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Current and Emerging Trends in Fitness

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Fitness is a constantly changing field. There are always new machines, methods, and theories aimed at improving the quality of life. Fitness fads may come and go, but there have been several trends in fitness that have attracted several decades and continue to grow in popularity.

Aerobic exercise has always formed the backbone of the fitness industry. Running, step aerobics, dance-type aerobics, boxing, kickboxing, and spinning, an indoor cycling class set to music, have all emerged as mainstays in health and fitness facilities. Their popularity continues to grow.

Aquatic exercise has also increased in popularity. Water has the unique ability to allow cardiovascular and muscular improvements with little stress on the joints of the body. Aquatic exercise is no longer just swimming laps; almost every class that can be done on land is now being done in the water. Running, spinning, step aerobics, and even strengthening can all be done in the water.

With the improvement of health care and longer life spans, older adult exercise has expanded and has also become a necessity to maintain a positive quality of life. Not only older adults engaging in exercise to maintain and improve health, they are taking part in competitive road races, cycling races, and bodybuilding competitions. Age barriers no longer exist and because of this, fitness classes geared towards the older population are widespread.

As grandparents and great-grandsparents take part in sports and fitness, they set an example for younger generations. These younger generations have the benefit of improved technology and more abundant food, and with these things-and a more sedentary lifestyle-come the increased chance that they will live a less healthy lifestyle than their active older family members. The fitness field combats this possibility of unhealthy living with sports and fitness programs geared towards children and young adults. This fitness trend is now faced with the challenge of improving the heath of future generations and has the opportunity to encourage a lifetime of healthy habits.

But the greatest transformation in the fitness field has been the growth of the mind-and-body exercises. There has been a shift toward gentler, more introspective exercises that also contribute to improving cardiovascular health while increasing flexibility and muscular strength. Yoga and pilates would fall into this category of exercise. Yoga has its roots in ancient India (from around 2800 BCE) and focuses on breathing and mindfulness during a practice of held poses. Pilates, on the other hand, was developed by Joseph H. Pilates (1880-1967) around 1926. Pilates' method involved a unique series of stretching and strengthening exercises. Both yoga and pilates use an individual's breath and self-awareness as the focus of exercise. Aside from the obvious strength and flexibility benefits, these mind and body exercises are popular for their stress relieving qualities. … Read More

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Spire is a spectacular newer development in the heart of Atlanta’s Midtown neighborhood. The building is sleek, stylish and contemporary, and has already become a landmark in the cityscape. It has 388 units on 29 floors and features 21,500 sq. ft. of onsite retail space. Amenities include a state-of-the-art fitness center (with separate rooms for weight training, aerobics, and a cardio theatre); a swimming pool; sun lounges; outdoor grill; club room and media room. Wireless internet access is available throughout the building as well. You can expect contemporary finishes, open floorplans, and spectacular views.

About Midtown:

Midtown is Atlanta’s most exciting intown neighborhood. With boutique shopping, fabulous restaurants on every corner, bistros, clubs, and all the city’s finest arts venues, including the Fox Theatre, the High Museum, the Woodruff Arts Center, the 14th Street Playhouse, and much more. It’s also the home of Piedmont Park — Atlanta’s backyard. You’ll love being able to stroll to the park, soaking in the exciting urban environment of the neighborhood.

This is a great neighborhood for alternative transportation. You can walk to just about anything you need, and the Midtown MARTA rail station (only a couple of blocks away) can whisk you to nearly anyplace else you need to go, including Downtown’s central business district, Buckhead’s malls, and Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. Of course, if you choose to drive, you have virtually instant access to I-75/85 and GA 400 with I-20 and I-285 only minutes away.

860 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA 30308

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Copa México 2018

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Copa México, Estado de México 22 de abril de 2018
En el teatro Zaragoza en Atizapán se celebró una edición más de la Copa México, evento de Fisicoculturismo y Fitness. De acuerdo con el Lic. Ricardo Rueda, fundador y CEO de la LIFMF , organizador del evento, se alcanzó la participación de 250 competidores en toda la jornada del evento, atletas hombres y mujeres provenientes de 8 estados de la República Mexicana. Todo ante la mirada de una público que hizo una muy buena entrada en el reciento.

