet is a healthy one when using things like this. If your diet is unhealthy you will become ill and it will not work correctly for you.

3) Use flax seeds. Flax seed is the best source of omega 3 fatty acid from a plant source. Omega 3 can help reduce heart disease, … Read More

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Ephedrine – Ephedrine Hcl Weight Loss

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Ephedrine (/?’f?dr?n/ or /’?f?dri:n/, not to be confused with ephedrone) is a sympathomimetic amine frequently utilized as a stimulant, concentration help, decongestant, appetite suppressant, and also to deal with hypotension linked with anaesthesia.Ephedrine is comparable in molecular…


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