Tanto instalaciones como la organización fueron de primer nivel, lo requerido para estar a la altura de todos los participantes. Una producción que nada envidia a los campeonatos internaciones de la disciplina.
Entrevistado al final del evento, Ricardo agregó “estamos muy contentos porque tuvimos una gran respuesta del público y el nivel de fue muy bueno” y se mostró muy orgulloso de la calidad de atletas que se dieron cita en esta justa “tuvimos a grandes atletas tanto en la rama varonil como en la femenil” reconoció.
El programa incluyó Fisicoculturismo, Diva Figure Model, Diva Curves Model, Comercial Model, Model Muscle, Diva Wellness Model, Diva Fitness Model, Men´s Physique, Diva Bikini Model y Fitness Model Masculino, en sus distintas categorías que iban desde el principiante al profesional.
Nutrición Extrema, Pronat, F&F, Paul Dillett´s y Elliolt Gym Equipment fueron algunas de las empresas patrocinadores del evento.
La Liga Iberoamericana de Fitness Modelos y Fisicoculturistas avaló esta competencia, la cual contó con un jurado profesional.
Elliolt Gym Equipment felicita a todos los atletas que participaron en esta edición de la Copa México.
Reseña y fotos patrocinadas por:
Elliolt Gym Equipment / Elliolt & H Maquinados Industriales
[email protected] tel. (55) 5775-2991

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Exercise You Can Do at Home in the First 6 Weeks of Pregnancy

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No woman can escape the sudden emotional swings and health discomforts that happen when pregnant! However, with an aim to stay fit and healthy women can do away with these sudden discomforts. Exercising is a vital part of pregnancy and it helps women feel better. Though you must rest as prescribed by the doctor, but skipping exercises just because of the mild morning sickness, which is a pregnancy spin-off is not suggested. So, if you’re on the first 6 weeks of your pregnancy, here are the best exercises you can do at home, under expert supervision, preferably.

1. Keep walking, keep moving

According to gynaecologists and health experts, pregnant women need to keep walking or moving! Take a brisk walk in the corridor of the living room or the balcony or garden space. This will result in more energy, vitality, reduced back pain, a healthy body image and also returning to form quicker and better after delivery. You can start by taking morning walks and evening walks once you’ve checked with your doctor.

2. Opt in for Pilates

Pregnancy brings in two bodily challenges for women: first lower back pain and second balance issues. When you practice Pilates, you can gently build on the core muscles via a series of floor exercises. In the initial sessions you will completely concentrate on generating strength. The lessons that will follow will be challenging for your balance and strength.

However, it’s best to avert Pilates poses where you need to lie down on the back or have the twist your mid-section. It’s best never to overdo your exercises or any belly-focused posture. Else it might lead to diastasis recti, where the parallel sections of the abdominal muscles get separated.

3. Swimming can be good for the body

This is an apt pregnancy exercise to follow as the entire body is in motion here, with mild stress on the joints. Furthermore, the water in the pool supports the weight and offers you a momentary relief feeling all bloated and heavy as your belly grows with every passing day.

4. Try pelvic floor strengthening

Starting the pelvic floor exercises is beneficial! So, when you switch to this exercise form you need to imagine that you are pausing the urine flow in washroom. Draw your breath and contract the pelvic muscles inwards and then upwards. Perform this at home under supervision so that you don’t stress your pelvic muscles too much.

5. Yoga helps you stay fit and happy

This is one of the best exercise forms to practice during the first 6 weeks of your pregnancy! Yoga balances your muscles, helps in generating core strength, minimizes blood pressure, ensures that your muscles are agile and nimble and teaches you breath-work that comes to help during your baby delivery. For women, yoga is also beneficial for menopause and prevents ailments such as osteoporosis, by developing bone mineral density.

However, during pregnancy you ought to avoid yoga postures that involve the following:

· Lying on the back… Read More